Love Hurts (Harry Styles Fanfic) (13+)

*FULLY UPDATED* Alicia was at a Restaurant with her best friend Jake, She has been with him for 11 years, When Jake confesses that he loves her, she didnt feel the same way. Jake ran away and tried to hold back his tears infront of her. When alicia come finding him, she bump into a Curly haired boy which like she sees him before. Will jake ever stop being in love with her? Will the curly haired boy fall in love with her? Read and Find out ;)



3. It Hurts


“Mother, I don’t care what the time is, you were probably awake before I even got to sleep this morning. I will talk to you later but right now I am not in the mood. So whilst I try to top up my three hours of sleep I would appreciate it if you’d kindly fuck off” I said calmly, and dove back under the covers. Obviously realising I was in a foul mood, she patted me on the head and left my room closing the door quietly.   I was awoken again around two hours later by the sound of my phone vibrating on my bed side table, I picked it up and looked to see who was calling me wincing at the brightness of the screen. It was Louis.   “Hello?” said weakly,   “Hey, sorry if I woke you up” he apologised   “No it’s fine. What’s up?”   “I just wanted to let you know that I’ve spoken to Harry and told him everything. He feels horrible for not believing you in the first place and just needs time to process everything”   “Thank you Louis, but why didn’t he call and tell me this himself?”   “I don’t know, I’m sorry but I’m sure he’ll contact you soon were just really busy with rehearsals and everything.”   “Okay” I replied swallowing the lump in my throat.   “Are you going to come down today?”   “Not unless Harry asks me to, I’ve text him and rang him but he hasn’t replied. I guess I’m just going to have to wait until he contacts me”   “At least he knows the truth now. Don’t worry about it I’m sure everything’s going to be fine” he reassured me, “I have to go, I’ll talk to him, he’ll come around. Just don’t wait by the phone, he’ll contact you as soon as he’s ready”   “Okay, thank you Louis” and with that he hung up. I looked at the clock it was just gone 2pm, I considered getting up and going for a walk but I was far too exhausted to I just pulled the duvet back over my head, closed my eyes and tried my hardest not to cry.   Chapter 17!   I finally got up at four o’clock after deciding that I wasn’t doing myself any favours staying in bed all day. I had a shower, blow dried my hair and put my dressing gown on. I looked through my draws for some clothes, not being bothered to make an effort I pulled on some camel jeans and white v neck t-shirt. I checked my phone hoping that Harry had rung, only to be disappointed. I went downstairs and joined my mum in the kitchen,   “Do you want a cup of tea love?” she asked,   “Yes please. Sorry for being a bitch” I said wearily.   “I forgive you, just as long as you sit down and tell me why you spent half the night crying”. I told my mum everything sipping away at my tea. When I finished she just held my hand and looked at me with sadness in her eyes,   “Oh love, I’m sorry. Have you spoken to Harry?”    “Nope” I said bluntly, “he didn’t answer any of my calls last night and Louis told me this morning that he’d contact me when he’s ready so I suppose I just gotta wait it out”   “Well I hope everything turns out okay dear” she said sympathetically kissing me on the head.   “Thanks mum” I smiled at her, “I think I’m going to go for a walk”   “Okay, just don’t be home too late”. I went upstairs and put some tinted moisturiser and mascara on just so I didn’t look too horrific. I picked up my phone and checked it, still nothing from Harry, so I slipped it into my pocket, I rummaged around in my bag for my ipod and then went to my wardrobe to get a jumper. I put my arm in and picked up the first one I felt, I took it out and looked at it. It was Harry’s Jack Wills hoodie that he’d lent me on our first date, I smiled remembering that day and wanting to be close to him again, pulled it on over my head. I went down stairs, slipped on my military boots, put my headphones in and left the house. I had no idea where I was going, I just wanted to forget everything, to clear my head.    That was two days ago. I watched the results show on Sunday at home with my mum, it felt wrong not being there cheering for them and congratulating them. I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling like crap, I could not be bothered with school. I tied my hair in a messy but and put on a plain v neck t shirt, my red Jack Wills trackies and a big navy cable knit cardigan. I brushed my teeth, put on my military boots picked up my bag and left my house to catch the bus for the five minute journey to school. I didn’t see the point in even going to today, I only had two lessons, one at the beginning of the day and one after lunch.   I got to school and went straight to the sixth form common room.   “Hey babe” Emily said as I plonked myself down next to her and checking my blackberry, “still nothing from Harry?”    “Nope”   “No offence Alice, but you look like shit” Rachel said as she joined,   “Ahh thanks babe” I said sarcastically smiling at her,   “That came out wrong. You look tired”   “I’m exhausted! But I only have two lessons today so im going to go home after break for lunch” I had hardly slept since Sunday, I spent most of my sleeping time lying awake thinking about Harry.   “Have you spoken to you know who?” She said cautiously.   “You know who? He’s not Voldemort Rach you can say his name!” I laughed at her. “And no I haven’t, Louis said he hasn’t really spoken to anyone that much”   “He just needs time” she replied patting me sympathetically on the arm,   “Yup, you said that yesterday” I smiled at her and with that the bell rang, “Right well I have Biology so I will see you losers next period” I got up and made my way to the science block. My lesson was boring as usual, Vic wasn’t in so I had no one to talk to. I just spent the hour sitting by myself in silence at the back of the class checking my phone every ten minutes which I seemed to have become a bit OCD about just in case I had missed a call from Harry. The lesson ended and I made my way back to the common room. I walked over to where my friend were sat,   “Alice Ms. Sharp wants to speak to you” Helena told me as I approached them, “don’t worry your not in trouble” she added when she saw my facial expression change.   “Okay thanks” I replied. I turned around and walked back out of the common room to the head of sixth forms office. I knocked on the door and heard her welcome me in from the other side. I walked in and took a seat opposite her.   “Ahh Alicia, how are you feeling? honestly” she asked smiling at me,   “Erm okay, honestly?” I replied nervously, she nodded, “Honestly, I’m tired and I’m worried and I don’t know” I said trying not to cry.   “I’ve spoken to your form tutor and your mother and we’re worried about you so we think it’ll be best if you take the rest of the day off, you only have one lesson this afternoon so just make sure you catch up okay?” she smiled at me.   “Okay, thank you” I replied getting up not quite sure what to make of the situation, yeah I was tired but It’s not like I was going to pass out any second. I went to the common room and said bye to my friends and decided I wanted to walk home, it would only take me about fifteen minutes. I checked my blackberry, plugged my headphones into it and started walking.    Chapter eighteen   The walk took a little longer than I had expected but I didn’t mind, I liked being alone and having the time to think things over. I spent the whole journey with my headphones in and looking at my feet as I walked. I was nearly home so I rummaged around in my bag for my key so I had it ready for when I got to my house. I turned into my drive way and looked up to see Harry sitting on the doorstep. He stood up as I approached him and let out a huge grin,   “Please tell me you didn’t go out in public like that?” he joked, I was not amused. “What‘s wrong?”   “What‘s wrong? You’re asking me what‘s wrong! Harry you haven‘t contacted me in three days, you show up here out of the blue, start joking about my appearance and you’re asking me what‘s wrong!?” I shouted back. I could feel a lump forming in my throat and not wanting Harry to see my cry I pushed past him opened the door, slammed it shut behind me and let the tears fall. Two minutes later there was a light knock coming from the other side , I composed myself turned around and opened it. Harry stood there red eyed with his hands in his pockets. Neither of us said anything, we just stood there looking at each other. I was the first to talk and said the one thing that had constantly been on my mind for the past three days,   “I thought I’d lost you” I whispered tears rolling down my face. Harry stepped forwards and took my face I his hands,   “You didn’t, not for a second” and with that he kissed me reminding me how much I’d missed him. Still kissing him I pulled him inside and closed the door.    “I am so sorry, I’ve been such a douche, I just…” he broke off, “The thought of him kissing you made me feel..”   “I know” I interrupted, “me too”   “I’m sorry you had to go through that, and I‘m sorry I didn’t call” I smiled weakly at him, “you look exhausted, you should go to sleep”   “No, I want to stay with you”   “Okay” he said giving me a hug, “shall we watch TV or a film?”   “a film”    “Okay, go choose one and I’ll make you a cup of tea” he kissed me on the forehead and went into the kitchen. I watched him walk away from me with a smile of my face, feeling so happy to have him back. I walked into to lounge and opened the DVD cabinet, I sat on the floor and rifled through looking for one that I was in the mood to watch. I picked out two and decided to get Harry to choose, they were Inception and Madagascar. Harry came in two minutes later with the tea and sat down on the sofa,   “Pick a hand” I said putting both DVDs behind my back,   “Left”   “Your left or my left?”   “Your left, no no my left” I  went to take the DVD from behind me back, “no wait! Your left”    “Is that your final answer?” I laughed.   “Yep final answer” he grinned, I showed him the dvd that was in my left hand, it was Inception,   “Cool. What was the other one?” he asked as I was putting it into the dvd player.   “Madagascar, would you prefer to watch that?”   “Nah, I haven’t seen Inception”   “It’s incredible!” I said picking up my cup of tea and sitting down next to him, “just don’t fall asleep this time”. I rested my head on his shoulder and he linked his fingers with mine, we sat in silence watching the film and silently sipping our tea. Half an hour in we were still sat in the same positions, but of us had finished our tea and I could feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier then everything went black.   Chapter 19   I woke up feeling extremely disorientated, I sat up and realised that I was in my bed. I had no recollection of getting there,   “Harry?” I called as I sat up. I got out of bed and went downstairs hoping to find him. I didn’t. I went back up to my bedroom, picked up my phone and sent Harry a simple text to let him know I wasn’t too happy with him for leaving without saying goodbye.   Thanks for saying bye boyfriend x   I put it back down on my bed side table and waited for a reply. I checked the clock, it was 4:24. How long had I been asleep for? I was already bored of waiting so I picked up my phone went back downstairs, made myself a cup of tea and sat down in front of the tv. Ten minutes later and finally my phone vibrated on the sofa next to me. I picked it up to see a new message from Harry and found myself feeling nervous about what it said. I opened it and read it,   Desk   Desk? What the hell was he on about?   