Love Hurts (Harry Styles Fanfic) (13+)

*FULLY UPDATED* Alicia was at a Restaurant with her best friend Jake, She has been with him for 11 years, When Jake confesses that he loves her, she didnt feel the same way. Jake ran away and tried to hold back his tears infront of her. When alicia come finding him, she bump into a Curly haired boy which like she sees him before. Will jake ever stop being in love with her? Will the curly haired boy fall in love with her? Read and Find out ;)



4. Face Paint


“Aha not going to happen!” I protested,    “Oh I think it is”    “And what makes you so sure mr. Styles?” I raised my eyebrows at him. He took a step closer to me and whispered in my ear so only I could hear him,    “Because” he paused, “I promise you I will make it worth your while” he said cheekily and winked at me. Oh he was good. I looked at him for a second and couldn’t resist.   “Fine, but only a small one, I cannot go to school with my full face covered in paint!”   “Success” Harry kissed me on the forehead.   “I don’t even want to know what he said” Niall laughed and took a seat to be the first painted.   Half an hour later and we were all done. Harry now resembled a monkey, Louis a Lion, Niall a zebra, Liam a giraffe and Zayn a Tiger. Me keeping to my word, I had a small section of leopard spots painted down the side of my face. Harry ask the lady to take a photo and handed  her his phone. We stood in a line, me in the middle and posed for the camera. Once that was taken we headed out to the front of the zoo where the car was waiting for us.   “Wow you guys look great!” the driver exclaimed as we all piled in,   “I know right!” Louis replied in an American accent.   “Mate is it okay if we drop this one to Marylebone?” Harry asked as he put his arm around me,   “Yes that’s fine” he smiling at me in the rear view mirror.   “Thank you” I replied and returned his smile.   We spent the short journey to Marylebone station laughing and chatting, when we arrived I said my goodbyes to the boys,   “Give me a minute” Harry said as he followed me out of the car. We stopped at the entrance of the station and we turned to look at one another. Harrys mouth cracked into a smile, he reached out to me and pushed my hair out of my face. I stepped forward and planted a kiss softly on his lips,   “See you Saturday?” I smiled at him,   “I can’t wait” he replied taking my face in his hands and kissing me on the forehead, “see you then pretty girl”   The next two days seemed to drag on forever, school was a bore and even though I text Harry non-stop I missed his company. It was late on Friday night and I was sitting in front of the TV with a cup of tea, my mum and dad were both at work so I had the house to myself. I decided to watch last weeks episode of Misfits that I’d missed. I was about half way through when my phone vibrated on the sofa next to me, I picked it up and saw a new bbm message from Liam.   H said he’s going to call in 10 minutes x   I read it and a huge grin spread across my face at the thought of hearing his voice for the first time since I left him at Marylebone station.   Thank you, and tell him I’m looking forward to it   I replied and set my phone back down and waited eagerly for his call. It came a little later than I expected but I couldn’t care less,   “Hey babe” I said sprightly as I answered the phone,   “Hey pretty girl” he replied, the sound of his voice causing a surge of butterflies to my stomach, “how are you?”   “I’m good, bored and tired but that’s nothing new. Yourself?”   “Better now” I could practically hear him smiling on the other end of the phone, “I’m knackered, we’ve been so busy it’s unreal!”   “I’m not surprised it’s the semi-finals, I’d be worried if you weren’t busy”   “Yeah I know” he paused, “I’m scared”. I could hear the worry and vulnerability in his voice, so I put on my best reassuring and supportive girlfriend voice,   “Harry, you are going to be incredible! I know it. Just remember that Simon believes in you, your fans believe in you, your family believe in you and Harry I believe in you. Whatever happens on Sunday you guys are going to have a great career, but I honestly think you have nothing to worry about”   “Thank you, my mum and Gemma have been saying that all day, but it means a lot coming from you.”   “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow”   “Me neither, that’s why I called actually. I only have one spare ticket this week cause some of my friends are coming down, is that okay?” he said cautiously,   “Of course that’s okay, just as long as I get to see you” I said smiling,   “Good, and another thing, we’re going to be really busy all day so I don’t mind if you come up during the day but you might get a bit bored and I may not see you that much if at all, so it’s up to you what time you come”   “Okay, well I’ll just see how I feel tomorrow and let you know”   “Sounds perfect. Right I have to go we’re still at the studio and have one last rehearsal to do”   “Okay babe, see you tomorrow”   “I love you”   “I love you too” I replied smiling to myself and with that he hung up.   Chapter 28   I got out of the shower at just gone eleven on Saturday morning, not wanting to wait till the evening got see Harry I had decided I was going to Central London at half one as I had something to pick up from Covent Garden and be back to the studios in Wembley for about three. I decided to wear a plain black long sleeved body-con dress, black tights and a grey chunky cable knit cardigan. I kept my make up minimal by just applying some tinted moisturiser, blush, a wash of brown eye-shadow and a couple of coats of mascara. I went downstairs to an empty house and made myself a cup of tea. I perched on the kitchen worktop singing to myself as I waited for the kettle to boil. I made my tea and carefully carried it upstairs so I didn’t spill it and scold myself. I sipped it as I threw things in my bag and made sure I had everything. Ipod, purse, Oyster card, backstage pass, ah hoodie! I went to my wardrobe to get a hoodie in case I got cold walking round London. I decided to take Harrys purple Jack Wills one so I shoved it in my overflowing back. I finished off my tea and checked my appearance in the mirror, I wasn’t ecstatic with the way I looked but it’d have to do. I left my room and made my way downstairs, I put my military boots on at the bottom of the stairs and left the house.   