Love Hurts (Harry Styles Fanfic) (13+)

*FULLY UPDATED* Alicia was at a Restaurant with her best friend Jake, She has been with him for 11 years, When Jake confesses that he loves her, she didnt feel the same way. Jake ran away and tried to hold back his tears infront of her. When alicia come finding him, she bump into a Curly haired boy which like she sees him before. Will jake ever stop being in love with her? Will the curly haired boy fall in love with her? Read and Find out ;)





“That’s absoloutely fine love”   “Thank you” I said. I looked at Harry, and found myself smiling at how gorgeous he was, he caught me looking at him and winked. Wow, hello butterflies.   It took just under ten minutes for us to get to Marylebone, I thanked John and said goodbye to Louis, Harry followed me out of the car to the entrance of the station, we stopped and turned to look at one another,   “Thank you for today Harry, I had a really nice time” I smiled at him   “I’m glad, the boys certainly seem to like you”   “I better go or I’ll miss my train”   “Okay, I’ll text you” he kissed me on the cheek and I turned and walked away from each other,   “Harry wait, your jumper” I shouted and started taking it off.   “Keep it, gives me and excuse to see you again” he shouted back at me. I grinned at him and carried on walking to my train.   I lay awake in bed for 2 hours replaying my night with Harry and the boys over and over in my head, I don’t remember falling asleep but I slept through my alarm and was half an hour late to work the next day.   “Jess I’m so sorry” I said as I rushed through the shop door.   “Alicia its fine, your just lucky Jackies not here” she laughed, “how was your night?”   “It was really good thanks” I replied smiling to myself.   “What did you do?”   “Just went to Nandos with some friends, we lost track of time so I got home late… and then slept through my alarm”   “Sounds good. Just don’t be late next week”   “Sorry” I said again.   The morning went really quickly as we weren’t busy. I was in the stock room when I heard Jess calling me,    “Alicia your phones ringing” please say its Harry!   I took my phone from her and looked at it. Jake. Shit! I completely forgot we were going to lunch.   “Hey loser” I said answering the phone.   “Hey just checking your still on for Fego at 1?”   “Yeah, definitely! Ill see you then” I answer and hung up.   It got to 1 o’clock and I made my way down the highstreet to meet Jake. I walked into Fego and saw him sitting down in the corner. I walked over to him and sat down.   “Hey” I said cherrily trying to hide the fact that I thought this was going to be extremely awkward.   “Oh hey!” He looked up at me. “How have you been? It feels like I haven’t seen you in weeks!”   “I’m great! How are you? I know, its crazy”   We ate and talked for about forty minutes, everything was just like normal, as if nothing had happened between us. He was telling me about his driving lessons when my phone rang on the table. I looked down at it to see who it was. It was Harry.   “Do you mind if I take it?” I asked Jake who was peering over the table to see who was calling me. His face dropped,   “No, that’s fine” he smiled at me. I got up and went outside.   “Hey!”    “Hey pretty girl, can you talk?” Harry said on the other end of the phone.   “Erm no not really, sorry, I’m out with Jake”   “Oh yeah I forgot!”   “Sorry, I’ll ring you when I finish work?”    “Don’t be sorry loser, yeah that’s great. I have something exciting to tell you” he said excitedly   “Ooh tell me” I replied grinning to myself,   “No your gunna have to wait! I gotta go, was just checking on you, I’ll speak to you later”   “You suck! Bye bumface” and with that he laughed and hung up. I walked back into Fego and sat down. “So where were we?” I smiled   “Erm I dunno” he was avoiding my eye contact   “Jake what’s up?” I questioned him   “Who’s Harry?”   “Oh, Harry, well according to him he’s ‘just a friend’”   “But you want more right?”   “I don’t know, it’s kind of complicated”   “How complicated are we talking?”   “We talking ‘he’s Harry Styles complicated’ and I only met him four days ago” I said waiting for his reaction, he looked shocked but confused.   “What as in on Wednesday? The guy you were talking to in Covent Garden!?”   “Er, yeah him”   “Right” oh god, awkward. “Well it’s nearly two so you better get back to work”    “Oh shit your right” I said getting up, “speak to you soon? I’ve missed this”   “Definitely” he smiled back at me.   I spent the rest of my day at work waiting for it to end just so I could call Harry and hear his exciting news.    As soon as it turned five o’clock I left the shop straight away and rang Harry as I was walking to my friends house, he didn’t answer, so I rang again, still no answer, I presumed he’d be rehearsing and so decided to try again later. I arrived at my friends house to be greated by my 9 best friends. We were having a night in, just us a chinese takeaway a couple of bottles of wine and The X Factor. I couldn’t wait to see One Directions full performance seeing as I’d already heard how good the song was and specifically to see how good Harry looked.   