Pardon?    Go and look on your desk! he replied. I read it outloud and ran upstairs to my room. I walked over to the desk to find an envelope with my name written on in propped up against a photo frame. I picked it up, ripped it open and read it aloud to myself.   Hey sleeping beauty. Sorry I left without saying goodbye, you needed the sleep and you sleep like a log so even if I tried to wake you it probably wouldn’t have worked, how did you not wake up when I carried you upstairs!? Anyway ring me when you read this pretty girl.   Harry xx   P.S. you were right, Inception is incredible! :D   I smiled to myself and rang him.   “Hey girlfriend” he said cheerily when he answered, “how are you feeling?”   “Hey, better thanks” I smiled, “did you really carry me up the stairs all by yourself?”   “Nah I tried but your heavier than you look, so the fairies helped me”   “You are such a loser” I laughed. We’d been talking for just over half an hour when I heard Louis call Harrys name from the other end of the phone,   “Okay babe I have to go, can you come to the studios tomorrow after school?”   “Yeah I should be able to, I’ll ask my mum when she gets home”   “Brilliant, well I’ll hopefully see you tomorrow”   “Yup, text me when your done with rehearsals”   “Okay, bye babe” and with that he hung up.   I spent the remainder of the day sat on my laptop in front of the TV bored out of my head. My mum got home at around seven o’clock and came and joined me on the sofa,   “Hello darling, how are you feeling?”   “I’m great thanks” I replied grinning at her,   “Did you get some sleep?”   “Yep”   “Good, do you want a cup of tea?”    “Oh yes please” I replied as she was leaving the room, she stopped and looked at me,   “Why are you I such a good mood?” she questioned,   “Do I have to have an excuse to be in a good mood?”   “You haven’t been this smiley sin-” she broke off and smiled at me, “Harry?”   “Yup, he came round earlier”   “And everything’s okay now?”    “Everything’s great now” I said smiling at her, “can I go to the studios after school tomorrow?”   “Good, I’m glad and of course you can”    Chapter 20   My train got into Wembley park at just before 4. I wrapped my scarf round my neck, zipped my coat up and began the short walk to the studios in the cold. It took just under ten minutes. I arrived at the big metal gates surrounding the building and was met by a familiar face,   “Hello Alicia I haven’t seen you in a couple of weeks” John said as I approached him, “are you here to see Harry?”   “Hey John” I smiled as he opened the gate for me, “yes I am, how are you?”   “I’m good thanks and yourself?”   “I’m great thanks, its freezing out here so I better go in”   “Good, okay, I’ll see you later” he replied. I walked into the studio and removed some of my layers so I didn’t boil with heat. I made my way up to the green room hoping Harry would be in there so I could surprise him. I was walking along the corridor thinking if where he‘d be if he wasn‘t in there and I bumped into Cher,   “Hey!” She said hugging me,   “Hii! How are you?” I asked,   “I’m good thank you, how are you?”   “Yeah I’m good thanks”    “I would stay at chat but I’m rehearsing next so I got to go” she said apologetically,   “Okay, I’ll speak to you soon” I replied and she turned and walked away, “oh Cher! Do you know where Harry is?” I called to her, she turned back to me,   “I think they’re rehearsing, come and watch” she gestured for me to go with her.   I walked with Cher to the studio, asked her not to tell Harry I was here and sneaked into the audience so that he didn’t see me. I sat and watched as they rehearsed their performance for Saturdays semi-final. They were singing ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol, a song which brought back memories to me and they sang it so beautifully it brought a tear to my eye. Ten minutes later they had finished and were heading off backstage, I waited a minute or so and then followed. I turned into the corridor after them and only saw four boys walking ahead of me, suddenly someone grabbed me from behind causing me to scream in shock,   “Hey hot stuff”.   “Harry!” I shouted hitting him on the arm, “you nearly gave me a heart attack!” He was bent over laughing so hard he had to lean against the wall so he didn’t fall over, I heard laughter from the other end of the corridor and turned to see the others all in the same position. “That was so not funny! Feel my heart”, I grabbed his hand and placed it on my chest so he could feel how fast my heart was beating. He finally stopped laughing, put his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him,   “Aha soz babe” he said grinning and kissed me on the lips. I broke away,   “How did you know I was here anyway?”   “I could smell your perfume”   “You remember what the perfume I wear smells like?” He nodded proudly, “That’s a bit weird”   “Oh shut up” he said grabbing me by the waist and started to tickle me.   “Harry! Stop!” I laughed, “no Harry please, I’ll cry! It’s not funny!”   “It is a little bit funny”   “You know how ticklish I am!”   “Yup, that’s why I do it” he grinned cheekily and embraced me in a tight hug, I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him lightly on the lips,   “Hi” I smiled at him,   “Hi, let’s go get some food, I’m hungry”. We made our way to the canteen. I said hi to the rest of the boys and went to queue up with Harry whilst he bought some chips. “Aren’t you getting anything? Ill buy it”    “Nah I’m not hungry, but thank you”   “Sure?”   “Positive” I smiled at him. Harry paid for his food and we took a seat,   “You were brilliant in rehearsals” he looked up and smiled at me,   “You were there?”   “Yeah” I smiled, “I saw Chasing Cars, it was beautiful. What else are you singing?”   “Rhianna, Only Girl and were changing the lyrics”   “I should hope you are otherwise it’d be a bit odd” I laughed reaching across and taking one of his chips from his plate.   “You said you weren’t hungry, go get something if you are” he said reaching into his pocket,   “I’m not hungry, I just wanted one” I smiled.   “Okay, tell me if you are later.” We sat and talked until Harry had finished his chips when Louis came over,   “Harold, Mrs. Harold” he nodded in my direction, “Adam wants to cut your hair before we go home”   “Okay, I’ll go now. If that’s okay with you?” He asked me,   “Yeah that’s fine” I smiled. He got up and held his hand out to me, I took it and we followed Louis out of the canteen.   It was about quarter to six when we finally left the studios, I had sat in the hair room chatting with Louis and Liam and laughing as Adam washed and cut Harry’s hair for about twenty minutes and the boys took a further fifteen minutes to gather all their things and  say goodbye to everyone before we could finally leave.   Chapter 21!   I had been sitting at the kitchen table with Harry, Louis and Niall for over an hour, I glanced down at my watch to see that it was just gone seven o’clock and it had been hours since I had last eaten.   “Harry I’m hungry” I said turning to him,   “Okay, well we can either get a take away, or see if John can take us to Pizza Express, that’s like a five minute drive?”   “Or, we could walk to Pizza Express?” I suggested,   “Are you mad!? It’s freezing out there!”   “Well layer up and I’ll keep you warm” I winked at him.   “Why would you want to walk anyway?”   “I don’t know, I haven’t been on a walk for ages” he didn’t seem convinced, “please?” I fluttered my eye lashes at him,    “Okay fine! We’ll walk”    Ten minutes later we were all wrapped up and ready to leave, we said goodbye to the boys and made our way downstairs.   “Are you sure you don’t want John to take us?” Harry asked,   “Harry, stop being such a wimp, we’re walking” I grabbed his hand and led him out of the door. “Have you walked here before?”   “Yeah it takes about fifteen minutes.”   And sure enough about twenty minutes later we were sitting a table for two right at the back of the restaurant. We had taken off our coats and scarves and completely settled down when the waitress came over. She looked a little older than me and seemed over the moon to be serving Harry Styles.    “Here are your menus, would you like any drinks Mr. Styles?” she said with a huge grin on her face and focusing all her attention on Harry,   “Err yeah I’ll just have a coke, what do you want?” he asked turning to me,   “I’ll have a tap water please” I said, the waitress still looking at Harry made so signs that she had heard me,   “And a tap water” Harry added, she scribbled it down enthusiastically,   “I’ll be two minutes Mr. Styles” and she hurried off to get our drinks.   “Well this could be interesting” I looked at Harry and we both burst out laughing.    “What are you going to get?” he asked when the laughing had stopped,   “I don’t know, I always get a pollo ad astra, but I kinda want lasagne. What about you?”   “I have an idea, why don’t we get both and have half each?” he smiled at me, “that way you can have both”.   “You are a genius. Are you sure you want that though?”   “I’m not bothered, if you want it then I’ll have it”   “Thank you” I grinned at him and reached across the table to squeeze his hand as the waitress returned with our drinks, she placed them both down in front of Harry still grinning at him,   “There you go, are you ready to order?” Harry passed my water to me,   “Yeah, we’ll have a lasagne and a pollo ad astra please”   “Is that all Mr. Styles?”   “No, one more thing, please stop calling me ‘Mr. Styles’” he smiled politely at her.   “Oh I’m sorry” she smiled weakly and walked off. Me and Harry looked at each other and once again burst into laughter.   We sat and talked until we had finished our meals, a different waitress had cleared our table and Harry had asked for the bill when he turned to me,   “Alicia” he said nervously, “Louis told me something the other day…”   “What?” I interrupted with the feeling it was everything I’d told him on Sunday,   “Nothing in detail, and don’t get angry at him I knew you guys had talked and I practically forced it out of him.” he leant across the table and took my hands in his, “I just want you to know that you have nothing to worry about, I would never hurt you like they did” he brought my hands up to his mouth and kissed me lightly on the knuckle, I couldn’t help but smile.   After ten minutes of me protesting, Harry paid the bill and we put on our coats and scarves and left. Harry gave a huge shiver when we stepped out of the door and the cold wind blew over us. He placed his arm around my shoulders and we started walking.   “How much longer till were back?” I asked him,   “About five minutes”   “Good, because I think it’s starting to rain” I replied feeling small droplets landing on my face,   “Oh god, if I get pneumonia I blame you!” he laughed. “Okay it’s definitely raining.”   “Shit!” I exclaimed at the rain drops got heavier and faster.   “I am going to kill you” he grabbed my hand, “come on were nearly there, let’s run”   “Harry! I hate running”    “I’ll race you?” he winked cheekily and ran off,    “That’s not fair, you know how competitive I am!” I shouted after him and then had no choice but to run also.   After about five minutes of sprinting as fast as I could through the torrential rain I was first to run through the door of the X Factor house absolutely dripping wet.   “YESS! Success!” I shouted out of breath and throwing my hands in the air.   “Okay, you are definitely faster than you look” Harry said also out of breathe and bent over clutching his side.   “What the hell happened to you to?” Louis said as he and Liam came wandering down the stairs to find me and Harry sitting on the floor by the door,    “Oh we just caught in a bit of harmless precipitation” Harry laughed standing up and pointing outside,   “You were out in that?” Liam said sounding shocked,   “Yup” I said as Harry held his hand out to me and pulled me up, “nothing wrong with a race in the rain” I laughed.   “You two better get changed before you get ill Harold”   “Yeah we probably should” Harry replied, he turned to me, “come on pretty girl”.   Chapter 22   “Lets get you out of these wet clothes”  Harry said looking deep into my eyes as we closed the bedroom door behind us and helping me pull my sopping wet jumper off. We were chest to chest, I stood on my tip toes and kissed him, he placed is hands on the small of my back and kissed me back. A kiss that was different to any other he‘d given me before, it was full of passion and desire. Before I knew what I was doing I was slipping my hands up the front of his t-shirt and slid it off over his head followed by my own top. Harry traced his hand up my spine giving me shivers and unhooked my bra in one swift flick. He placed both of his hands on my cheeks,   “How do you manage to look so good when your drenched?” I took his hand and led him toward the bed,   “I don’t know, you tell me” I replied biting my lip. Harry sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me down on top of him kissing me passionately on the lips, he supported my back and slowly flipped around so he was kneeling over me and kissed me again moving down to my neck and then even further down my body, kissing my stomach causing my breathing to get heavier. And then he stopped.   “Don’t stop” I whispered, he moved back up until we were face to face. “What’s wrong?”   “Alicia I really really like you, I don’t want to risk anything by going too fast, maybe we should wait a bit longer” he said quickly and hesitantly.   “What’s life without a little risk?” I replied cheekily flipping him over so the tables were turned and I was kneeling over him and in control, I kissed him again. I ran a hand down his topless torso and undid his belt when I felt his hand on my wrist,   “Alic-” I held a free finger up to his lips to silence him, there was no way he was getting out of this.   “Harry, we’ve been together long enough. Now shut up and kiss me”   We lay in bed, my head resting on Harry’s chest, he was tracing his finger up and down my back.   “I love my life” I thought out loud.   “I love you” Whoa. I sat up and faced him, he looked shocked by the words that he had just said, “shit, I’m sorry it just slipped out” he obviously knew that was the wrong thing to say after what Louis had told him. I looked at him with tears forming in my eyes,   “Why?”    “Alicia forget I said anything” he said avoiding my eye contact   “Did you mean it?” he didn’t answer, “Harry, if you meant it then I want to know” I said calmly   “Yes, I meant it”   “Then tell me why” I demanded   “I just do okay?” No, it wasn’t okay. I got out of bed and started to put on any clothing I could find not bothering with underwear, “Alicia stop, please don’t go” Harry pleaded whilst pulling on some trackies of his own. I left the room crying, pushing past Louis as I ran down the stairs and out of the door back into the pouring rain.   “Alicia! Are yo-” Louis started as Harry ran out of the room following me, he too pushed past Louis, “Harry what the fuck is going on!?” he demanded grabbing him by the wrist.   “I told her I loved her Louis, I fucked up” Harry shouted back ripping his arm from Louis grip and following me out into the rain. “Alicia please wait!” he caught up with me and grabbed me by the waist and span me round to face him, “I’m sorry Alicia but I love you, why is that not enough for you!?” he shouted to be heard over the rain falling hard all around us,   “But why Harry, I need to know why!?” I shouted back at him through my tears.   “Because….” he took a deep breathe, “you like me because of me, not because I’m famous. Because believe it or not I actually like how you always have to be in control. Because your modest and completely unaware of how strikingly beautiful you are. Because your constantly saying sorry, yet you make no apologies for being exactly who you are! Because you have absolutely no idea of the effect you have on me” He stood and looked at me water dripping from the end of his nose, he inhaled once more, “and because were standing in the pouring rain but as long as I’m with you then I can stand out here all night” he really was the most amazing person I had ever met in my life. I let out a huge grin and wrapped my arms around his neck, looked him in the eye, and kissed him full on the lips. He put his arms around my waist and lifted me off the ground kissing me as he spun around in circles. After what seemed like a lifetime he put me down. Standing there looking up into his gorgeous eyes in the pouring rain, I realised that I if I didn’t say it then I never would, so I took a deep breathe and plucked up the courage to say those words that terrified me more than anything else in this world,   “I love you too Harry Styles”.   Chapter twenty-threeeee   “We should probably go inside” Harry said with a huge smile on his face after about five minutes of kissing in the rain,   “We probably should” I grinned back at him, he kissed me once more, put his arm around my waist and we turned toward the house to see everyone standing at the door looking out at us smiling. As soon as we saw them they all turned around quickly and started to look busy. Harry looked at me and we burst into laughter.   “Oh come here you two” Mary said wrapping us both in towels as we entered the house, “go upstairs and get changed before you catch a cold” she said ushering us up the stairs.   “I think I’m going to have a shower I‘m freezing” I said as we entered the boys bedroom,   “Okay pretty girl, you know where it is. I’ll wait in here” Harry kissed me and tapped me on the bum as I left the room.   I closed the bathroom door behind me and looked in the mirror. God I looked awful, my hair was soaked and flat to my head and I had black eye make up all down my face. I peeled off my wet clothes and got in the shower. I went to turn it on and saw four dials with loads of numbers on them and had no idea how the hell to work it. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself.   “Harry!” I shouted, “can you come here for a sec.” A minutes later there was a small knock on the door, “it’s open.” Harry came strolling in wearing nothing but boxers, suddenly turning the shower on was no longer the only thing on my mind. I stood there in my towel staring at him and found myself biting my lip,   “What’s wrong babe?”   “Err…” I said dragging my eyes away from his body to look at his face. I’d completely forgotten the second Harry walked through the door, “Oh yeah, can you turn the shower on for me please?” I smiled.   “Sure” he leaned passed me and put his arm into the shower, turned a few dials pressed and button and it was on. “This is for the temperature, so you can change it if its too hot or cold.” he smiled. I gave him a one armed hug and inhaled the smell of freshly sprayed Lynx.    “Thanks” I said as we broke apart,   “Don’t be too long” he took my hand and gave it an affectionate squeeze, “I should go so you can you know, shower”   “Yeah you should…” he turned to walk away still holding my hand. I dropped my towel and pulled him back to me so our chests were touching, “…but your not going anywhere.” He let out a huge grin. I put my hand of the back of his neck and pulled his head down toward mine, kissing him passionately. Harry pulled his boxers down and I stepped back into the shower pulling him in with me. The warm water cascaded down over us as our naked bodies entwined. I had my hands tangled in Harry’s now wet curls. I felt him move his hands from the small of my back and placed one under my bum and the other behind my knee.   “Jump” he whispered in my ear as he kissed my neck. I did as he said and wrapped my legs around his waist locking my feet together so I was sandwiched between Harry and the wall. We continued kissing, our bodies moving in unison as he lowered me down to him.     CHAPTER 24!   God knows how much later, Harry and I emerged from the bathroom both wrapped in towels and giggling to each other.   “Were you two just showering toget-” we looked up to see Cher standing in front of us with a confused look on her face, we glanced at one another and smirked, “On second thoughts, I don’t want to know” she said shaking her head and turned in to opposite direction. Harry and I looked at each other and burst into laughter. We entered the boys bedroom to find Liam, Niall and Zayn all stood in the middle of the room and staring at us, suddenly I felt very self-conscious.    “Out” Harry ordered them pointing to the door the just stood in silence looking at us, “guys please leave so my girlfriend and I can get changed”   “That’s better” Liam smiled and the left the room. I walked over to the window sill and picked up my phone. I had 7 missed calls from my mum, I checked the time. Shit it was gone eleven.   “Fuck, Harry look at the time my  mum is going to kill me” I sat on his bed and called her back,   “Alicia I’ve been calling you for the past 2 hours!” she sounded angry,   “I’m sorry! We decided to walk to Pizza Express and then got caught in the storm on the way back and I’ve just got out of the shower, I‘m really sorry” I pleaded,   “It’s okay, but your dads gone back to work and I’m on call tonight so I can’t come and get you” she replied sounding concerned,    “Harry, do you know what time the last train is?”    “It’s at about twelve, you won’t make it” shit, “you can stay here if you need to?”    “Are you sure?”   “Yeah definitely” he smiled, I mouthed ‘thank you’ to him and went back to talking to my mum,   “Mum, Harry says I can stay here and I have the morning off tomorrow so I won’t miss any school” I stopped and waited for her reply,   “I suppose you’ll have to, give him my thanks. And promise me you‘ll use a condom”   “Mother!” I said in shock,   “You think I’m so naïve darling, just remember I was 17 once” and with that she hung up. I dropped my phone on astonishment.    “What’s up? Are you staying?” Harry asked.   “My mother just told me to remember to use condoms and yes I am” I smiled at him,   “Shit!” Harry exclaimed “shit shit shit” he got up and started pacing around the room,   “What!?” I got up and grabbed his hand, “Harry what’s wrong?” I asked with concern,   “Condom, we didn’t fucking use a fucking condom” I let out a small laugh in relief, “Why are you laughing? Were gunna have to get you the morning after pill! How could I be so stupid”   “Harry, it’s okay” I said placing my hands on his shoulders and looking into his eyes,   “How in anyway is it okay? What if your..” he hesitated, “you know, pregnant?” he whispered the word ‘pregnant’.   “Harry I am not pregnant, I’m on the pill” he let out a sigh of relief,   “Since when?”   “Since like April” I laughed   “Oh right. Thank god”   “I’m sorry I should have told you” I laughed and kissed him, “come on lets get changed” he didn’t move,   “Wait why were you on the pill?” he seem intrigued,   “Does it matter?”    “No, I just wan- I mean I know I wasn’t your first but… what number was I?” he asked smiling,   “Harry I really don’t want to go into this, can I just have some clothes please?”   “No, not until you tell me” I didn’t say anything, “Alicia you not wanting to tell me makes me think you were a little bit friendly before you met me”  he laughed,   “Harry!” I hit him on the arm and sat on the edge of the bed, I was not amused.   “What? If you weren’t ashamed you would tell me” he sat down next to me.   “You can talk! I’m pretty sure you weren’t so innocent yourself!”   “No your right I wasn’t but I’m not hiding it” he smiled, “fine, I’ll make you a deal,  I’ll tell you if you tell me?”   “Okay fine, but you have to go first!”   “Deal” he held his hand out to me grinning and I shook it. I looked him in the eye and prayed to God that his number was higher than mine, “you were my fourth” he said calmly. Fuck!   “I don’t like this game anymore” I whined causing Harry to laugh at me,    “A deal’s a deal babe.” I took a deep breathe,   “Okay but first I just want you to know something,” he nodded, “after pretty much every relationship I ever had failed, I became insecure, self-conscious and I just wanted to be wanted. I made quite a few mistakes and I’m anything but proud of the person I used to be, because I am so not that person anymore, I haven’t been for a while now.” Harry hadn’t broken eye contact the whole time I spoke,   “Alic-” he started but I cut him off,   “Harry I would have done anything to have been a virgin when I met you” he smiled, I took another sharp intake of breath, “you were my seventh.”   “Well I do like a girl with experience.” Harry said making me laugh, “Thank you for telling me” he kissed me on the forehead and cupped my cheek in his hand, “and I want you to know that I don’t care whether you’ve slept with seven, seventeen or seventy guys, just as long as I’m the only one your with now” I smiled at him, and he kissed me lightly on the lips. Thank god that was over.   Chapter 25   I was lying on a white sand beach looking out into the turquoise sea, the skies were blue and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. The hot sun was beating down on me over the soft sea breeze. It was perfect, I wanted to stay here forever.  And as real as it felt, somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it was a dream and I was dreading the moment the alarm went off and I had to get up for school. This moment came sooner than expected today, although it wasn’t an alarm that woke up me, it was that feeling of someone standing over me, watching me. Hesitantly I slowly opened my eyes one after the other and sure enough the first thing I saw was the face of my gorgeous boyfriend beaming down at me.   “Harry what are you doing?” I croaked as my eyes adjusted to the light,   “Watching you sleep” he smiled at me,   “You can be quite creepy sometimes Harry Styles” I said as I rolled over to go back to sleep,    “No no no, no more sleep for you” Harry said grabbing me by the waist and turning back over, “come on up you get”   “Nooo, what time is it?”   “Its nearly eleven o’clock” he replied as he was climbing down the ladder of the bunk bed grabbing the duvet and pulling it off me as he went,   “Harry! Give it back” I shouted at him and sat up, “Harry that’s not funny, in case you’d forgotten you share this room with four other teenage boys”   “Your point being?” I gestured to my half naked body now kneeling on the top bunk, his face changed rapidly from a huge grin to serious, “oh yeah, put this on” he said chucking me a hoodie. I laughed and quickly pulled it on over my head and climbed down the ladder. As soon as my feet touched the floor Harry engulfed me in a huge hug, “morning sunshine” he smiled and kissed me on the lips, “okay, I love you and everything but Alicia your breathe stinks” he laughed.  I didn’t react, the words ‘I love you’ echoed in my head, I let out a huge grin and whispered them back to myself, “what?” Harry looked at me strangely,   “I love you” I looked him in the eye, “I love you, you know when you say it more than once, it’s not that hard anymore” I smiled, “and it’s the morning my breathe is allowed to smell” I laughed and hit him on the arm. I walked over to the window sill and picked up my phone. “Harry Styles you are such a liar, it’s not even half eight yet!” I picked up a pillow and threw it at him.   “Well you wouldn’t of got up if I told you the real time” he flashed me a cheeky smile, seeing I was unimpressed he sauntered over to me, wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me lightly on the neck, “sorry” he whispered in my ear and kissed me again this time on the lips,   “your forgiven” I said as I ran my hands through his freshly washed curls, “what time do you have to be at the studio?” he glanced at his watch,    “we’re leaving in half an hour, and your coming with us”   “Harry I can’t I have scho-”   “Not until one, you can come for a couple of hours” he pouted and put on his best ‘puppy dog eyes’, “I’m not going to see you until Saturday I want to spend as much time with you today as possible”    “Harry Saturday is in two days! But when you put it like that how could I resist?” I smiled and kissed him. He removed his hands from my waist,   “I’ve washed and dried your clothes, I’ll just go get them” I laughed, “what?”   “You used the washing machine?”   “Yes! Domestic God over here” he replied grinning as he left the room, I picked up my blackberry and sat on the floor and waited for him. I checked my messages and saw a draft that I hadn’t written, I opened it up and read it.   Hey pretty girl, your asleep and I’m bored. You look adorable when you sleep so I thought I’d get some evidence to show you in the morning (look at your photos).   I love you.    P.s. Best. Shower. Ever! :P   I smiled to myself, saved the draft and opened the media file on my phone. I found about fifteen photos of me and Harry, me asleep and him pulling various faces at the camera. I let out a laugh and chose my favourite, one where I was hardly in at and Harry was just smiling, and set it as my wallpaper.   