Love Hurts (Harry Styles Fanfic) (13+)

*FULLY UPDATED* Alicia was at a Restaurant with her best friend Jake, She has been with him for 11 years, When Jake confesses that he loves her, she didnt feel the same way. Jake ran away and tried to hold back his tears infront of her. When alicia come finding him, she bump into a Curly haired boy which like she sees him before. Will jake ever stop being in love with her? Will the curly haired boy fall in love with her? Read and Find out ;)



1. Jake and the curly haired boy


Chapter One       “Alicia, i love you”   “I love you too” i replied with a smile   “No no, you dont understand. Alicia, i love you, i am in love with you, and to tell you the truth i think i always have been” he said looking at me with hope in his eyes. My smile faltered.   I was sitting in Starbucks in Covent Garden, opposite my best friend of 11 years and he was telling me he was in love with me. Now there’s something I didn’t expect to come of this day trip. Most girls would love to hear him say he loved them. There was something about him. I didn’t know whether it was his perfect teeth and gorgeous smile that made all girls swoon, his amazing blue eyes that you could get lost in within seconds, his great sense of humour or his brilliant dress sense. I don’t know what it was, but he was perfection. To most girls anyway, I don’t know why, but I seem to have always been immune to his charm, I’ve always seen him as that goofy 5 year old with Harry Potter glasses that cried to his mummy on the first day of reception.   “I don’t know what to say” I muttered quietly, “I love you, you know I do, but not like that”. A tear rolled down his cheek and I felt as though I’d let him down.   “Don’t worry. Forget I said anything. I have to go get some air”, and with that he got up and gathered all his shopping bag and started to leave the cafe.   “Jake don’t go! JAKE!” I shouted as the door closed behind him. Ignoring all the strange looks I was getting from everyone in the shop, I just saw the hood of his hoodie and Jack Wills carriers whip round the corner and he was gone. I put my head on the table and cried into my arms.   It had been about 10 minutes since Jake left and I decided it was about time I rang him to see where he was. I bent down to get my phone out of my bag. I searched for it in amongst all of my shopping bags and it was nowhere to be seen. Jake must have picked it up when he left.   “Shit!” I exclaimed, again ignoring disapproving looks from the people around me.   I sat there for another 5 minutes hoping he’d realise and come back. He didn’t. What the fuck was I supposed to do stranded in London with no money, no phone and no oyster card. I picked up my shopping bags which Jake hadn’t taken and left Starbucks.   I had been wandering around Covent Garden for about 15 minutes thinking of a plan of action, when I saw him. Black and green checker Supderdry hoodie, blue jeans and military boots, carrying Jack Wills and Topman carrier bags. He had his hood up and looked like he was listening to his iPod but it had to be him that’s exactly what he was wearing.    “Thank fuck!”. I started to follow him, I called out his name but he didn’t turn around. “JAKE!” I shouted louder, still no reply. I started to walk faster.    “JAKE!” he still didn’t reply. I broke into a slow run.   “Jake, I’m sorry”, I said as I was right behind him, again he still didn’t respond. I grabbed him by the shoulder to make him turn around. “For fucks sake I’m sorry, please don’t ign-” finally he turned around and took his hood down. “Shit! I’m sorry I thought you were someone else!” I said staring up at a breathtakingly gorgeous boy with brown curly hair.       Chapter two   “Jake right? Yeah, sorry you got the wrong person” he said with a smile. He was beautiful.   “Right, sorry”    “Are you alright?” he asked, “you look like you’ve been crying”. I turned around and bent down to look into a car wing mirror. He was right, I had mascara all down my face, I looked a state. “Well?” he said, I looked at him blankly, “Are you okay?”. For some reason I don’t know why, but I  just started sobbing.   “No, I’m not okay. I don’t know where my best friend is, if he still is my best friend, and I have no way of contacting him because he has my fucking bag! I have no phone and no fucking money! Oh god I’m sorry.” I spluttered   “Woah, erm, okay breathe. Come here”, he said taking my arm and leading me towards a bench, “sit down and breathe, okay. Try to stop crying”. It took at least 5 minutes for this gorgeous stranger to get me stop crying and for me to compose myself, the whole time I sat there looking at him through my teary eyes. His hair was curly and a warm brown colour, he had beautiful blue eyes, a perfect smile and adorable dimples. For some reason i felt like I’d seen him somewhere before. “Calm?”   “Yeah, thank you, and sorry”    “No problem, I wasn’t just gunna let you stand in the middle of the street and cry was I? And stop apologising!”   “Sorry”   “Stop! You haven’t done anything to be sorry for, apart from maybe randomly shouting abuse at me”. There it was again, that gorgeous smile. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw it.   “Yeah, sorry abo-“   “Hey! What did I say about the apologising?”. He looked at me with widened eyes and laughed. God he was incredible! “Anyways, here”, he held out his iPhone to me.   “Er thanks…” I muttered, with a confused to look on my face.     “To call your phone, you said your friend had it”   “Oh right, thank you!”. I took it from him and dialled my mobile number. It rang for what seemed like forever before he answered. “Jake, where are you!? I’m so sorry about what happened earlier! Please come back, and even if you don’t want to see me you have my bag!” silence. “Jake?”   “Sorry, I must have picked it up by accident. Are you still in Covent Garden?”, I’d barely replied yes before he said, “I’ll drop it back to you, meet me at the station in half an hour”, and with that he hung up.   “He’ll be here in half an hour”, I said handing him back him iPhone. “Thanks”.   “Your welcome”, he replied slipping it back into his pocket. “So, what’s your name?”   “Alicia” I replied hesitantly, I don’t know what it is I just hate me name, “it’s horrible, most of my friends just call me Alice”   “No, I like it. It’s pretty”. I couldn’t help but smile, I didn’t even know this boy and he was giving me butterflies, he seemed so charming.   “Have we met before?” I blurted out suddenly, he looked puzzled and slightly embarrassed. “Sorry I just really recognise you and I don’t know where from”.   “I probably just have a common face” he shot back at me straight away.   “A common face? That’s got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Anyways I don’t think it’s that common to get people as good-looking as you”. Oh God! Why did I say that!? I looked away from him clearly in shock by what I had just said.   “Hahaha, your not too bad yourself” I gave him a stern look, he just laughed and winked at me.    “Well, thanks for letting me use your phone and sorting me out but Jakes on his way now, so you can go if you like?”, he looked offended,  ”not that I want you to go, just saying if you don’t want to stay I don’t need you anymore”. I smiled and secretly hoped he wouldn’t go.   “I don’t actually have anywhere to be so I can wait with you if you like? I’d actually quite like to know why your so called “best friend” made you cry if your up for telling me?”   “Well it’s a long story”   “We have time”. Oh god how could I resist that gorgeous face. I ended up telling him all about mine and Jakes friendship and what had happened in Starbucks. Then it was his turn to tell me about himself. I learnt that he was 16, was from Cheshire and that he had been in London for just over a month now. Considering how much I’d told him about myself he was extremely vague when talking about his life.   We talked for what must have been half an hour but seemed so much longer when I saw Jake coming towards us. I got up and walked up to him, he looked like he’d been crying, a lot, he looked so hurt, it was heartbreaking. It took all of my strength not to burst out crying then and there.   “Jake, I’m sor-“   “Don’t Alicia. Here’s your bag, I’ll see you later yeah?” I nodded, he kissed me on the forehead and left. I turned around to see my new friend still sitting where I left him.   “So, I better be off”   “Yeah me to actually, I’m already late”   “Late? You said you weren’t busy!?” I shot back punching him playfully on the arm.   “Yeah well, how could I pass up talking to a pretty girl?” He winked at me again.   “Pretty? Well that’s better than ‘not too bad’” We laughed and looked at each other for a second. “Sooo, yeah thanks… ermm…?”   “Oh, Harry”, he replied holding his hand out to me. Harry. Harry? That’s it! How stupid do I want to be? All my friends were obsessed with him!   “Oh my god, Styles right? Harry Styles?” He looked at me blankly “Your on the X Factor?” he seemed genuinely disappointed that I realised who he was.    “Er yep, that’s me”   “Well Mr. Styles, it was nice meeting you” I said shaking his hand and smiling at him.   “You too pretty girl” He flashed me his gorgeous smile and the butterflies returned. I started to walk away from him when I turned back to him, he was standing now.   “Oh and good luck on Saturday, I’ll be rooting for you” I winked and carried on walking when I felt a hand on my shoulder and Harry’s voice say,   “Hey, can I text you?”   “I’d like that” He grinned at me.   “Great, well erm, i’ll see you soon”       Chapter Threeee   I smiled to myself as I walked away from Harry, I now understood why girls all over the UK were so in love with him. He was incredible in everyway.        I spent the whole journey home thinking about him, I’d completely forgotten about the whole Jake situation until I got off the tube and have 7 missed calls from him. Shit. What was I supposed to do, he was my best friend, he always had been. He was in love with me and I just did’t feel the same. I couldn’t help that could I!? Then why did I feel so horrible and guilty about it!   I’d been home for about half an hour, it was half 8 and I was just cotching in my onesie watching videos of Harry on the X Factor website when my phone vibrated, I assumed it would be Jake so considering I hadn’t figured out what to say to him yet, I ignored it and lay down in bed thinking about Harry.   I woke up at just gone mignight and decided it was about time I replied to Jake. I knew he was still awake he hardly ever went to sleep before 1. I got up and walked over to my dressing table and picked up my Blackberry, I opened the message and suprisingly it wasn’t from Jake but and unknown number. It read:   Hey pretty girl. Hope you got home alright and sort things out with Jake, but if im honest I can’t blame him for being in love with you. you seem pretty great. Anyway, it would be nice to see you again, let me know when your free and i’ll see if we can arrange something? :) It was a pleasure meeting you. Harry xxx   I got butterflies just looking at his name on the end and imagining his voice reading it to me. Could I really like someone that I’d met for about 40 minutes of my life? I decided that I wouldn’t reply until the morning when there was a higher chance of him being awake.    I woke up at half 8 the next day, Thursday, had a quick shower and chucked on the first clothes I saw which happened to be just blue jeans a plain white t-shirt and blue checkered shirt. I brushed my hair, grabbed my bag, put on my converse and left my house to catch the bus to school. I didn’t bother with make up, I go to an all girls school and my friends have seen me looking worse than doggy on a daily basis.    As much as I love my friends I was dreading walking into the common room for my first free period of the day as I knew they’d all know something was wrong and I’ve have to tell them everything about Jake and Harry, which of course they did. I left the common room an hour later for my business lesson feeling emotionally drained having told them everything that happened yesterday. I went to the toilets before lesson started to compose myself, I felt my phone vibrate and looked at it to see one message from an unknown number.   Hey Alicia. Sorry if I was a bit keen with my text yesterday and put you off I just would quite like to get to know you properly. Text me when your ready. Harry xxx   Shit, I completely forgot to text him back, he probably thinks im some sort of knob! I saved his number and opened a new message. Now wtf was I going to say?   Heyy! Im so sorry I read your text when I was half asleep and completely forgot to reply! You couldn’t put me off even if you tried ;) ahaa. Thank you for yesterday, it was a good half and hour. Anyways I finish school at half 1 tomorrow, I could come up and meet you then if you like? Xxx   I was late to business and spent the whole lesson thinking about Harry, luckily my teacher didn’t really care. I had another free after business and spent the whole hour in the common room day dreaming and waiting for Harry to text back, he didn’t. Nor did he text back during lunch time, or during phsycology after that. It had been three hours since I text Harry. Fuck. I was too keen!   