The show was just about to start and I was feeling quite tipsy, when my phone rang, it was Harry.   “Hey Harold, I tried ringing earlier..”   “Yeah sorry, I was rehearsing and getting ready”   “Its ok, now tell me tell me tell me the exciting news!” I said in a high voice ignoring all my friends trying to shout things down the phone,   “Okay calm down its not that exciting, but I’ve got two spare tickets to tomorrows results show, wanna come?”   “Wow, yes yes yes!” I shouted at him grinning.   “Brilliant! Come to the studio at around three. I have to go but I’ll text you tomorrow”   “Okay, thank you! I can’t wait to see you, and good luck tonight your gunna be amazing!”    “Me neither, and thanks pretty girl” I grinned as I hung up the phone.   Chapter nine!   It was half 2 on Sunday afternoon and I had just on my train to Wembley with one of my best friends Vic, it was a short journey from where I lived and only took 20 minutes on the train. We spent the duration talking about how excited we were to see the show live and watch Shayne Ward and Kylie perform, Vic was having a nervous breakdown about meeting Aiden with whom she was obsessed and kept on asking me advice of what to say to him when I realised I had only met One Direction, none of the other acts were there when I was at the recording studio. Oh god, now I was having a nervous breakdown. We got off the train and made out way to Fountain Studios where the show was filmed every weekend, we approached a big set of metal gates with terrifying security guards on the other side of them,    “Alright girls, can I see your tickets please?” He said as we approaced him, Vic looked at me,   “Erm Harry has them, I’ll just ring him” I replied and he rolled his eyes at us. I fumbled around in my bag to find my phone and called Harry,   “Hey, where are you?” he said when he answered the phone,   “I’m outside”   “Well aren’t you coming in?” He questioned me,   “I would, but you see some curly haired loser has my tickets and the scary man won’t let me in without them” I replied sarcastically,   “Oh shit, give me a minute” he said and hung up.   “He’s coming” I said to the security guard and he nodded in reply. 2 minutes later Harry and Louis strolled out of the building laughing with each other and looking absolutely gorgeous. I felt Vic grab my arm and squeeze it with excitement. We saw him hand an envelope over to the security guard, he looked inside and came over and unlocked the gate to let us in.   “Have a good evening girls” he smiled at us,   “Thank you” we replied in sync. We walked over to Harry and Louis who were standing by the entrance to the studio, I hugged Louis and kissed Harry on the cheek before turning back to Vic who looked like she was about to pass out,   “Harry Louis this is my friend Vic” I said   “Hey Vic, Louis” he said handing out his hand for her to shake, she looked at is as if he were handing her and thousand pounds.   “Vic!” I nudged her in the ribs   “Shit sorry, yeah I’m Vic” she smiled as she shook a laughing Louis hand   “and this is-”   “Harry” he said cutting across me and handing his hand out to her, this time she didn’t freeze and shook it grinning from ear to ear. “Hungover?” Harry said turning to me as we walked into the studios,   “No” he looked at me unconvinced, “Okay maybe a little” I laughed, “but its not going to stop me having a great night” I smiled at him.   “I hope not. Right“ he clapped his hands, “most people getting ready, rehearsing etc. so we’ll introduce you two to everyone whos available and then you can just walk around and so what you want, oh and you’ll have to get your green room wrist bands as well”   “Sounds great” I replied grinning at him.   An hour later we found ourselves sitting the green room with all of the One Direction boys and Aiden, who Vic was chatting away to having gotten over the initial shock of being in the sam room as him, Harry and Louis had introduced us to all of the remaining finalists, all of whom were extremely nice even Cher who I’d heard stories about her being very rude. I was chatting to Louis when Harry came up behind me and whispered in my ear, “come with me”, I said excuse me to Louis and followed him out of the room. Harry stopped walking just outside the door,   “Are you alright?” I asked   “Yeah I’m fine” he replied smiling at me, “Basically, Louis kind of mentioned something about you to my sister and she told my mum and now my family want to meet you” he said very quickly,   “Cool, let’s go” I took his hand and started to walk down the corridor,   “You don’t think that its weird that my family want to meet you?” he sounded surprised,   “Not at all. I don’t know how you do it in Cheshire but in London we do meet our friends families” I said sarcastically and skipped off down towards the canteen laughing at him   “Oh you are so going to get it later” he replied and started jogging after me. We entered the canteen and Harry led me over to a table where three people were sitting, who I presumed were his mum, sister and step-dad. They stood up and smiled as they saw us approaching, I now knew why he was so hot, his mum was stunning. She kissed Harry on the cheek and he hugged his sister, they then turned to me.   “Mum, Gemma, Robin this is my erm friend Alicia”  they all said hello and shook my hand, we sat and chatted with them for about ten minutes and then decided to go back to the green room to find the Vic and the others in the Green room. We were walking along a random corridor which I’m pretty sure I’d never been down before when Harry stopped walking.    “Hey what’s up?” I asked him   “Can we go in here for a sec?” he replied pointing to the door he had stopped outside, “I just wanna talk to you about something” he added   “Yeah sure” I followed him in and he closed the door behind me. I sat down on a table and waited for Harry to speak.   “Right so, I’m not very good at this kinda thing, but I have something to tell you”   “Wait” I said suddenly hoping he was going to say what I was thinking, “me first” I got up and walked over to where he was standing, I stopped in front of him and looked up into his gorgeous eyes, “I like you” he let out a sigh.   “Thank you”   “Thank you?” I repeated, “not quite what I was hoping for but okay”   “No, thank you for saving me from saying it first, I may come across as confident, but when it comes to girls and feelings im a bit shit” he laughed, “oh and I like you too, a lot” he took a step closer to me and cupped my cheek with his hand, he bent his head down our faces getting closer and closer, finally his lips met mine and a wave of butterflies grew in stomach. I had been waiting or this moment ever since I met this boy and it was every bit as perfect as I had imagined it to be.    Chapter ten   We were sitting in the audience with Harry’s family waiting to hear who would be going through to next weeks show. The atmosphere in the studio was phenomenal everyone was so nervous, you could cut the tension with a knife. I had Gemma, Harry’s sister, squeezing one hand and Vic squeezing the other. The first name called was Aiden, we let go of each others hands to clap for him, next was Rebecca and then Matt, and finally One Direction were called out, Gemma gave me a huge hug and we jumped up and down in excitement, Harry’s mum was crying and Vic was jumping round in circles on the spot. The boys jumped around and had a group hug before they left the stage. After One Direction Paige, Cher, Wagner and Mary were called leaving Katie and Treyc in the sing-off.    The show had finished and the judges had chosen to save Katie and so Treyc would be going home. After getting over the excitement of One Direction getting through and the shock of Treyc going home, Vic and I made our way backstage with Harry’s family to see the boys.   We walked into the canteen and scanned the room looking for them, I spotted Niall first so I left Harry’s family and Vic who had gone to congratulate Aiden, and walked over to him.   “Hey!” he said noticing me walk towards him and giving me a hug,   “Congrats! I’m so happy for you” I said smiling at him,   “Thanks.” he replied, “I’m happy for you too” he grinned at me cheekily   “What, why?”    “You know why” he winked, at that moment Zayn came running over pouting at me,   “Smoooochy smooch” oh right I got it.   “Oh your so mature” I said sarcastically poking him in the ribs and secretly smiling to myself.   I went to get a drink from the bar and sat and chatted to them for a bit every now and again looking around for Harry who was nowhere to be seen. I’d been talking to Zayn and Niall for about fifteen minutes when Louis came over, I hugged and congratulated him,   “Can I steal you?” he whispered to me   “Yes, as long as I’m not in trouble” I replied getting up and following him. We walked to the other side of the canteen and sat at an empty table, “I’m not in trouble am I?” I joked.   “Of course your not, I just wanted to talk to you about Harry” he smiled   “Okay” I replied. “What about me and Harry?”   “He really likes you” he said seriously as if he thought I was using him,   “And I really like him, so what’s your point?” I reply bluntly   “Let me finish, don’t give up on him if fans start hating on you or the press make up bullshit, you gotta stick it out” he said seriously, “It took Hannah a while to get used to it, but she’s accepted it and we’re happier than ever. I know it’ll be hard, but he’s my best friend and I won’t let him get hurt”   “Louis, I promise you, I will not hurt Harry. I know what it feels like to have your heart broken and I wouldn’t want to enforce that kind of pain on anyone, especially Harry” I reassured him “and anyway, were not even officially together so I highly doubt we’ll be going public anytime soon”   “Okay, thanks” we smiled at each other, “have you seen him by the way?”    “Nope, I assumed he’d be with you”   “He’s probably with his family. Do you want another drink?”   “Oh yes please” I said getting out my purse   “Don’t be silly I’ll get it, rose?”   “Yeah, thank you” I smiled at him as he got up and made his way over to the bar.   I sat playing brick breaker on my blackberry waiting for Louis to return with our drinks when someone put their hands over my eyes,   “Guess who?”  they said in an Australian accent,   “How stupid do you think I am?” I replied pulling Harry’s hands away from my face, he sat down next to me, put his arm around my waist and kissed me on the cheek, “where have you been, I’ve been waiting to congratulate you?”   “Sorry, I was talking to Gemma. But I’m here now” he said grinning at me,   “Well in that case” I put my arms around his neck, looked around to make sure no one was watching us and kissed him lightly on the lips, “congratulations handsome” we sat looking at each other for a second longer when Louis sat down opposite us.   “Here you go” he said handing me my drink   “Thank you”   “Hey where’s mine?”    “Sorry Harold your not quite old enough yet” Louis said in a patronising tone sipping his own pint   “Neither are you!” He exclaimed turning to me   “Actually according to my drivers license, I am” I replied grinning at him and taking out my cousins id.   “Im starting to regret introducing you two, your mean together” he said pouting, Louis and I laughed and high-fived each other across the table, Harry looked at me   “Oh we’re only joking Hawwy!” I said pinching his cheeks   “You better watch out, cause one day I’m going to get you” he replied laughing at me and got up to leave, “be right back”. I watched him leave with a smile on my face, I turned to see Louis looking at me,   “What?”   “Nothing, that just proves to me you meant what you said” he smiled.    Chapter 11   Nearly two hours and four more glasses of wine later I found myself reunited with Vic, all of the One Direction boys, Gemma and Hannah in the Green room and feeling ever so tipsy. We were all sat in a big circle talking across each other and engaged in about five different conversations.    “Anyone up for ring of fire?” Louis shouted, most people cheered so I guessed they were all up for it. I however was drunk enough already. Realising how late it was thought it would probably be best to go home. I just about managed to get to my feet,   “Vic, its gone eleven shall we get going?” I shouted to her across the circle, before she had time to reply Harry pulled me down onto his lap,   “You are going nowhere miss” He smiled at me   “Harry, I would love to stay, but I’m already fucked and I have school tomorrow” I  mumbled,   “Please?” he said looking at me with puppy dog eyes. Oh screw him for being so irresistible.   “Fine!” I gave in, “but were only staying for another hour!”   “Thank you” he grinned and kissed me.    We had been playing ring of fire for about half an hour, there were few cards left making it harder. It was my turn, I took a card trying my hardest not to break the circle,   “YESSSS! Thank fuck” I said when the circle remained intact. I looked at my card, it was a King, phew. I leant forward to pour some of my drink into the pint glass in the middle of the circle.   “Wait wait wait” Niall said quickly, “How many kings are left?”   “I think that was the last one” Zayn replied. Oh god please no.   “That was definitely the last one” Louis piped up, “Drink up Alicia!”   “Please no!” I begged, “I will definitely vom if I drink that! Harry…” I looked at him for his support,   “It’s the rules babe, pick the last king and you drink the dirty pint” he smiled at me   “Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!” everyone chanted at me. F my life. I leant forward and picked up the pint glass and started drinking its contents. A mixture of wine, beer, vodka and god knows what else. And that’s the last thing I remember.   I slowly opened my eyes wincing at the pain that shot through my forehead. I was on the top bunk of bunk beds. I sat up and I looked around me, the room was an absoloute mess there was another set of bunk beds and a single bed in the room, all empty. I looked under the duvet, oh god I was only in my underwear. Where the bloody hell was I and where were my clothes? Was the only thought that went through my head.    “Good morning sunshine” I whipped my head around and saw Harry strolling through the door in his boxers. “How are you feeling?” he asked me smiling.   “Like death” I replied quietly, “Harry where am I and how did I get here?”    “Your at the X Factor house and I’m guessing we brought you here because you were off your face.”   “Your guessing?”   “Yeah, im not entirely sure, I was pretty smashed myself” he laughed   “Where’s Vic?” I questioned him   “She was here. She left about an hour ago, she said to tell you she was sorry but she had an exam and you needed the sleep” he replied sitting down on the single bed. The I clocked something,   “Harry did we-” he looked confused, “You know?”    “No, we didn’t ‘you know’, I don’t think that would have been possible considering in the state we were both in” he said laughing, “and anyway, I’m not like that” he reassured me. “Here put these on and come downstairs, we can make some breakfast” He said handing me some trackies and a hoodie.   “Thank you”   “And the bathrooms just across the hall way” he said as he left the room   “Shit, Harry I still have your purple Jack Wills hoodie! Im sorry I forgot to bring it yesterday”   “Don’t worry about it, you can keep it” and with that he left the room.   Chapter twelvee   I had a quick shower, put on the clothes Harry gave me, towel dried my hair and made my way downstairs ignoring the shoots of pain in my head and stomach. It was mornings like this that reminded me why I hated playing ring of fire, with my bad luck I always had to drink the bloody dirty pint and woke up with a horrific hangover. I walked downstairs and looked around for the kitchen, I couldn’t see it but heard voices coming from through a door to my left. I walked through it and saw Louis Niall and Aiden sitting around the kitchen table laughing. Louis was the first to see me,   “Here she is!” he shouted and they all laughed. God this was embarrassing.   “Shh! I don’t mind if you take the piss out of me, just do it a little quieter please” I laughed.    “How are you feeling?” Aiden asked as I sat in a free chair,   “I’ve been better”   “I’m just going to take this moment to tell you that you are the funniest drunk!” Louis laughed   “Oh god” I put my head in my hands, “I don’t want to know anything”   “Don’t worry, you didn’t embarrass yourself anymore than we did” Niall laughed.   We sat around the table, trying to fill in gaps from last nights events that we couldn’t quite remember. I was quite happy to hear that I didn’t throw up and not so happy to hear that I partook in a karaoke session and tried to teach Zayn a dance routine to ‘Drop’ by Fat Man Scoop.   “You actually have a good voice!” Louis laughed   “And you look so hot when you dance” Harry joined in as he entered the kitchen,   “Shut up” I poked him in the ribs as he sat down next to me and kissed me on the forehead.    “Breakfast?” Harry asked everyone round the table,   “Nah, we’ve eaten mate, it’s just you two” Niall replied as he, Louis and Aiden got up from the table and leaving just me and Harry in the kitchen.   “Come on then, I’m waiting” I just looked at him, “make my breakfast woman” he laughed, I scowled at him, “Oh come on I’m joking!” he said wrapping his arms around my waist and carrying me over to the fridge.   “You are so not funny!” I said as he put me down on the work top and stood between my legs.   “Sorry” he smiled and kissed the tip of my nose. “So what do you want to eat?”   “Anything, I’m starving”   “Bacon sandwich? Beans on toast? Full English with all the trimmings?”   “Full English, definitely, but I don’t like egg. Or mushrooms. Or Tomatoes.  Or sausages” Harry just laughed at me.   “So you want bacon, toast and beans?”    “Yup” I grinned at him   “That’s what you call a full English?” I nodded, “that is pathetic”   Half an hour later and I was sitting opposite Harry with my feet resting on his knees under the table. We had finished our breakfast and cleared our plates.   “I always think eating is a good idea when I’m hung-over and I always finish feeling worse than I did before” Harry laughed at me. “it’s not funny! Why do I never learn?” I joined in laughing with him.    “If it makes you feel any better, I do exactly the same thing”    “Well would you look at that, we have something in common” I smiled at him   “We have loads in common!” he protested, “same football team, same favourite colour, same music taste-”   “Same hair colour!” we looked at each other and burst into laughter. When we’d stopped laughing we just sat there looking at each other. I broke the silence after about two minutes,   “I’m supposed to be at school, my mums going to kill me” I said calmly.   “You don’t seem too bothered by that”   “Nah, being with you is worth it” Harry smiled at me showing my his dimples, he was just as gorgeous when hung-over.   “Well I have the day off, so whatcha wanna do?”   “I wanna stop feeling like I’m going vom every time I move”   “So I’m thinking we go lie on the sofa and watch a film?”   “Sounds perfect” I smiled at him   Chapter 13   Two weeks later and I was on my way to Fountain studios with Jake. It was the first time I’d been to see the show on a Saturday and I was beyond excited. It was rock week and I’d convinced the boys to sing my favourite song ’Summer of 69’ by Bryan Adams and I couldn’t wait to see them perform it.    