Love Hurts (Harry Styles Fanfic) (13+)

*FULLY UPDATED* Alicia was at a Restaurant with her best friend Jake, She has been with him for 11 years, When Jake confesses that he loves her, she didnt feel the same way. Jake ran away and tried to hold back his tears infront of her. When alicia come finding him, she bump into a Curly haired boy which like she sees him before. Will jake ever stop being in love with her? Will the curly haired boy fall in love with her? Read and Find out ;)



5. Results


“… One Direction” Gemma pulled me into a bear hug and screamed into my ear. I couldn’t believe they’d done it. The boys looked absolutely over the moon and I wasn’t surprised, Harry was on the floor once again and I could not be happier. We were crying to much we hardly noticed Dermot call Matts name meaning that Cher wasn’t going through. As much as I loved her, the truly believed the final three were the right three. Dermot had a short chat with Cher before the Matt, Rebecca and One Direction walked back onto the stage, grins planted on all of their faces. The show finished and all of the boys jumped straight off the stage and into the crowd. Niall, Zayn and Liam into the arms of their family, Louis ran to Hannah and Harry lifted me off of my feet spinning me in circles as I laughed with happiness. He set me down and looked me in the eye,   “Fucking yesss!” he shouted before planting a kiss straight on my lips and we kissed through our grins not caring who was around us.   Chapter 38   We didn’t stick around the studio that night, Gemma Hannah and I just got a dominoes in our hotel room and devoured it in front of the TV with a couple of glasses of wine. Despite Nialls adamancy to “get hammered” the final three had to go home early to get plenty of rest for their very busy day on Sunday so we decided we’d do the same, with added alcohol. We stayed up half the night chatting and watching films. At about two o’clock we decided it was about time to go to bed.   We awoke late on Sunday, it was gone one when we were all up and fully functioning, we had nothing planned for the day so I decided that I would go up to the hospital to visit Jake for an hour or so before we met all the boys families for an early dinner before the show.   We went to Pizza Express for dinner and had a lovely time. I spoke to every person sat around our massive table. It was nice to meet Harrys friends again and also Louis and Zayns best friends were there too. When he had all finished our meals the waitress cleared out plates, and we all started to work out how much we owed as Liams dad asked for the bill,   “It’s been taken care of sir” the waitress smiled at him,    “Taken care of? By who?” we were all confused,   “Simon Cowell it seems” she smiled and we all looked around at each other smiling in shock.    “Fine by me” Robyn, Harrys step dad, replied causing everyone to laugh, “Okay, I think it’s time for a little speech” he said ten minutes later standing up, everyone silenced themselves and turned to look at him standing at the end of the table. “I just want to say that whatever the result tonight, I am so proud of our boys, I think we all believe they truly deserve to win and even if they don’t have a bright future ahead of them as a band. I have met some wonderful people through this experience and I would like to thank Harry, even though he’s not here, for bringing up all together.” every ooh and ahh as he raised his glass, “So a toast! To One Direction, we have faith in you boys!” We all chanted ‘to One Direction’ after him, cheered and finished off the rest of our drinks before making our way back to the Premier Inn.   It was nearly seven o’clock by the time we were back in our room. Hannah and Gemma were starting to panic as we only had half an hour to get ready, I laughed at then running around trying to find their make up and sat down to ring Harry. Unsurprisingly he didn’t answer so I just left him my luck and love on a voice mail before joining with the rushing and panicing. We’d finished doing each others hair and make up and the only thing left was to get dressed so I removed both dresses from my bag and lay them on the bed,   “Which one?” I asked Gemma and Hannah, they looked at each other,   “You can’t wear either of them” Gemma smirked at me,    “Why not?”   “Because it’s the final, you wear things like that every week”   “Your telling me this now! I don’t have anything else” I said loudly, “what are you two wearing?”. They smiled at each other and walked to the wardrobe pulling out two gorgeous floor length prom worthy dresses, Gemmas red and Hannahs blue. My jaw dropped.   “Are you fucking joking!?” I shouted, “why didn’t you tell me you were going all out!?”   “because” Hannah started, “then it would have just added the pressure of you having to find a dress and there was no way you would have had time do that with your friend in hospital”   “I would have found time!” I sat down in the bed and tried not to cry, “I’m gunna feel and look like such a knob next to you two”   “No your not” Gemma replied,    “Yes I am, everyones going to be wearing gorgeous dresses and I’m going to be wearing-”   “A gorgeous dress” she interrupted, I looked up and they were stood grinning at me,    “What have you done?” Hannah walked toward back to the wardrobe and produced a big black box and placed in on the bed,    “Open it” I stood up and did as they said, I lifted the lid and peeled back the tissue paper inside to reveal an amazing black satin dress, I felt a lump rising in my throat as I studied it. It was strapless, a pleated bust, synched in waist and a floor length floaty skirt,   “I…It’s amazing” I blinked away the tears that were forming in my eyes, they both moved to my sides and looked at the dress with me,    “It is isn’t it” Gemma smiled, I looked at her with  questioning look on my face, “it’s a present from Harry, he knew you would have the chance to get one seeing as you spent all of your free time at the hospital, so he asked Hannah and I to pick one out for you”   “Thank you for choosing this one, it’s perfect” I hugged them both massively and set the dress down on the bed. I picked up my phone, and sent Harry a simple text: thank you, your amazing. I love you.   There’s nothing left, I used to cry, my conversation has run dry, that’s what going on, cause nothing’s fine I’m torn…   Harry kept my eye contact the whole performance, they were amazing. Even more amazing than the first time they sang this song at judges houses.    Oh tornn   And with that they finished, they studio erupted in applause as the boys got down of their podium and stood in front of the judges. Their comments were amazing, but as much as the judges loved them it was the public that had final say whether they won or not. The moment for the first act to be eliminated came far too soon for my liking. We stood their in our beautiful dresses praying that their dreams were going to be crushed right before our eyes. The tension in the studio higher than ever as Dermot prepared to call out the first person who still had a chance to be named the winner of X Factor 2010. It was Matt, I wasn’t surprised. Who would be called next, no one knew. As much as I wanted to be sure One Direction would be called, it was impossible to call.    “So One Direction and Rebecca, one of you has made it into the top two, and one of you has received the fewest voted from the public, and is out of the competition. This. Is. It. The second act still in the final is….” please please please please. “…Rebecca” I looked up toward to stage, the look on their faces made that one of the single most heartbreaking moments of my life. We clapped Rebecca, and hugged each other trying to stay strong and not cry. Dermot spoke to the boys on stage for a couple of minutes, they were so graceful and luckily didn’t seem to upset about it. They walked off side stage and I turned to Gemma and Hannah,    “I’m going to go”   “I’m coming too” Hannah took my hand,   “Tell them we’ll be there when the shows finished and we love them” Anne added in wiping the tears from her eyes. We nodded at her and made our way backstage hand in hand. We entered the green room to find them being hugged and congratulated by all the other ex-contestants. I stopped at the doorway as Hannah let go of my hand to embrace Louis, Harry turned around and his eyes set on me. He didn’t move, he didn’t say anything he just started. I smiled, lifted my hand and waved to him. He let out a huge grin and sauntered over to me.   “Wow” he gasped, his eyes were red and his voice croaky, “you look… wow” I let out a laugh and wiped his face with my hand, his last tear still sitting on his cheek.   “I’m sorry”    “It’s fine, who needs to win X Factor when they have you” he smiled and his soft lips touched mine, my hands found their way to his hair as the kiss got more intense, Harry was the first to pull away, he gained my eye contact, “stay with me tonight?”    “of course”    We spent the duration of the night practically joined to each others hip. Everyone was pleased for Matt and in no way at all bitter. We had a great night, singing laughing and drinking. We left the studio at around two o’clock when Niall had fulfilled his quest from last night and was truly and utterly “hammered” as were most people. Harry and I only slightly drunk. When arrived back at the house Harry disappeared upstairs and I went to the kitchen with the rest of the boys and Rebecca, who were now singing Matts winners song, ‘When We Collide’ and dancing very badly on the kitchen table. I decided to take myself upstairs to find Harry before anything got spilt on my dress. I wandered up the stairs alone and into the boys bedroom which was empty.   “Harry” I called him softly,    “I’m in here babe” I heard his voice reply from a door on the left with the name ‘Diva Fever’ on it. I pushed the door open to see Harry standing in the middle of the room looking at the floor. I walked up behind him and placed my head on his shoulder. He turned around and faced me, his eyes red.    “I love you” he whispered as his lips collided with mine and he wrapped his arms around my waist. Harrys fingers found the zip at the top of my dress and undid it in one go, it fell to the floor and Lifted Harrys top over his head staring into his eyes intensely. He placed his hands on my back as I unbuckled his belt, he stepped out of his trouser and lifted me up by my waist. I wrapped my legs around his waist and locked my feet together as he kissed my neck and carried me over to the single bed against the wall and placed me gently down onto it caressing the top of my thighs with his hands. My skins felt hot at his touch and I couldn’t wait any longer. I placed my hands on his chest, rolled him over and climbed on top of him, kissing him and running my hands down his torso.   “Oh my god” he whispered as I ran my fingers across the top of his boxers, I bit my lip and pulled his boxers down to his ankles and off his feet   Chapter 39   I was woken up abruptly by a shooting pain in my stomach, I sat up in bed and looked around feeling slightly disorientated. It was still dark outside and Harry was still sound asleep next to me snoring quietly, his hair sticking up in all directions. I leant across to the bed side table and picked up my phone to check the time. It was 5am. I slowly started to get up to get a glass of water when I felt Harrys hands on my waist pulling me back,   “Where are you going?” he croaked quietly,   “To get some water, I don’t feel very well”    “Hurry up” he removed his hands from my waist and I pulled the duvet back, realising I was only I my underwear I pulled on Harrys t-shirt and trackies that were lying on the floor. I made my way downstairs and was met my about fifteen people rushing about quietly none of whom paid any attention to me. I entered the kitchen and saw Matt having his make up done at the table and being talked at. He looked over to me and smiled, I mouthed ‘congratulations’ and gave him a cheesy grin and thumbs up causing him to let out a slight laugh. I reached up to get a glass from the cupboard and filled it with water from the tap and downed it in one. I re-filled the glass and made my way back upstairs to bed slowly being careful not to spill it. I placed it on the bed side table next to my blackberry and slid back under the duvet, Harrys arms wrapping around me almost immediately and his soft lips planting a kiss on the back of my neck. I lay in his arms for about half an hour trying to ignore the weird sensation in my stomach before finally drifting off.   We re-awoke about three hours later. This time it was Harry who woke me up, but unlike I woke him by accident, he jumped on me nearly giving me a heart attack. I pushed my laughing boyfriend off me onto the floor and stood up the cramping feeling returning,   “Are you okay?” Harry asked me with concern as he clambered back onto the bed and saw me holding my stomach and wincing,   “I don’t know, I still feel sick”   “Your hungover” he laughed as he grabbed me and tickled my waist,   “I wasn’t even that drunk last night”   “C’mon let’s get you some paracetmol” he said taking my hand and leading me downstairs.   Ten minutes later we were sitting at the kitchen table and had been joined by a very hungover Niall and Louis. I’d taken some pain killers and the feeling in my stomach hadn’t subsided, I sat in silence sipping on a glass of water trying to ignore it whilst the boys talked about last night events. I joined in when they began to talk about the moment everyone ran on stage to congratulate Matt,   “Oh yeah, pussy? Really Harry?” I laughed, “on live TV?”   “Oh shit I forgot about that!” he shook his head in his hands, “my mum is not going to be happy”   “You absolute lad!” Niall roared with laughter.   “I am such an idiot”    “Chin up” Louis patted him on the back as he got up to make a cup of tea. As the laughing stopped and the conversation ground to a halt I became aware of the discomfort in my stomach once more, it seemed to be getting rapidly worse.   “What kind of pain is it?” Harry asked me with a look of concern on his face,   “It’s like a mixture between cramps and a shoo- arghhh” I clutched my stomach and doubled over in agony,    “Shit!” Harry exclaimed as he and Niall shot up out of their seats and to my side,   “Mate maybe we should take her to hospital?” Niall sounded worried,   “Hold that thought, I think I’m going to be sick” I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Not bothering to close the door behind me I bent over and threw up in the toilet. I flushed it and wiped my mouth with some tissue. I stood up slowly to avoid getting a head rush, I straightened my back and leant on the sink only to be struck again, “Oh fuck, HARRY!” I screamed for him. He ran through the door in a matter of seconds just in time to wrap his arms around my waist as the pain got too much for me and I collapsed to the floor in tears, Harry fell with me and I ended up sitting on his lap.   “It’s okay, your going to be fine” he whispered in my ear as he clutched me to his chest, “Niall phone a fucking ambulance!” he shouted over my hysterical crying,   “Harry, I…I… arrghh!” I sobbed in his arms, “it hurts” I whispered feeling myself slip into unconsciousness, “I think I’m going to pa-” and then everything went blank.   