I got home after school, he still hadn’t replied. I logged onto facebook, I had a inbox from Jake. Id completely forgotton about everything that happened, I was so immersed in my new friendship with Harry.    Alicia, im sorry about what I said, you just had to know. I don’t want things to be awkward with us, you’re my best friend always will be. Ill see you on your lunch break on Saturday? Xxxxxxx   Thank god he didn’t hate me! I replied and then decided to have a shower before starting my English essay. I got out of the shower 20 minutes later, got dressed and started my essay. I looked over at my blackberry on the dressing table to see it flashing. I lept of the bed and bounded over to my dressing table, grabbed my blackberry and saw one new message from ‘Harry Styles’    Brilliant! I thought I’d ruined my chances with you! And what have I told you about apologising!? Haha ;) Friday sounds great, can I meet you in Covent Garden Costa at half 2? Xxx   I read the text and yet again the butterflies returned. I sent a simple reply:   Sounds good to me, meet you there xxx and about a minute later I got a reply   Brilliant, it’s a date pretty girl xxxx    Chapter 4       It was 27 minutes past one and I was literally counting down the seconds so I could leave school and catch the train to London to meet Harry for our “date”. The bell finally rang and I rushed out of the classroom and straight down to the office so I could sign out for the day. I saw my friend Emily as I was leaving.   “hey hey hey, where are you going in such a rush?”    “huh? Oh nowhere just -”   “Your wearing make up! it’s a boy! Who? Spill!”    “Emily seriously, just because im wearing make up it means im going to see a boy!?”   “Yes! You never wear make up to school! And your wearing your good jeans!” I just laughed at her.   “Ok fine yes, I’m going to meet a boy. Happy?”   “No, I want to know who?”    “Harry”   “Vaughan?” she said looking confused.   “No”   “Dunn?”   “No, Styles” I mumbled back at her.   “What!? Styles! Alicia that’s amazing! Wow! Go go go! You don’t want to keep him waiting” she said practically pushing me out of the door. “And remember when he falls in love with you set me up with Zayn!” she shouted after me grinning.   I arrived in Covent Garden at about quarter past so I made my way to Costa early. I walked in and presumed Harry wouldn’t be there yet so I went up and ordered myself a latte and sat down.    “Alicia! Over here!” I heard someone shout, I looked over to where the voice came from and there he was sitting. My god he looked amazing. I smiled got up and walked over to him. He stood up out of his chair and hugged me.   “Hey your early”, he pulled back my chair for me to sit in and then took his seat again.   “And your earlier” I replied smiling at him.   “I didn’t think you were going to come”   “Well you were wrong”   “Clearly”, we sat in silence for about 5 seconds, just looking into each others eyes. “So how are you? How are things with Jack?”   “I’m good thanks, yourself? And things with Jake are good… I think. He’s taking me to lunch on my break on Saturday so hopefully it’ll be normal”   “Yeah I’m alright thanks. A bit tired though, we have a big performance this week so were working really hard and were just hoping its enough. Ahh that’s good, I hope things work out between you.”   I smiled at him, and there was another silence. It wasn’t awkward like I would have expected it to be. It was…. nice. Then after what seemed like hours of staring at each other, he spoke.   “So tell me about yourself” he said smiling at me showing me his adorable dimples.   “What do you wanna know?”   “I dunno, everything I guess”. I just looked at him, my mind went blank under the pressure. “Ok, ill ask you questions and you answer them. Okay?”   “Fine, but you have to answer them too!” I replied controllingly.   “Fine! Are you ready?”, I nodded, “Question one……”       Chapter fivee   We sat there for just over an hour and Harry had asked me pretty much every question under the sun, I felt like he knew everything about me, my passion for dance, my favourite song, favourite film, ex-boyfriend and family disasters, everything. I didn’t seem to care though, I trusted him and it helped that I knew exactly the same things about him that he did me. I learnt so much about him, that just like me he is a huge United supporter, his favourite song is Free Fallin’ by John Mayer, his favourite colour is green, he fancies the pants of Frankie Sandford and that when he was little before he toasted his bread he used to draw on it in food colouring. I was sat thinking of my answer to his last question when his phone rang.   “Do you mind? Its Louis, it could be important” He questioned pointing to it.   “Not at all” I smiled at him.   He got up and stepped outside. I could see him laughing on the phone. He turned around, saw me looking at him and smiled. I’d known this boy for less than 48 hours and he made me feel, I don’t know… different to any other boy had before. I saw him nodding and then hang up. He turned around and walked back into Costa.   “So, it looks like our dates going to have to be cut short. I’m sorry but I have to get back to the recording studio Yvie and the boys have changed the harmonies for tomorrows performance and I hav-“   “Harry, its ok! Really, I’ll text you yeah?” I said as I got up from my seat and started putting my coat on.   “Or… you could come with?” He said quickly standing up to meet me.   “Harry is that really a good idea? I mean what would happ-“   “Please?” He interrupted me, “I want you to come, and I’m sure everyone would like to me you” he flashed me his irresistible smile and it was impossible for me to say no.   “Yeah, ok.” I grinned at him, “let’s go”   We walked through Covent Garden side by side in silence glancing at each other every now and again and smirking. We’d been walking for about 10 minutes when we reached a set of green doors. Harry pressed the buzzer and a minute later a blonde haired boy appeared through them.   “You alright mate?” He asked in his Irish accent.    “Hey! Niall this is Alicia, Alicia this is Niall” he replied and we entered the building.   “Hey!”   “Helloo!” He shook my hand and then turned his back on me and whispered to Harry. “You said she was pretty-“    “Yeah and she is!” He sounded offended, I know I definitely was.   “I know. But pretty’s an understatement mate!” Wow, No one had ever said that about me before, I could feel myself blushing. Harry turned to me, “Right I’ll introduce you to the rest of the boys and then you can watch us rehearse if that’s okay?. Are you alright? You look a little red” oh god that’s embarrassing.   “Oh, yeah I’m fine” I smiled, he stopped walking and looked at me cautiously. I looked at him and a thought came into my head. “What if they don’t like me Harry?”   “Don’t be nervous, they’re gunna love you!” He took my hand and we followed Niall through a door to the room where the other boys were. They all stopped talking and looked at me. Wow this was awkward.   Chapter Six   The boys all stood at there a looked at me for a second. I knew two of their names, the tallest was Louis who had rang Harry earlier, he was the oldest in the band. There was Zayn who was wearing a green one piece and had the face of a model and then there was the one who’s name I always forgot, he had auditioned for X Factor 2 years ago.   “Guys, hello?” Harry said encouragingly    “Pretty? Seriously Harold, that’s like the understatement of the year! I’m Louis” Louis said as he held his hand out to me, I shook it.   “Alicia” I replied quietly   “Thank you Louis! That’s exactly what I said!” Niall shouted high-fiving Louis   “VAS ‘APPENIN GIRLIE!” Zayn shouted running towards me, Louis grabbed him before he got to me.   “Sorry about him, I think he’s had too much sugar” He really was as funny as he came across in videos. “Come on Zayn lets go get you some water” I heard him mutter to Zayn as he led him away by his arm.   “And Alicia this is Liam” Harry said introducing me to the last boy in the room. Ahhh Liam, that’s the one.   “Hey!” he said shaking my hand.   “Hi” I smiled at him.   “Right boys! Rehearsal time! Lets get cracking!” Louis shouted clapping his hands together over his head.   “Right, I don’t know how long this is going to take, but theres chairs over there if you want to sit down. If you have to leave just tell me and I’ll walk you back to the station” Harry said before joining the rest of the boys for a quick discussion before the started to rehearse their song. This week was ‘American Anthems’ and they were singing Kim Wilde’s ‘Kids in America’, it was one of my favourite songs and they sang it absolutely brilliantly. I sat and watched them sing it over and over for about an hour and I didn’t get bored, I mainly focused on Harry but I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly good-looking every one of them was. Occasionally Harry would look over at me and smile or wink, or ask me how it was to which I’d reply a variation on “it sounds fantastic!” every time. At about quarter to four they were finally happy with it and decided to finish rehearsals for the day. Harry walked over and sat down next to me followed by the rest of the boys.    “Harry that was honestly incredible. You have nothing to worry about on Sunday!” I said beaming at him.   “Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.” He replied smiling at me.   “Well you two, me and these monsters are starving so we’re go grab some food, wanna join us?” Louis said loudly when he sat down.   “Yes I’m starving!” I said almost instantly looking at Harry for his answer, he just laughed and nodded at Louis.    “Aha, great. Well where do you want to go?”    “Ermm, Nandos?”   “Ahh you made a wise choice with this one Harold” Louis said jokingly poking Harry in his ribs. “Come on boys, TO NANDOS!” He shouted running out of the room with his arm up in the air impersonating Superman. Harry stood up, looked at me and smiled, he held out his hand f or me,   “To Nandos?”   “To Nandos!” I took his hand and we followed the others out of the room.   Chapter 7   We left the studio and got into two black cars, Niall Zayn and Liam in one and Harry Louis and me in the other.   “Hey John!” The boys chorused as I closed the door behind me.   “Hi guys! How did rehearsal go?” He replied in a rough voice.   “Yeah it was good thanks! Hopefully it all goes well tomorrow night. This is Alicia by the way, Harry’s new lady friend” He said in a patronising tone grinning at us.   “Shut up Louis, she’s just a friend John”. Just a friend. Right of course I was just a friend. I mean I’d only known him for three days. I knew we were friends, so why did hearing Harry say I was just a friend upset me.   “Okay I believe you. Hi Alicia, it’s nice to meet you” he said smiling at me in the windscreen mirror, “by the way boys there’s paps outside Nandos so you might want to put your hood up dear”   “Okay thanks mate” Louis replied. Harry took off his jumper and hat and handed them to me.   “Here put this on and put the hood up around your face, when we get they’re gunna swarm us just hold my hand and don’t let go”    “Okay” I said looking at him with worried eyes.   “Hey, you’ll be fine” he said reassuringly.    “Mate maybe it’ll be a better idea if she held my hand?” Harry looked at him, “just saying, they might think she’s Hannah and not make up shit”   “Oh right good plan” Harry said thankfully. “You might want to let Han know just incase they think your cheating on her”   “Yeah, I’ll just text her now”   Two minutes later we pulled up outside Nandos, John was right there were paparazzi everywhere. The others had got there before us and were already battling their way through the crowd.    “Okay, I’ll pull you through just don’t let go okay? Or you’ll be swamped” Louis demanded   “Don’t let go, got it!” I smiled at him.   “Ready?” Harry asked us, we nodded in response “hood up and let’s go!”, and with that he opened the door and we were bombarded with shouts and camera flashes, I kept my head down and could feel myself being pulled out of the car. I looked down at my feet and held onto Louis hand for dear life. I could feel him pushing his way through the crowd ignoring shouts of “Louis is that your girlfriend!?”“Louis who’s your friend!?”. Finally we pushed through the doors and the shouts were muffled. I went to take my hood down and a hand stopped me.   “Wait til we’re out of sight, they can still see us” I heard Louis’ voice say as he took my hand again and led me to the back of the restaurant. “Okay, you can take it off now”   “Thank fuck, its boiling under here.” I took Harry’s hat of my head and he helped me slip the jumper over my head. I looked up at him,   “There we go, now I can see that beautiful face of yours”   “Shut it you” I said smiling and punched him playfully in the stomach. I took a seat next to Louis and gestured to Harry to sit down next to me.   