Things with Harry had been great, we had seen each other as much as possible during the week and I’d go to Sundays results show. In the week I went to the studios and just hang out there with him and the boys or if they had the day off we’d go on walk and I went to the house or he would come to my house. And most importantly we had gained the official titles of girlfriend and boyfriend.   We arrived at the studios at half past seven, there was only fifteen minutes until the show stared so we decided to go straight to our seats. I text Harry to say we arrived late, good luck and that I’d come backstage to see him after their first song. We took our seats with Harry’s family, I hugged his mum and Gemma hello and introduced them to Jake.    The show started and Wagner was up first. His performance was equally as entertaining and out of tune as his previous performances. It was time for a break and then our boys would be performing, I could tell Jake was getting annoyed with my jumping up and down and squealing in his ear but I couldn’t contain how excited I was. The break was over and the boys came on stage as the crew were setting up whilst their VT was being played. I could see Harry scanning the audience as if he was looking for someone. His eyes met mine and he let out a huge grin which I eagerly returned. I blew him a kiss just as the music started, he pretended to catch it and put it in his pocket and with that the performance began. It was amazing, the song suited their voices perfectly and they got incredible comments from the judges. As soon as they started walking off the stage I ran down the stairs leaving Jake in his seat, I flashed my pass to the security guard at the backstage door and went to wait for them in the green room. I said hello to the other contestants who were in their and wished Cher good luck as she was on next. The boys walked through the door five minutes later and we all erupted in a round of appaluse. Harry came straight to me, picked me up and spun round in a circle before putting me down and kissing me ignoring the wolf whistles from Zayn and Niall.    “That was incredible” I said kissing him again,   “Glad you liked it, I would have hated to have murdered your favourite song” he replied grinning at me,   “Nope, if anything you made it better” I talked to him for five minutes, kissed him goodbye and made my way back to the audience.    “Alicia!” Harry shouted after me as I jogged down the corridor back to the stuidio, I stopped and waited for him to reach me, “Listen carefully to the lyrics of our next song” he said kissing me one the forehead, “they might just mean something” he winked at me and turned back to the green room.   I was back in the audience with a slightly annoyed Jake. Everyone else’s performances were great, the competition was tough this year, I really couldn’t call who I thought was going to win. It was time for round two, again Wagner’s performance was entertaining and out of tune, no surprises there. One Direction walked onto the stage, Harry looked at me once again but this time winked at me making me giggle like a ten year old, Gemma who heard just laughed at me. The music started and I realised what song it was, ‘You Are So Beautiful’, I had to force myself not to just look at Harry and ignore everything else that was going on around me but to listen to the lyrics. Which I did, they were beautiful. Harry kept my eye contact the whole time he was singing, and before I knew it I had a tear rolling down my cheek. Jake looked at me and wiped it away, “You are so sad” he laughed.   “Oh shut up” I punched him lightly in the stomach.   I watched the rest of the performances this time before rushing to see Harry. Everyone was great.    The show finished and I made my way to the canteen with Jake, Hannah and Harry’s family. Hannah went off to find Louis and I took Jake around and introduced him to everyone. We were talking to Matt and Aiden whilst we waited for the boys to come.   “Hey pretty girl” a voice whispered in my ear as they put their arms around my waist and kissed me lightly on the neck. I turned around to him,   “Hey boyfriend” I said wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him, “you were incredible tonight”   “Why thank you girlfriend” he smiled, “and you look incredible tonight” he said kissing me.   “Sorry to interrupt such a beautiful moment, but mum’s looking for you Harry” I heard Gemma say from behind me. We broke apart,   “Okay, where is she?”   “At the bar with Robin”   “Okay, I won’t be long. I‘ll get you a drink while im there” he kissed me on the head,   “Take as long as you want” I smiled at him and he made his way over to the bar. I turned to see Gemma smiling at me.    “Why are you looking at me like that?” I laughed,   “Thank you, for making my little brother happy” I looked at her for a second,   “Cringe”   “Oh shut up!” she pushed me lightly and we both burst out laughing.   