Chapter 40   I was lying on my back, a slight discomfort in my stomach but nothing compared to the pain I had experienced earlier. I tilted my head to the side and saw Harry sitting there, head I’m his hands and staring at the floor.   “Hey” I managed to whisper my mouth and throat bone dry. He looked up at the sound of my voice, his eyes were red and blood shot. He stood up and walked to my side, I noticed that his grey trackies were red and blood stained and started to panic. I propped myself up in bed and looked at him, “Harry, what happened? Are you okay?”   “Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” He half laughed,   “I’m not the one covered in blood!” He opened his mouth to reply when my mum came in,   “Baby, how are you feeling?” She sat down on the edge of the bed and kissed me on the forehead, “why didn’t you tell us?” She said sympathetically and teary eyed,   “Tell you what?” I ask confused, she looked from me to Harry and back to me,   “I think you two should talk” she kissed me once more and patted Harry reassuringly on the shoulder as she left.   “Harry what’s going on? Why am I even here? And why are you covered in blood?” I asked him starting to get worried. He took up the position my mum had just left on the side of my bed and held my hands in his, he took a deep breath and spoke,   “Alicia, you had a.. a..”   “Spit it out”   “Miscarriage” the word echoed in my head,   “A miscarriage? No that’s not possible” I shook my head,   “You were four weeks pregnant” a tear fell down his cheek as he spoke, “why didn’t you tell me you were carrying our child? I would have been supportive of you and what ever descision you made!” He seemed hurt by the thought that I’d kept this from him,   “Why didn’t I te… Harry I didn’t know!” I said tears prickling in my eyes, “I’m on the pill remember! Wait, I’m on the pill, there is no way I was pregnant and there is no way I had a miscarriage it must have been false diagnosis, I want to talk to the doctor there is no way that is true!” I shouted at him now crying my eyes out. He leant forward and held me in his warm embrace as I cried into his neck and whispered,   “It is, I’m sorry” softly in my ear.    I had to stay in hospital for two nights, apparently I had not only had a miscarriage but I was “emotionally unstable”, whatever the hell that meant. My mum and Harry kept me company the whole time trying their best to cheer me up. I felt bad for them, they sat there talking to me, telling me jokes and stories, the whole time I wasn’t listening to a word they were saying. The whole time I sat there thinking about the baby, mine and Harrys baby, feeling guilty for its death even though there was nothing I could do to prevent it, I was completely unaware I was pregnant in the first place. The nurse said it would have been my diet, the amount of alcohol I drank whilst carrying the baby and the fact that I was still taking the pill that caused it. I didn’t realise you could miss something this much if you never knew you had in the first place.   I was finally discharged at noon on the Wednesday. Harry still by my side, my mum drove us home from the hospital. I had to hold back the tears as I was greeted by a huge welcoming and sympathetic hug from my dad who had been away for work and only just got home, my mum made me a cup of tea whilst Harry and I made our way up to my room. He opened the door and lead me in clutching my hand,    “home sweet home” he smiled sweetly at me as I dropped my bag and sat on my bed, turning on my phone and turning it straight back off again as I received a load of what I guessed where sympathy and get well texts from people who some how knew what had happened. “Alicia your going to be okay, I promise” Harry said reassuringly sitting down opposite me, I looked at him and there was no holding back the tears any more,   “Really Harry? Because I don’t feel like I am” I sobbed, “look at me, I’m a mess” he got up and shifted position placing himself next to me and enveloping me in a warm hug stroking my hair,   “It may take some time, but I promise you, you won’t feel like this forever”   “And what if I do?”   “Well then you’ll have me there everyday to try and help you get through it” he kissed me on the forehead and I looked at him,    “How can you be so positive right now Harry? I just lost a baby, our baby” he paused and took a deep breath, it sounded like he was trying to hold back his own tears,   “I know, but you need me to be strong” his voice cracked a little but he carried on, “so I’m trying my hardest, for you”. I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up lying in Harrys arms as he sat playing solitaire on my laptop,   “How long was I asleep?” I mumbled,   “Not long, about an hour” he kissed me lightly on the lips as I sat up and faced him,    “Harry, I think I need to be alone for a bit” I said quietly, “you know, to process this completely”   “Okay” he kissed me on the forehead and stood up, “I’ll go downstairs”   “No” I grabbed his hand as he turned away from me, “I mean alone alone” he looked puzzled, “I think you should go home, see your family, and I’ll come up in a couple of days, say Sunday?”    “If you think it’ll help” he nodded, “I’ll book you a ticket” he leant over and pressed his soft lips against mine, “promise me you‘ll call me at least twice a day?”   “I promise” I held out my little finger to him, “pinky promise” he linked his finger with mine smiling slightly and shook his hand, he kissed me once more and headed for the door,   “I love you”   “you too” I smiled and then he was gone   Chapter 41   I didn’t go to school the next two days, there was no point it was the last week of term and I had hardly been in the past two weeks at all. Ms Sharp had heard what happened and sent my mum and email with her condolences and being Ms Sharp attached missed work to it, obviously to cheer me up… not. I spent the whole time tucked up in bed, drinking tea and watching rubbish movies. My friends had popped round in twos and threes to see me, bringing me chocolate, cards and teddy bears, It helped a lot to see them. I spoke to Harry two to three times a day, he was still putting on a brave face but he was just as torn up as I was, I could tell. Friday night Rach and Emily came round to keep me company, there was no way I’d be going to Revs like we did most Fridays. We had a nice time, we got a Chinese take away and just sat on my bed chatting until we fell asleep. My mum woke us up at nine Saturday morning because Rach had to go to work, we went downstairs for breakfast, my jaw dropped as I stepped into the kitchen and looked out the double doors. Crap, snow, and a lot of it.    “You need to see how it is up north or there is no way your going to Holmes Chapel tomorrow” my dad said as he entered the Kitchen. I ran straight back upstairs to get my laptop and brought it down to the kitchen. I sat down and turned it on as Emily and Rach helped themselves to cereal and toast as they always did at my house. I finally loaded and I opened Google Chrome searching Virgin trains straight away,   “Mum what’s my train number?” I shouted to her in the living room,   “It’s in the window sill” she called back   “Emily  can you pass me that piece of paper?” I smiled at her pointing to the window sill, she did as I asked and scoffed at me,   “You are so lazy” she joked   “It’s my house biatch” I stuck my tongue out at her as she sat down next to me, a bowl of cereal in her hand. I typed my train number into website and tapped my fingers impatiently on the keyboard waiting for it to load. I saw Emily eyes up my fingers out of the corner of her eye,   “Sorry” I stopped knowing it was annoying her and she smiled at me in thanks. Finally it finished loading and I scrolled down to see the word I was dreading in red capital letters next to my train time, ‘CANCELLED’, “fuck my life!” I said out loud,   “Language” my dad called from the living room, I ignored him and went straight for the phone. I threw myself onto the sofa and dialled Harry’s number. It rang for what seemed like forever before he answered,   “Hey babe” he sounded happy, “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow”   “Hey” I replied wearily, “about that, my trains been cancelled”   “Are you joking!?”   “Nope, apparently the weather is too ‘hazardous’ or something”   “Fucks sake”   “I’m sorry” I said quietly, “if there was any other way I could come see you I would”   “I know, and it’s not your fault” he sighed, “it’s just when am I going to be able to see you now?”   “I don’t know, I doubt they’ll be any trains tomorrow…”   “We’re going to Glasgow on Thursday, and there’s no point you coming up for one day”   “And I got to my cousins in Brighton for Christmas on Thursday till Boxing Day” he sat in silence for about two minutes both of us thinking when we could next see each other,    “I’ve got it, Hertfordshire is near where you live right?”   “Yeah kind of” I replied, “why?”   “We’re doing a gig there on the 27th, you can come to that? And I’m sure we’ll have a couple of hours free before”   “Brilliant, it’s a date” I said enthusiastically to hide how I was feeling inside, the worry that I wouldn’t see him for weeks on end, that I wouldn’t be able to cope. “Next week”   “I can’t wait” I could practically hear him grinning down the phone and felt bad for not doing the same, “I got to go, ring me later?”   “Yup, bye”   “Love you” and he hung up leaving me sitting on the sofa a look of misery on my face. Emily and Rach placed themselves down next to me,   “What’s up?” Emily nudged me slightly,   “I knew this was going to happen”   “Knew what was going to happen?” Rach questioned,   “That he’d get busy, and then even busier and our lives would clash and we’d drift apart” I said holding back the tears,   “You haven’t drifted apart” Emily reassured me,   “Not yet. The 27th, that’s when I’m seeing him. I haven’t seen him since Wednesday and I won’t see him for another week” I looked at them as the first tears fell from my eyes,   “Well then you need to talk to him, when you see him, not over the phone” I nodded and went to the bathroom I calm myself down before I started sobbing in front of them.   