The train journey took about forty minutes, and then there would be a ten minute tube to Covent  Garden. I sat the whole time listening to my ipod. I emerged from Covent Garden tube station right on schedule at just gone half one. I put my iPod away and made my way to the Links of London store.   “Can I help you?” a pretty woman of about thirty asked politely as I entered the shop,   “Err yes please. I’ve ordered a bracelet with an inscription and I was told I could pick it up today?” I queried,   “Okay, have you got the receipt?”   “Oh yeah, one sec” I rummaged through my bag to find my purse, “here you go” I said taking it out, I handed it to her and she looked at it,    “Okay, I’ll be two minutes” she smiled sweetly and made her way to the back of the shop. I took this moment to browse the gorgeous jewellery and wished I had the money to buy it all.   “If you just follow me” I heard a voice behind me say and I turned to see her standing behind me, I followed her to the front desk. She took the bracelet out of the box and handed it to me, “is this what you ordered miss?” I turned it over in my hands and smiled,   “Yes” I nodded, “it’s perfect”   “Would you like it gift wrapped?” she asked me still smiling,   “Yes please”   I left the shop ten minutes later and carefully placed the bag in my handbag, I decided I had enough time to get a coffee before I made my way to Wembley so I popped into Starbucks on my way back to the tube station. I called Harry when I arrived in Marylebone to let him know I was on my way but he didn’t answer, I guessed he was rehearsing so I sent him a text message instead.   Hey handsome, just letting you know I’m just about to get my train now so I’ll be there in about 20-30 minutes, sorry for the late notice J Okay, so I’ll see you soon, Love you xx   I arrived at the studio at quarter past three and made my way to the green room to drop my bag off. I entered it to find Louis asleep on the sofa and Liam sitting in a chair next to him, he made to say hello to me,    “Shh” I put my finger on my lips and walked over to the sofa. I looked down at Louis and got ready to jump on him,    “VAS ‘APPNIN BOYS!” Zayn shouted as he walked through the door, Louis sat up and looked at me standing over him with confusion,   “Zayn!”    “what?”    “I was just about to jump on him” I replied disappointedly and pointing to Louis who was now sat up and rubbing his eyes. I sat down on the sofa next to him,   “Thanks gay face” he said grabbing me my the neck and ruffling my hair, “It’s nice to see you too”   “Where’s our boyfriend?” I asked him laughing,   “I think he’s watching Matt, come on let’s go find him” he got up. I took Harrys present from my bag and followed him out of the door.   We entered the auditorium and sure enough saw Harry sitting front row with Liam watching Matts rehearsal. Louis went over and joined them, I crept up behind Harry and kissed him lightly on the neck, he turned to look at me with a smile on his face and I placed the small bag on his lap. He picked it up and looked back at me,   “What’s this?” he questioned.   “A present” I smiled at him, he got up and walked around the seats to meet me.   “Alicia I can’t take this” he tried to give it back, I took a step back and held my hands up,   “Nice try, but your keeping it”    “Thank you” he stepped forward and planted a kiss on my lips, I pulled away from him,   “You haven’t even opened it loser!” he laughed and took a seat, I sat down next to him and watched at he opened the bag and unwrapped the small box inside it. He lifted the lift to reveal a red and black friendship bracelet and broke into a huge smile,   “I love it” he kissed me again,   “Turn it over” I smiled at him, he did as I said and read it aloud,   “H. Styles, 1.2.94”   “Now we’re matching” I held out my wrist to show him my black friendship bracelet. I took it out of his hands and placed it around his wrist. He grinned at me, put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me close to him.    “You, girlfriend, are amazing” he whispered to me and kissed me once more, this time harder. We broke apart and I looked him in the eye,   “Well I suppose your alright” he grabbed me by the waist and started tickling me causing me to cry with laughter, “okay okay, stop it, Harry!”    “You know what you have to do!” he carried on tickling me,   “Fine fine, your amazing too!” he stopped tickling me and hugged me from behind, “happy?”   “Yup” he grinned at me and kissed me on the forehead. “come with me” he winked and took my hand and led me backstage.   Chapter 29   Still holding my hand Harry dragged me to a part of Fountain studios that I’d never been to before, it didn’t look like anyone came here, it was deserted.   “Harry where are you taking me?” I laughed as we walked down a long corridor, “oh, right. Is this where you kill me?” I joked, stopping in my tracks.    “Oh shut up” Harry laughed. He grabbed my arm and threw it round his neck, bent over grabbed my legs and picked me up. He carried on walking, with me laughing in his arms.   “Okay, Harry seriously where are we going?” I laughed.   “I‘ll know when we get there” he smiled at me and stopped walking, “this looks perfect”. He dropped me to my feet and placed his hands on the back of my neck, he stepped backwards and used his back to open the door behind him pulling me in with him staring deep into my eyes. Once we were in the room he moved his hands on to my back and pulled me close to him so our chest were touching and kissed me eagerly on the lips, I kissed him back running my hands through his hair. He started to slide is hands across my thighs and up my dress, I pulled away and looked at him,   “Harry what are you doing?” he placed a hand on the back of head kissing my neck, his warm breathe against my skin causing my breathing to get heavier, “Harry!”   “I promised I would make getting your face painted worth your while, I never break my promises” he said cheekily and kissed me hungrily on the lips,   “But here? Now?” he smiled and nodded,    “Right here” he kissed me, “right now”. He kissed me again, pushing his body against mine. I pushed him off me and onto the table behind him, he look at me with confusion. My mouth cracked into a smile as I stepped to him, took his face in my hands and kissed him full on the lips. His tongue slipped into my mouth as I kicked my boots off and he pulled me on top of him. Harrys hands found their way up the back of my dress hoisting it up around my waist and pulling down my tights as I undid his belt. He picked me up, his hands supporting my back and my legs wrapped around his waist and placed me on the table leaning over me as his trousers fell to his ankles .   “Where have you two been!?” Liam said as we entered the green room,   “Am I late for rehearsal?” Harry replied calmly,   “No, it’s in ten minutes” Louis replied   “Then there’s nothing to worry about” he smiled, “I’m here now” sitting down and pulling me on top of him, Louis sat looking at us and winked,   “He knows” I whispered to Harry   “Too right I do, your hair gave it away” Louis laughed as he stood up and walked out of the door, “come on boys rehearsal time” the others followed him out of the room,   “Okay, that’s embarrassing” I said and turned to Harry,    “Well he would have found out anyway later” he replied standing up and holding his hand out to me,    “You seriously tell him everything?” he nodded, “like everything?”   “Yeah, and what?”   “You two are like a pair of girls!” I laughed   “Oh shush” Harry said as he left the room, he popped his head back around the door, “Oi pretty girl, you coming?”   “Only if you carry me, I’m tired”   “That good am I?”,    “Not what I meant!” I jumped on his back and kissed him lightly on the neck, “but yeah, you are”.   Chapter 30   “The first act through to next weeks X Factor final is…” I stood there in between Gemma and Hannah fingers and praying over and over in my head ‘please be One Direction please be One Direction’. The tension in the studio was almost unbearable, every was shouting different names. I wished they’d all shut up in fear of not hearing Dermots voice over the racket. “…One Direction!” The whole studio erupted in applause. On stage the boys were jumping about, Harry had dropped to his knees. Either side of me Gemma and Hannah had burst into tears, I looked over to see Anne also crying. I was engulfed in a huge group hug as the euphoria got too much for me and I too joined burst into tears. As everyone started to calm down, Dermot spoke again this time calling Rebeccas name and the studio erupted in applause once again, after Rebecca was Matt, and Cher and Mary were left in the bottom two and the final sing off. As much as I liked Mary and hated to say it, but I had a feeling she was going home. I didn’t really listen to their performances I was still so happy for the boys and just wanted to run backstage and congratulate them, but my gut feeling was right and Cher was saved over Mary to go to next weeks final. Once the show finished we finally made our way backstage, Anne and Robyn went straight to the canteen to see the boys whilst Hannah, Gemma and I took a detour to the toilets to fix our make up. Ten minutes later we emerged, foundation and mascara re-applied and made our way to meet everyone. We entered the canteen and it was absolutely packed, Gemma and Hannah had gone off in different directions, I was alone. I made my way through the crowd scanning the room for Harry when I was lifted of my feet and spun around. He put me down and I turned around to see Harry standing over me with the biggest grin on his face, he placed his hands on my neck and planted a kiss on my mouth. After about a minute he pulled away still grinning at me,   “Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you” He said and kissed me again,    “Harry don’t be stupid” I laughed at him, “yes you could, you guy deserve this so much and I am so so proud of you!” I replied with a huge smiled plastered over my face and I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. We stood looking at each other in the crowd of people when four boys came and circled themselves around us jumping in circles,   “Well done guys!” I hugged each of them individually when they had calmed down.    Half an hour later I was sat talking to Louis and Hannah in the green room,   “Lou what time is it?” I asked,   “Ermm” he got out his phone, “just gone half ten”   “Right I better get going if I want to make my train” I said getting up and hugging Hannah goodbye.   “Okay, no doubt I’ll see you sometime this week” Louis said hugging me,    “Probably” I smiled at him, “have a good time on the homecoming tour and look after our boyfriend” I added as I left the room to go and find Harry. I looked for him around the studios for about ten minutes when I found him talking to Gemma outside the canteen,    “Hey loser” I hugged him from behind, “I have to go now”   “Already?”   “Yup, I have school tomorrow remember?”    “Okay” he said kissing me lightly on the lips, I hugged Gemma goodbye and turned back to him,    “I just want to talk to you about something before I go, is there somewhere we can go?”    “Yeah” he said taking my hand, “is everything okay?” he asked with concern, I nodded.   “I hope so” I whispered to myself.   