It took about twenty minutes for everyone to decide what they were going to order, when we were all clear Harry wrote everything down on his phone and he and Niall went to order. As soon as they were out of ear shot, Louis Liam and Zayn turned to me.    “So! What’s going on with you and Harold then?” Louis said immediately grinning at me.    “Haha, you heard him in the car, were just friends. Besides I’ve known the boy for three days!”   “Yeah, but he’s Harry Styles, girls who don’t even know him are in love with him” Liam interjected.   “I’m not like that”   “We guessed. He said you had no idea who he was when you met” Zayn laughed.   “Nope I didn’t have a clue, I was a bit of a mess”   “Yeah we heard. I think that’s why he likes you, your different to everyone else”    “What do you mean, different?” I said looking at Louis for an answer.    “Well at the risk of sounding arrogant, most girls go kinda crazy when they see us, and you bumped into him and genuinely had no idea who he was. Even when you realised you didn’t have a heart attack and start crying about how much you love him. I think it proves to him that you like him for who he is, not because of the show and he needs that” I’d never thought of it like that before.   “Seriously guys, he’s great and everything but we hardly know each other, I think your reading too much in to this”   “Well if the way he looks at you is anything to go by, then you better get used to the paps, trust me”, Zayn said in a whisper just as Harry and Niall returned to the table. Harry sat down, put his arm around me looked into my eyes and smiled,   “So what did we miss?”    “Oh nothing, Louis was just telling us about something funny that happened to him the other day, weren’t you Louis?” Liam said in a rush.   “Oh yeah! You remember when Zayn said that thing and then I laughed? God that was funny!” He said pretending to laugh loudly in my ear, I guess it was payback for putting him on the spot.   “Anyone else have no idea what he’s talking about?” Niall laughed, everyone shook they’re head. I looked at Louis who was pretending to be embarrassed.    “Thank you” I mouthed to him.    “He can be a bit strange sometimes but you get used to it” Harry whispered in my ear, Louis overheard and shot Harry a joke offended look “But got to love him!” Harry proceeded to say.   “Awww I love you too Harold” Louis grinned back at him and ruffled his hair over my head.   “Bromance much?” I said looking at Harry and Louis,   “What can I say, it’s the curls, they just make him so god damn irresistible” everyone laughed,   “I know what you mean” I whispered to myself looking at Harry, finding it impossible to come to terms with just how amazingly gorgeous he was.   Chapter eightt   We sat around talking and laughing waiting for our food to come, the whole time Harry kept his arm around me, just the feel of his hand on my waist gave me butterflies. Our food finally came at around half 6 and conversation slowed down as we ate. When we’d all finished our meals we stayed in Nandos for ages joking with eachother, sharing stories and talking about everything. I felt so comfortable with these guys, like I’d known them for years.    “Guys we should probably get back to the house, its quarter to ten” Liam said as conversation was starting to die down.   “Oh shit, I should probably get going too, I have work tomorrow and my mum’ll kill me” I said realising how late it was.   “Okay, I’ll give John a call, I’ll ask if we can drop you at Marylebone aswell” Harry said to me,   “You don’t have to do that, I’ll get the tube”   “Alicia, its ten o’clock, I’m not letting you walk around London alone”   “He’s right, your not going by yourself” Louis agreed.   “Okay, thanks” I smiled at all of them.    Harry got a call 10 minutes later from John saying he was outside.   “Okay, it looks like the paps have gone but put my hoodie on just incase” he said handing it to me.   I hugged Liam Zayn and Niall goodbye to and said I’d see them soon. We left Nandos and got straight into the car,    “Hi guys, good night?” John asked when we were all in the car.    “Yeah it was good thanks mate” Louis replied   “So I’m dropping you at Marylebone then am I Alicia?”   He asked me smiling in the rear view mirror,   “Yeah if your sure that’s ok?”  
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