The week went slowly, I talked to Harry everyday whether through text, phone or skype we managed to fit in a conversation, but it wasn’t the same knowing that after Monday it could be even longer before the next time I saw him.    Monday the 27th came around and Harry had text me the details of the gig, times and the hotel they were staying at. I picked up his Christmas present and put it in my bag as I left the house. My mum was driving me, Hatfield was only about 40 minutes away and she hated seeing me down like I was without seeing Harry. We arrived at the hotel at around five and he met me in the foyer,   “Hey babe!” he embraced me in a hug and kissed me on the forehead, “I’ve missed you, how are you?” I looked up at him,   “Yeah I’m good, how are you?” I felt awkward for the first time ever around him and I didn’t like it.   “I’m better now” he smiled at me, “so do you want to get some food or go to the room?” I made the decision in my head in a spilt second,    “Room” I said bluntly and smiled rather falsely at him, he smiled back and took my hand leading into the elevator telling me the details of tonight’s gig.    “This is it, room 118” he swiped the key card through the door, “are you okay?”   “Harry I think we should talk” I said nervously as I closed the hotel room door behind us,   “Oh yeah?” he replied flirtatiously wrapping his arms around my waist and putting his hands on my bum,   “No! Harry Im serious” I almost shouted, wriggling from his grip and stepping away from him.   “Okay, lets talk”   “I don’t know how to say it” I shifted my weight uncomfortably from foot to foot “This is the first time I’m seeing you in nearly two weeks Harry, and it’s for a couple of hours” I paused whilst he studied my facial expression, “I don’t think I can do this”   “Do what?” he asked cautiously,   “This. Us. The long distance thing” my eyes were welling up with tears as I spoke, “I can’t be in a relationship where I only see you for a couple of hours every other week Harry”   “We said we could make this work! Why aren’t you giving us a chance?” he sounded angry,    “Harry if it’s like this now, when your not off touring the country, imagine what it’ll be like when you are? I‘ll never see you!”    “Your seriously going to do this?” he said bluntly but he was hurt, I could tell, “your seriously breaking up with me?”   “I don’t want to Harry! This is the last thing I want… but I think I have to”   “Why? Why do you ‘have to‘!?” I didn’t answer the tears falling thick and fast down my cheeks, Harry grabbed me gently by the shoulders and looked into my eyes, “If you love me like you say you do, look me in the eye and tell me why?” I did as he said, I locked my eyes with his,   “Everything that’s happened this past couple of weeks has made me realise how much I love you and how much I need you. It got me thinking what if something else happens, something worse, and I need you but you can’t be there because your on tour or something, or the other way round. Harry it’d kill me if you needed me as badly as I needed you two weeks ago and I couldn’t be there.” he removed his hands from my shoulders and sat down on the edge of the bed,   “Your making a mistake” he stated red-eyed,   “Yeah maybe” I wiped the tears away from my face with the back of my hand, “but maybe I’m not”   “Yeah maybe” I wiped the tears away from my face with the back of my hand, “but maybe I’m not”   I inhaled and walked over to him. I bent over and kissed him on the forehead, “I’m sorry, please don‘t hate me” and with that I turned away from him.   “Don’t be. You’re making a mistake and I’ll be waiting for you when you realise it, and I could never hate you” I took a deep breath and left the room closing the door behind me. I stood outside it for two minutes as the reality of what I’d just done blew over me and I broke down into tears. I slumped against the wall and slid down it sitting on the floor hugging my knees to my chest and praying that Harry didn’t come out of the room.    “Alicia?” I heard someone call my name in a worried tone, I looked up to see Louis jogging towards me through my tears, “Alicia what’s wrong?” he crouched down beside me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders,    “I’m sorry Louis” were the only words I could produce,    “Hey don’t be sorry, what’s happened?” he said sympathetically stroking my hair. I shrugged his arm off me and stood up. I looked down on him,    “I broke my promise” he stood up to face me, he looked confused,   “What promise?”   “Remember when I promised you I wouldn’t hurt Harry?” I sobbed and he nodded, “yeah that promise” and I took off down the corridor before he even had a chance to react, I heard him call after me as I jammed my finger on the lift door close button desperate for him not to catch up with me.   