Chapter fourteeeen   Twenty minutes later I was talking to Harry when Jake came over,   “You alright mate?” Harry asked him friendlily   “Yeah I’m good” he replied bluntly, “can I talk to you?” he said turning to me   “Er yeah sure” I said getting up and kissing Harry on the cheek, “I won’t be long”. We walked out of the canteen and went to the corridor where the judges dressing rooms were, they had all gone home so it was deserted up there.    “Thank you for bringing me tonight Alicia”   “No problem. It was my first time to the Saturday show of course I wanted to share it with my best friend.” I smiled at him.   “So you and Harry are like a proper couple now?” he questioned me.   “Yep” I replied smiling to myself.   “Well as long as your happy”   “I am happy you know? I trust Harry, more than I’ve ever trusted any boy before, except you of course, and he makes me fe-”    “Alicia, you have a boyfriend now and I know that but I’m sorry I can’t hide my feelings for you any longer.” Jake interrupted me, “eleven years we’ve been friends. You can’t deny that we have something special”. He took me by surprise. We’d had a great day, like he’d never admitted his love for me in the first place, why was he trying to ruin that.    “I know we’ve been friends for so long, but that’s all we’ve ever been Jake, friends. And a friend is all you will ever be to me.” I replied slightly taken aback and sounding harsher than I meant to.   “But I love you!” he cried   “I’m sorry Jake. I’ll say now what I said that day in London. I love you, you know I do, but not like that”   Suddenly his hands were on the back of my neck pulling my head towards him and he kissed me forcefully on the lips. I tried to push him away but he just held on stronger.    “Hey! What the fuck is going on!?” I heard someone shout from the other end of the corridor. Jake let go of my neck and I pushed him away from me. I looked past him to see Louis walking towards us, tears now rolling down my cheeks.    “Look me in the eye and tell me that meant nothing to you and you don’t love me” Jake said grabbing me, I ripped my arm out of his grip and took a step backwards not wanting  to be near him for longer than necessary,   “It meant nothing and I don’t love you, I never will” I said bluntly.   “No” he protested, “no you don’t mean that, you love me you know you do. Your just too afraid to admit it after what happened with Mike!” he said pulling me closer to him and trying to kiss me again. I lifted my arm and slapped him as hard as I could across the face.   “How dare you!? You know how much he hurt me and the issues I have because of it. As far as im concerned this friendship is over” I shouted, I ran away from him into Louis open arms and cried into his shoulder as we turned walked down the corridor away from Jake.   “Alicia please!” he shouted after us, Louis stopped and turned around, he took his arm from around my shoulders and walked back towards Jake,   “Go home.” He said calmly, “she’s with Harry. She doesn’t want you, accept it and move on”. He came back to me and replaced him arm around my shoulders. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up”. He lead me to a spare dressing room in the studio.   After about twenty minutes I’d stopped crying and Louis had removed all the make up from my face he sat down opposite me,    “Are you okay?” he asked sweetly,   “I am now, thank you Louis” I replied, “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell Harry”   “I’ll say nothing if you don’t want me to” he smiled, “Alicia can I ask you something? It’s quite personal” he asked me nervously, I nodded. “Who’s Mike and what happened with him?” I took a deep breath and proceeded to tell Louis all about Mike, that he was my first love and how he broke my heart the day he chose to move to America because he thought it would be ‘for the best’. I told him how I’d broken up with every boyfriend I had after him before I fell for them or something would happen which would result in them breaking my heart.   “…It’s like after Mike, life never let me be happy and in love, I can never have both”   “What makes you think that?”   “Well Mike was my first boyfriend and he moved to America, my second boyfriend Tom he went to boarding school in Newcastle, then there was Josh who cheated on me with one of my best friends and then there was Adam, he just broke up with me because he was scared of commitment. The list is endless”   “You shouldn’t run from love though. You never know, someone could come along and break the pattern”   “I know, I’m just afraid”   “Afraid of what?”    “Taking the risk of trusting someone with my heart and knowing that there’s a very high chance that they’re going to break it.”   “What’s life without a little risk ey?” Louis said smiling a nudging me in the arm. “Come on, we better get back before anyone starts getting worried” I knew by anyone he meant Harry so I got up and followed him out into the corridor.   