CHAPTER 26   Half an hour later I was sitting in-between Harry and Louis in a big black mini-bus thing. Zayn and Niall were sat opposite us and Liam was in the front. I was chatting away with Louis and I could feel Harrys eyes fixed on me. I ignored it for about 5 minutes and then turned to him,   “You’re kinda creepin’ me out”    “What?” He laughed,   “Harry you’ve just been sat there staring at me for like 10 minutes”   “Yeah well you look really good today” he smiled,   “I’m wearing jeans and your hoodie!”   “I meant your face, and your working the scruffs” he laughed.   “You don’t look too bad yourself” I replied and kissed him on the cheek. I looked out the window and saw a road sign to central London “oh are we going to the recording studio?” Harry looked confused, “I’m no geographer but I’m pretty sure Wembley is in that direction” I said pointing behind me,   “Oh yeah, I thought you knew” he smiled.   About 20 minutes later we stopped, and we were not in Covent Garden, I looked at the boys with a confused expression and all of them were sat smiling at me,   “Where are we?” Louis reached over and opened the sliding door,    “The zoo!” He shouted and they all clapped. I sat there and a grin appeared on my face.   “And why are we at to the zoo?” I laughed,   “Too see the lions” Zayn piped up and jumped out of the car,   “And the monkeys!” Niall followed him.    “And the penguins! Come on pretty girl” Harry leapt up, took me hand and pulled me out of the car both of us still smiling like idiots.   “Are there actual real life penguins here!?”    “Yes! Real life ones!” Liam replied mimicking me and laughing,   “I love penguins!” I grinned to myself as we entered the zoo.   We walked around for about half an hour. We’d seen the giraffes, monkeys, lions, elephants and I decided it was time to drag the boys to see the penguins. Liam and Zayn had gone to the toilet and me and Louis were walking behind Harry and Niall.   “Sooo, shower sex ey?” He said nudging me, I could feel myself going red as I laughed, “it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, I wish me and Hannah has shower sex” I looked at him and burst out laughing. Harry turned around and smiled at us.   “It was a spur of the moment thing. You can tell your boyfriend not to expect it regularly” I laughed,   “What sex? Or just shower sex?” He questioned,   “Just shower sex” I laughed, “so moving on, are you looking forward to Saturday?”   “I’m about as excited for Saturday as you are to see these bloody penguins” I let out a quite laugh, “why do you like them so much anyway?” he asked    “I dunno they’re cute, and they remind me of my brother” I replied.   “I didn’t know you had a brother” I looked at the ground avoiding his eye contact and inhaled sharply,   “Well I don’t anymore” Louis looked at me with confusion, “he died in a car accident when I was seven”. His expression changed to sympathy,    “I’m sorry”   “No it’s fine, don’t be” I smiled weakly at him, “Harry doesn’t know so..”   “You should tell him, I think he‘d like to know” I didn’t reply, “think about it?”   “Okay” he wrapped an arm around my shoulder and squeezed me affectionately.   “We’re there!” Niall shouted back at us as we approached the Penguin enclosure. I smiled at Louis then squealed like a 5 year old and ran to them. Harry turned his back to me when I reached them,   “Hop on” I placed my hands on his shoulders, jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist, “arghh careful you nearly kicked me in the balls”   “Haha sorry babe” I laughed and kissed him on the neck. He carried me into the cold room and tolerated my ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as we watched the penguins waddling along and diving in and out of the water.    “Wait here I’ll be back in two minutes” he put me down and kissed me on the forehead and ran off, I turned back to look at the adorable little animals through the glass, memories of my brother and our holiday in New Zealand two months before he died came rushing back to me. It took all the courage I had not to break down and cry but one tear escaped and fell down my cheek.   “They’re so boring” Niall piped up as he appeared next to me, I quickly wiped it away before he saw,   “They’re adorable” I turned and smiled at him,   “Are you alright?”   “Yup fine” I replied turned away from him, and someone grabbed me by the waist.   “Miss me?”   “You were gone for two minutes”    “Come on! play along” Harry whined so I wrapped my arms around his neck,   “Oh I missed you so much!” I sobbed and kissed him straight on the lips, “better?” I smiled as I pulled away,   “Not quite” he replied and kissed me again, “Yup, that was perfect” he grinned at me. “Here you go, I got you a present”   “Harry! you shouldn’t have!” I said taking a small bag from him. I opened it up to find a small stuffed animal penguin that held a heart saying ‘I love you’,    “I love it” I looked him in the eye, reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips, “and guess what? I love you too” Harry placed his hand on the small of my back, pulled me close to him and kissed me harder,    “PDA alert!” I heard Louis shout. Harry and I broke apart and turned around to find Louis and Niall arms wrapped around each other imitating us. I glanced Harry and we both burst into laughter. He grabbed my hand and we walked past them, Harry slapped Louis bum as we passed,   “Come on love birds, let’s go look at the rhinos”   Chapter 27   We met back up with Liam and Zayn at the rhino enclosure ten minutes later. We must have walked around for at least another hour and we’d seen all the animals they had, Harry even persuaded me to go to the bug show and reptile house.    “Okay” Harry started, “we better get going if you want to get to school on time”   “There is only one thing left to do before we leave” Louis continued as we entered the zoo shop,   “And what might that be?” I questioned them,    “turn around” Liam smirked. I did as he said and saw a young girl sitting at a table getting her face painted,
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