Chapter 42   I spent the next two days at home alone, in bed, comfort eating, trying to convince myself that what I’d done was the right thing and that I wasn’t making a mistake like Harry was so adamant I was. Most of all I spent the next two days feeling like the worst person in the world for springing that upon. My mum liked to pop into my room every other hour saying things like: “life goes one”, “stop moping around”, “you can‘t stay in there forever”, and the most annoying, “if you’re this upset just call him , I’m sure he’ll understand”, if only things were that simple.   Being a girl and being in the middle self inflicted heartbreak, I decided to spent the day watching sad movies like The Notebook, A Walk to Remember and The Last Song. Partly because I was depressed and partly to put my off the fact that the next day was New Years Eve. Meaning I would have to leave my room to go to a party where I would be surrounded by fifty people, and I knew I would drink too much and embarrass myself seeing as I’m pretty sure I had lost any social skills I used to possess. I was happily sobbing my eyes out watching Dear John when my mum knocked on the door,   “I’m naked” I shouted back to make her go away,   “I’m not stupid” she opened the door anyway, “there is someone the phone for you” she threw the receiver at me and left. I quickly blew my nose, and picked the phone up,   “Hello?” I questioned   “Hey babe, how are you?” it was Gemma. We talked for well hour an hour about Christmas, New Years plans, general chit chat and obviously the sensitive subject of Harry, resulting in even more crying from me.   “Okay, I have to go” Gemma said in a hushed tone as I heard a familiar voice call her name in the background, I guess she hadn’t told Harry we were still in contact, “If you really feel that way you know what you can do” she added and with that she hung up. I remained sitting on my bed, phone still held to my ear. ‘You know what you can do’, I replayed Gemma’s words in my head trying to work out what she meant, I had no idea what I could do. I sat there for at least fifteen minutes before I finally decided to watch The O.C., I put the season three disc in and decided to watch the episode called ‘The Countdown’ seeing as it was New Years Eve the next day and it seemed pretty relevant.    The episode finished with Marissa and Ryan kissing at midnight, a bit depressing but I managed not to cry. I looked at the clock, it was 9pm, probably about time I had a shower. I hesitantly got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom and then I got it.   *HARRY’S POV*   Two minutes until the count down started and everyone was making their way into the living room to surround the TV. I looked around me to see everyone pairing off for their new years kiss. I spotted Louis and Hannah coming in from the garden holding hands, droplets of water in their hair,   “Is it raining?”   “Yeah, it’s starting to” Hannah replied   “You alright mate?” Louis patted me on the shoulder,   “Yeah, I’ll be fine” I smiled and went to get another beer from the kitchen. I opened it and took a big gulp pausing for a second before going back to the crowd of people in my living room. I entered to see Liam standing with my friend Beth, he looked up and his eyes focused passed my head, a grin appearing on his face,   “What are you so happy about?” I asked him grudgingly, he nodded behind me and turned away. I span around on the spot and saw her standing in the door way wearing a black figure hugging sequin dress and a pair of killer heels, she looked incredible. I looked her up and down, eventually my eyes locked with hers as she began twirling her hair in her fingers and shifting her weight from foot to foot, I could tell she was nervous and me standing there staring at her like a lemon probably wasn’t helping. I put my bottle down on the side and strode over to her grabbing her by the hand and leading her back out the front door,   “Harry I’m sorry” she finally said as I stopped in the drive way and stood facing her, even in 5 inch heels she was still shorter than me, she raised her voice to be heard over the noise coming from inside, the count down had started, “why are we out here it’s cold and it’s raining?”   10..”exactly” I took a step closer to her smirking,   9.. 8.. “You were right”   7.. “I know”   6.. 5..“I’m sorry”   4.. “I know”   3.. “I love you”   2.. “I know and I love you too” 1.. “but it’s the new year, so shut up and kiss me” I grinned and pulled her into me by her waist as the house erupted in cheers, she pushed my wet hair out of my eyes and cupped my cheek in her hand,   “Hey, that’s my line” she whispered and smiled as our lips collided and we kissed with such hunger and longing. It was the new year and we started it perfectly, standing in the pouring rain, but as long as I was with her I could’ve stood out there all night.   THE END   I HOPE U GUYS LIKE MY STORY :) IT TOOK 8 WEEKS FOR ME TO DO IT :) SORRY IF MY ENGLISH ISNT THT GOOD. IM NOT AN A* STUDENT. COMMENT AND BE A FAN :)
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