Chapter 15   We didn’t stay for the party that night, Louis told Harry that I had an argument with Jake and he’d gone home and that I didn’t want to talk about it so Harry didn’t ask. We went back to the X Factor house, Harry held my hand and kept his arm around the whole journey, I felt so safe with him.    “I’ll make you a cup of tea, you can put whatever film you like on” Harry said as we walked through the front door.   “Thank you” I smiled weakly at him. I felt emotionally drained after what had happened with Jake and after telling Louis about my fear of love. I went into the lounge and picked up the first DVD that caught my eye, it was The Last Song, I put it in the DVD player and sat on the sofa. Harry came in two minutes later with two cups of tea and handed one to me, “Thank you” I said blowing it to cool it down, “I put the DVD in but I don’t know how to turn it on”   “Okay, pass the control” he pressed a few buttons and it popped up on the screen, “there we go” he smiled at me.   “Have you seen this?” I asked him   “Yeah, it’s good, you’ll like it” he smiled at me. “come here” he said gesturing for me to move up next to him which I did. He put his arm around me and I rested my head on his chest.    An hour into the film Harry had fallen asleep and I was sobbing. He could have warned me it was this sad. I’d moved down the other end of the sofa so I didn’t wake Harry up with my crying.   “No!” Harry said out loud and jolted awake,   “Hey hey hey!” I said as he sat upright and looked around, “what’s wrong?”   “Nothing” he replied rubbing his eyes. I gave him an unbelieving look, “I dreamt you kissed Jake”.   “Oh right” I whimpered looking back at the TV.   “Alicia..?” he looked at me for reassurance,   “Harry, I didn’t kiss Jake” I stated.   “Thank fuck, I don‘t know wh-”   “But… he kissed me” I interrupted. He looked shocked, hurt.    “What?”   “He kissed me, earlier” he got up and stood in front of me, “Harry I’m so sorry, I wasn’t going to say anything but I couldn’t keep this from you”   “You kissed him?” the look on his face changed from hurt to anger.   “No Harry, he kissed me!” I said loudly, “I pushed him away, ask Louis he saw everything!” I was crying now at the sight of him being so angry with me. “Harry I promise, it meant nothing to me”   “A kiss always means something” he turned and walked away from me, “I think you should go home now.”   “Harry please believe me! Ask Louis he’ll tell you everything!” I said grabbing his arm trying to keep him from leaving me.   “I’ll talk to him when he gets home, but until I know the truth I’d like to be alone” he said coldly and with that he left the room. I heard him walk upstairs and  a door slam.   Chapter sixteennn   I walked back to the sofa, I sat down put my head in my hands and sobbed uncontrollably. What the hell was I supposed to do? I didn’t have money to get a taxi home and I’d definitely missed the last train. I got out my phone and decided to ring my mum, no answer great. Normally I would have called Jake but he was the one who caused this mess, there was only one other person I could think of. I found his number in my phone book and called him.   “Hello?”    “Louis. Its. Alicia.” I said trying to catch my breath.   “Alicia what’s wrong?” he said sounding concerned.   “Harry knows” I said through my tears, “about Jake , I told him and now he hates me”   “Okay, just breath and try to stop crying. Where is he now? Where are you?”   “I’m still at the house, he’s upstairs he told me to go home but I don’t have any money and my mum’s not answering and he hates me Louis please you have to tell him what happened!” I had no idea what I was even saying anymore, words were just rushing out of my mouth.    “Okay, I’m going to call John, he should be able to take you home. I’ll talk to Harry, tell him what happened. He’ll come round, it was just a kiss right, it didn’t mean anything” he said calmly.   “That’s what I said!”   “and what did he say?”   “A kiss always means something” I burst into tears again.   Hours later I was curled up in a ball under my duvet wide awake with a banging headache. I‘d cried so much I‘d run out of tears. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t cry and I couldn’t get Harry out of my head. Under twelve hours ago everything had been so perfect, I had my best friend back and a perfect boyfriend. But now, I’d definitely lost my best friend and my boyfriend, well I had no idea what was going to happen with him. I glanced at the clock, it was 5:47am. I really needed to sleep but I just couldn’t! I lay there for ages before I finally drifted off.    “Alicia” I heard my mum softly saying my name as she stroked my hair, “Alicia dear its nearly twelve o’clock, I think it’s about time you got up”   “No” I shouted at her and lifted the duvet over my head. “Go away!”   “Alicia you really shou-”   
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