Chapter 31   “Babe is everything okay?” Harry asked me with concern as we sat down in the empty hair room,   “Yeah, its just… I‘ve been… worried? Thinking? I don’t know” I let out a small laugh seeing the look of confusion on Harrys face, “I guess what I’m trying to say is that your in the final and I’m so happy for you honestly I am, but the only thing that’s on my mind right now is how worried I am about what’s going to happen with us when it’s all over.”   “What do you mean?” he replied still looking confused,   “Isn’t it obvious?” he looked blankly at me, “Harry you live in Cheshire, that’s like 3 hours away from here, then you’ll be going on tour and then I have no idea what’s gunna happen. All I know is that your going to find it so hard to find time for me and I don’t know how long I can go without seeing you” I said now on the verge of tears.    “Listen to me” he leant forward tilted my head up with his finger and gaining my eye contact, “I know how you feel but whatever happens I will always make time for you, I promise” he said wiping away the tear that had fallen from the corner of my eye,   “I know you will but I’m still scared”   “Scared of what?”   “That we’ll drift apart, distance is a bitch Harry”   “We can make this work” he replied firmly, “we have to make it work” he too was now tearing up and it broke my heart to see him like that,   “Hey hey hey” I got up and sat on his lap placing my hands on his face, “I’m sorry, your right we can do it” I kissed gently him on lips. I pulled away and looking him in the eye, “I love you”   “I love you too pretty girl” he kissed me one more time, “come on or you’ll miss your train” tapping my legs to make me stand up. I stood opposite him, reached up and wiped his eyes with my hands,    “I don’t want to go” I sulked,    “And I don’t want you to go, but you have to” he said grabbing my hand leading me out of the room, “you’ve missed enough school because of me, I don’t want your mother to hate me” he laughed,   “I think it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to hate you” I smiled at him. We stopped at the studio exit and I kissed Harry one last time, “Call me” I winked at him and left hearing him laughing behind me.   I sat staring at the clock counting down the minutes until the bell rang at half three. My day had been better than the average school say but I still couldn’t wait to get out of here and go home. Apart from the early morning wake up call this morning I hadn’t heard from Harry all day, it didn’t bother me too much seeing as I’d had a great day with my friends who I hadn’t seen all weekend. I turned my attention back to the clock, great only fifteen minutes left enough time for a little day dream I think. I put my head in my hands and closed my eyes only to be interrupted by the teacher calling my name, I looked up to her holding a piece of paper out to me, I took for her and read.   Alicia I would like to see you in my office, bring your things. Miss Sharp   I picked up my belongings, said goodbye to my friends and excused myself from the class. What the hell did she want to see me for? I knocked on the door to her office and entered,   “You wanted to see me?” I said politely,    “Ahh Alicia, hello” she smiled, “I just wanted to inform you that we have one fifth of a very popular boy band outside the school and he seems to have attracted quite a bit of attention, I do believe he belongs to you?”   “Harry’s here?” I grinned at her,    “Yes he is and I don’t mean to sound rude but could you please take him home before school finishes and the poor boy gets attacked by a thousand girls?”   “Oh yeah, sorry I had no idea he was coming” I replied as I got up and flung my bag over my shoulder,   “Thank you” she smiled at me as I left her office. I ran down the corridor and straight to reception at the front of the school and looked out the window to see Harry standing outside in the turning circle surrounded by about fifteen year tens, signing autographs and taking photos with them. I smiled to myself and walked over to him. He saw me approaching and a huge smile spread across his face,   “Gimmie two minutes” he shouted across to me,   “I’ll wait in the car” I laughed back at him. Five minutes later Harry opened to door and climbed in next to me. He reached over and kissed me on the forehead,    “You look beautiful today” he smiled at me,   “Haha nice try, but I look horrendous”   “Beautiful”   “Okay if you insist” I said causing Harry to laugh at me, “So, are you going to tell me why you thought it’d be a good idea to turn up at an all girls school at the end of the day?”   “Yeah, I didn’t really think it through” he laughed, “I’m not going to see you until Wednesday so I thought I’d take you to dinner” he smiled at me,    “Okay where are we going?”   “Pizza Express, it’s only around the corner from your house and I thought we could walk home and pray for rain” he replied cheekily   “Sounds perfect” I leant over and kissed him on the lips.   Chapter 32   I closed the door behind me and my phone vibrated in my pocket, I took it out and saw a new message from Harry,   I miss you already. Shame about the weather, I thought I could count on England to give us some rain L see you on Wednesday. I love you x   I sent a quick reply, set my phone down on window sill and made my way to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea.   I’d only been home for about ten minutes and I heard my phone ringing in the hall way and ran to pick up so I didn’t miss it. I looked who was calling expecting to see Harrys name but saw a number I didn’t recognise,   “Hello?” I answered,   “Alicia, is that you?” a familiar voice said on the other side, “it’s Sally”. Why was Jakes mum ringing me?   “Hi Sally, is everything okay?” I asked politely   “Well no, actually it’s not” she sounded upset, “I know you and Jake aren’t on speaking terms at the moment and I don’t know why..” she broke off.   “Sally, what’s wrong?” I said with concern, I heard her inhale deeply,   “Alicia, Jake’s in hospital. He was in an accident and I would really like it if you were here” I sat down on the stairs in shock,    “What kind of accident!? Is he going to be okay!? I‘ll come now”    “I’ll fill you in when you get here, we’re at Charing Cross hospital. Thank you for coming Alicia” and with that she broke down and hung up. I grabbed my bag and ran straight out of the house to the train station.   I arrived at the hospital and ran straight up to the reception,    “I’m looking for Jake Sutton” I panted, the nurse raised her head and looked at me,   “Are you related to him?” she asked calmly   “No, well not technically but we might as well be related, he’s my best friend and his mum asked me to come” I babbled,   “Okay, follow me.” she got up and gestured to the doors to her right. We walked for about five minutes before she stopped and turned to me, “Right, he is just through there.” she pointed to the door straight ahead of us, “but before you go in I want you to brace yourself for what you see, it may be a little overwhelming” I nodded and walked towards to door. I paused outside it and took a deep breathe before pushing it open. I stepped in side to see Sally sitting in a chair by the bed side and Jake lying lifeless on the bed. His face and arms were covered in cuts and bruises, his leg was in a plaster cast and he had tubes in his mouth and nose. The nurse was right it was certainly overwhelming. I dropped my back by the door. Sally looked up at me, she rushed over to me and embraced me in hug and let me cry into her neck. As soon as I’d calmed down she let go of me and held my hands.   “He was hit by a drunk driver” she took a deep breath, “his right knee cap is shattered, he has a couple of broken ribs and his right lung collapsed, he‘s on life support. He’s had surgery but they won’t know if it’s worked for a couple of hours” I stared passed her my eyes fixed on Jake, seeing him like this was heartbreaking. He was so still, so lifeless.   It was nearly ten o’clock, I’d been at the hospital for just over two hours. I rang my mum and she’d brought me some over night essentials seeing as I refused to leave until he woke up.    “Sally go and get some rest, I’ll come and get you if anything changes” I said seeing her struggle to keep her eyes open she looked hesitant, “please?“ she nodded and left the room kissing me on the top of the head as she went. I sat down in the chair beside Jakes bed. He still looked gorgeous even when he was battered and had tubes coming out of his mouth. I sat watching him for about fifteen minutes before the feeling of panic and sadness came back to me. I picked up my phone and rang the one person who could even slightly cheer me up now,   “Hey why haven‘t you been answering my calls?” he answered in his husky voice just hearing it made me well up, “Alicia what’s wrong?” he sounded concerned. I took a deep breath,   “Okay, Harry I know you hate him but Jake is in hospital, it‘s not good…. I need you” I sobbed down the phone to him,   “What hospital? What happened? Is he okay?”   “Charing Cross. He got hit by a drunk driver” I broke off, took a second to compose myself and carried on, “no, he’s not okay”   “I’ll be there as soon as possible” and he hung up.   Chapter 33   “At this moment in time Jakes condition is critical, if his lung doesn‘t take to the operation then his chances of survival will be minimal, but if it does then he should recover within the next couple of days” the doctor said sympathetically, “It’s a waiting game, we won’t know for a couple of hours so don’t give up, keeping talking to him and praying, he needs you” he smiled weakly at and then turned to leave the room. Sally plonked herself down into a chair, put her head in her hands and sobbed, whilst tears silently fell down my cheeks. Harry pulled me into a tight embrace. When he let go, I walked over to Jakes side and took his hand in mine.   “Come on Jake, your strong you can do this” I said to him, tears falling faster now, “I won’t loose someone else I love to some stupid prick who thinks he’s God and can drive whilst drunk, I won’t!” I said stubbornly squeezing his hands, “Come on wake up.. please” I put my head down onto the bed beside him and let it all out.    God knows how long later Harry tapped me on the shoulder,    “I’m going to get some coffee, do you want some?” he smiled at me, I nodded in response and stood up. He wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked out of the room. The canteen was about a five minute walk away, we walked there in silence and although he didn’t say it the feel of Harrys hand on my waist reassured me that he was there for me. We were in the queue when Harry turned to me.   “Babe, I don’t want to upset you anymore than you already are but…”, he looked me in the eye and I nodded for him to carry on, “earlier you said that you didn’t want to loose someone else you loved to a drunk driver” I nodded again and looked at my feet sensing what he was going to say next, “who else have you lost?” I took his hand and led him over to some chairs that were lined up against the wall, we sat down and he took my shaking hands in his.   “I had a brother. It was the day after his tenth birthday, I was seven. We begged and begged mum to take us to McDonalds for dinner, she didn’t want to but we went on and on and finally she gave in” I paused and could feel Harrys eyes fixed on me, “All I remember was that it was dark and late. We just turned into the main road when another car crashed into the right side of us, where Ryan was sitting” a single tear fell down my cheek and Harry caught it with his finger, I looked up and gained eye contact with him, “he died on impact”. He pulled me into his warm embrace and stroked my hair as I cried silently into his shoulder,   “Alicia I am so sorry” he kissed me on the head, “thank you for telling me”. I smiled weakly at him,   “You needed to know.” I got up and wiped my face with my hands, “I should get back to Jake, Harry thank you for coming but you should go home, Its 2am”   “No, I’m staying with you” he protested,   “Please Harry, you have the final to focus on, and you have the homecoming tour starting tomorrow and the press conference, rehearsals. You need sleep”    “Okay, but I want you to call me if anything changes, or if you need me.” I nodded, “ pinky promise” he said holding out his hand to me,    “Harry” I laughed,    “Pinky promise!” he demanded,    “Fine!” I linked my pinky finger with his and smiled at him, “pinky promise”. He pushed my hair out of my face and kissed me softly on the lips,   “I love you and I‘ll see you on Wednesday”   “I love you too, now go home loser” he kissed me once more and then turned to leave.   Chapter 34   The next 12 hours or so consisted of me sitting in the chair next to Jakes bed in silence, drinking coffee and replying to the endless text messages I was getting from people asking if it was true and if he was going to be okay. I’m pretty sure I’d overdosed on caffeine, I hadn’t had any sleep and I was wide awake staring into space.   “Alicia” I heard Sally say snapping me out my trance, “Darling, Adam and Scott are going to be here in ten minutes, when they arrive I want you to go and lie down” I nodded in response, feeling too emotionally drained to argue. Soon enough there was a faint knock on the door, I looked up to see two of Jakes best friends enter the room with the look of shock etched upon their faces. In turn they embraced Sally in a hug and made their way over to me. I stood up as they approached,   “Long time no see” Adam smirked as he pulled me into a hug,   “I just wish it was under different circumstances” I replied stepping into Scotts open arms,   “Us too” we all turned to look at Jake lying motionless, his chest rising and falling slowly as the life support machine breathed for him. “When did you get here?”    “Around eight last night” I swallowed the lump that was starting to form in my throat as we fell once more into silence,    “Alicia” I span around to Sally, “sleep, now” she demanded holding a bag out to me, I took it from her and looked inside,    “What’s this?”   “The clothes your mum brought last night, your toothbrush is in there as well”   “Promise you’ll tell me if anyt-”   “Yes” she interrupted, “now go.”   I awoke to the sound of my phone vibrating under the pillow, I picked it up to see who was calling squinting at the brightness,   “Hey, what time is it?” I croaked,   “Nearly seven, we’re just about to go on stage in Wolverhampton so I thought I’d check in” Harry replied, “how are things?” he was talking in a raised voice. I could hear screaming and chanting in the background.   “The same, I think” I sat up as I reached across for the glass of water I left on the side and downed it to hydrate my throat,    “You think?”   “I’ve been asleep for a couple of hours”   “Shit did I wake you up?”    “Yeah, but I need to get back to Jake anyway so I’m glad you did” I said before he started to say sorry, I’d had enough of apologies from people who hadn’t done anything wrong over the past couple of hours to last me a lifetime.   “Well in that case your welcome” I could tell he was smiling on the other end of the phone, “I have to go but I’ll ring you tomorrow to see how things are, if they’re not better then I’ll come to the hospital to see you”   “Harry you don’t have to do that”   “If I want to see you, then yes I do. Because I know there is no way your leaving that hospital until he wakes up” he chuckled,   “If he wakes up that is” he stopped laughing,   “Hey don’t think like that, be positive”   “I’m trying Harry, I really am but-”   “But nothing. You heard the doctor, don’t give up on him”   “Okay, positive I can do that” I replied enthusiastically,   “Good, see you tomorrow”   “Can’t wait, and have fun tonight”   “I love you”   “You too” and with that he hung up. I got up and glanced in the mirror that hung on the wall. Surprisingly I didn’t look as bad as I expected. I quickly got changed, tied my hair up and brushed my teeth before making my way back to Jakes room.   “Have the boys gone home?” I asked Sally as I entered,   “About an hour ago, they’re going to come back tomorrow” she smiled, “Emily and Vic came for a bit as well, they wanted to see you but you needed the sleep”   “I’ll ring them later” I replied, “anyways it’s your turn”   “My turn to what?” she looked confused.   “Sleep” she shook her head, “Sally, you’ve had less than I had, please” she nodded got up and opened the door then turned back to me and opened her mouth to speak, “Yes, I’ll come and get you” I interrupted before she even had the chance to make a noise and she left the room.   I sat in the chair for about two hours. I called Harry, Emily and my mum, looked at every photo on my phone and refreshed Facebook and Twitter every ten seconds before finally realising that it was in no way entertaining me. I set my phone down on the table and went to fetch my iPod from my bag. I sat back down, plugged myself in and hit shuffle making sure the volume wasn’t too high so I could hear what was going on around me. I was casually humming along to a bit of Bruno Mars when ‘Wonderwall’ came on, it was mine and Jakes song. I stopped humming and looked at him trying to imagine what life would be like without him and how I had cut him out of my life for the past few weeks. It got the chorus and I couldn’t help but sing along,   “because maybe, your gunna be the one that saves me and after all you’re my wonderwall..”   “I‘ve always said you sang that song beautifully” I heard a voice whisper when I’d finished, I ripped the headphone out of my ear and sat up to see Jake still lying still and eyes closed but with a small smile set upon his face.   Chapter 35   I’m always there when you call, and I’m always on time, I gave you my all, now baby be mine.   “That’s still your ring tone?” Jake laughed, “looks like my years of trying to get you to change it have failed”   “Well I think it’s cool!” I replied, “can you just pass me my phone” I pointed across to table on the opposite side of the bed to me where my Blackberry lay flashing multi-coloured lights. “Who is it?” I asked as he picked it up and handed it to me,   “Unknown”   “Hmm interesting” I hit the answer button, “Hello?”   “Hey babe”    “Oh Harry, hey! Who’s phone are you using?” I asked as I got up and gestured towards to door, Jake smiled and nodded as I left the room.   “the hotels. You sound cheery, is that a sign?”   “A sign for what?” I replied as I slide down the wall and sat legs crossed on the floor,   “I don’t know, something good I was hoping”   “Well then yeah, I guess it is” I nodded to myself and then smiled realising how stupid I must look, “he’s awake”   “Good” he sounded genuinely happy and relieved which made me even happier, “how’s he feeling?”   “Like shit I’m guessing, but he’s doing good”. There was a short silence in which I just sat and smiled to myself and I could tell Harry was doing the same.   “So, were leaving here in like an hour and I’ll pick you up from the hospital at around eightish?”    “Sounds perfect, and I’m warning you now, I haven’t showered since Monday so I’m not looking my best” I laughed   “I’m sure you look beautiful”    “And usually I’d agree but not today” I replied jokingly causing Harry to laugh, “hang on, where even are you?”   “Doncaster, we went to Louis old school”   “Ah I remember, well I’ll talk to you about it properly later”   “Okay, I’ll text you when we get there and I’ll come and get you”   “Brill, I cannie wait” I grinned,   “Love you”   “Luv ya too babes” I replied in a high girly chav voice,   “Don’t ever talk like that again or I may have to disown you as my girlfriend” Harry laughed,   “You wouldn’t dare”   “Try me”   “Babe you wudnt” I said in the same voice,   “Okay your right, I can’t” he laughed, I looked up to see Adam and Scott walking towards me,   “I knew it! Right, I gotta dash the boys are here”   “What boys?” he shot back at me,   “Jakes friends, you have nothing to worry about” I chuckled,   “I wasn’t worried”   “Of course you weren’t, see you later”   “Bye pretty girl” and with that we hung up. I got to my feet to greet the boys.   I’m always there when you call, and I’m always on time, I gave you my all, now baby be mine.   “That bloody ring tone still?” Adam laughed as my phone rang a couple of hours later,   “Oh not you as well!” I complained as I answered it, “Hey”   “Hey, I’m on my way up, get your stuff ready” Harry informed me,   “Okay, see you in a minute” I got up and started to gather my belongings shoving them in my bag,   “What’s she doing?” I heard Scott ask Jake with a confused tone in his voice,    “Lover boy is picking her up, she stinks and needs to shower”   “I heard that!” I retorted causing them all to laugh   “When he gets here, do you think I could talk to him, you know apologise?” Jake asked me nervously, I turned to look at him smiling,   “I’d like that” I carried on packing my stuff and making sure I had every thing. There was a small knock on the door, I looked out the window to see Harry standing outside, hands in his pockets. I opened it and gestured for him to come in, he did so hesitantly and stood awkwardly in to corner. I said goodbye to Jake and the boys then walked back to Harry.   “He wants to talk to you” I said quietly to him as I nudged him in the direction of Jakes bed, “I’ll be outside” I stepped out the door followed by Adam and Scott, “what are you doing?”    “We thought it’d be better if it was a one on one thing”    “Oh right”.   Two minutes later Harry emerged from the room with a smile on his face, I said goodbye to the boys once more before we made our way downstairs,   “Why are smiling like that?” I questioned him, “what did he say?”   “He just gave me the old best friend speech, you know ‘break her heart and I’ll break your legs’ kinda thing”   “Really?” I smiled and he nodded and laughed, “why are you laughing ?”   “I can’t actually imagine him doing that to anyone”   “Oh trust me, if anyone hurt me he’d be the first one to break their legs” I laughed   “No, I would” I paused and looked at him, “if anyone hurt you I’d do more than break their fucking legs” he laughed, still holding my eye contact. I stopped walking causing him to do so too. “What?”   I didn’t reply, just stood up on my tip toes and kissed him on the lips smiling as I did so hoping that said it all.   Chapter 36   “Hey, I forgot the room number” I said as he answered the phone   “I knew you would, I told you to write it down you bum”   “I was going to” I paused, “but I forgot”   “Your memory is ridiculously bad!” Harry laughed,   “I actually have a very good memory, I just can’t remember things that I need to remember” I replied smiling to myself,   “What can you remember then?” he questioned,   “You know, irrelevant things. Like films quotes, song lyrics, the whole of Mean Girls” we both laughed   “Oh god you and Mean Girls, remind me never to watch that film with you”   “Okay enough about my memory! The room number?”   “Got a pen?”   “Yes, I have a pen and paper”   “They’ll be in 217, got that two hundred and seventeen”   “Yes Harry! I have a bad memory, I’m not deaf!” I retorted causing him to laugh,   “I’m sorry” he laughed, “they won’t be in the room til like three o’clock though”   “That’s fine, I’m going to see Jake in a bit and go straight from the hospital”   “Have you not got work?” Harry questioned me,   “Oh no, I quit. I thought I told you?”   “No, you didn’t mention it”   “Sorry, yeah I quit” I said feeling very happy with myself, I’d been wanting to quit my job for ages,   “Good, Im proud of you”   “I’m proud of myself, and I’m proud of you. You deserve this more than anyone I know” I smiled   “Thanks” he paused, “I can’t wait to see you. I’m sorry that you can’t come early it’s just ev-”   “Everyone’s really busy and you have rehearsals and everyone will be all stressed”   “Yeah”   “You’ve said that like five times” I laughed, “and every time I’ve said it’s fine”   “Promise?”   “It’s not like I’m not going at all, I’ll see you after”   “I know” he stopped talking and I could hear muffled voices in the background, “and I have to go”   “Okay, if I don’t speak to you before tonight, good luck”   “You will, I’ll ring you later. Bye babe, love you”   “Love you too” I hung up the phone and sighed. I sat on bed for about five minutes just thinking and trying to prepare myself for whatever happened in nights first final, the same thought ran over and over in my head, ‘they better fucking get through’. After a while I got up and walked to my wardrobe to try and find something to wear. I had practically emptied my wardrobe and finally settled on my black backless bodycon dress, and decided I’d just wear my military boots with it. I chucked it in a bag along with my make up and some overnight things seeing as I was staying in a hotel over night with Gemma and Hannah. Oh shit, what was I going to wear on Sunday!? I spent the next half an hour debating between two different dresses, a black strapless ruched dress and a one sleeved white bodycon with a flower on the shoulder. There was no way I was going to choose so I just shoved them both in the bag and decided to get the girls to choose for me. I got dressed into just a pair of jeans, a white v neck t shirt and a grey cardigan, shoved my boots on and picked up my bag, and left the house for the train station leaving a note for my mum on the fridge seeing as she was at work and couldn’t answer the phone: Mum, gone to London. Won’t be back until tomorrow, love you. P.s. VOTE ONE DIRECTION OR I’M GOING TO GET AN EMANCIPATION :)   Chapter 37   I got off the train and started to make my way to the Premier Inn around the corner from the studio. I walked through the entrance into reception to be greeted by a very appreciate gust of warm air. I sighed as it hit me across the face and walked towards the lift. Fuck, I forgot the room number. That’s fine I’ll just ring Gemma, I took my Blackberry out of my pocket and searched her name in my phonebook and pressed the green button. I held it to my ear as it rang, and rang, and rang. Great, she wasn’t answering, I didn’t have Hannahs number and there was no way I was going to ring Harry. I turned back to reception and plonked my bag down on the sofa by the bar and started to empty its contents in search for the little piece of paper with the number written on it. Five minutes later my bag was empty and the piece of paper was no longer in sight. I rang Gemma once more and still no answer. I replaced all the items back in my bag and went up to front desk.    “Hi, my friends have booked our room for the night and I’ve sort of forgotten the number” I said shyly turning a light pink colour.   “And what is this room booked under?” the receptioist replied rather rudely,  she only looked about a year older than myself.   “Either Styles or Walker?”    “And how long is it booked for?”   “Tonight and tomorrow night… I think” she peered at me over the top of her glassed and started tapping on her keyboard,   “There’s three rooms under Styles, 214, 215 and 217”   “217 that’s it! Thank you” I smiled at her and turned around,    “Your not some crazy fan girl off to harass that curly haired boys sister are you?”   “Shouldn’t you have asked me that before you gave me the room number?” I raised my eyebrows at her,    “Er yeah, probably” she shrugged her shoulders,   “You should probably do your job properly next time. And no, I’m not. He’s my boyfriend” the look in her face was priceless as I turned away from her once more smirking.   I got the lift up to the third floor and followed the signs to rooms 190-220. I reached room 217 and knocked on the door.    “Shot not” I heard a muffled voice shout from the other side, followed by,   “Fine I’ll get it!” and two seconds later Gemma yanked the door open and smiled, “hey!” she said as she stepped aside to let me in. I threw my bag on the floor and embraced her in a tight hug,   “Hiiii” I replied, and walked across the room to give Hannah a hug, “how are you guys?”   “Were goood” Gemma replied, “nervous, but good”   “Oh god me too. I’m terrified” I plonke myself down on the bed and looked up to Gemma and Hannah both staring at me, “What?”   “Are you okay?” Hannah asked cautiously,    “Yes, why wouldn’t I be?”   “Harry told me about your friend” Gemma replied,   “Oh, he’s fine now, just recovering from surgery still” I smiled   “Good, we wouldn’t want you upset and distracted on our boys big night” Hannah stepped forward and hugged me, “so show us what your wearing! We should start getting ready it’s nearly six”.   Over the next hour we frantically ran around the room doing each others hair and make up, and finally at seven o’clock we got dressed and made our way down the reception to meet the rest of the boys family’s,  I’d meet them all before and they were lovely. We all made our way to the studio together and took our seats for the Final.  Everyones first performances were brilliant, One Direction sang ‘Your Song’, they were incredible as usual. Next it was their celebrity colloboration, again everyone was Brilliant. Matt put on a steamy performance with Rihanna, Rebecca an emotional one with Christina Aguilera, Cher a brilliant performance with and then the boys with Robbie Williams. Now I may be slightly biased, but they were absolutely fantastic, my favourite performance of the night by far. They sang ‘She‘s the One‘ and Harry kept my eye contact for the whole thing. Before long it was time for the results. I took up my weekly position in between Gemma and Hannah, fingers crossed and praying over and over in my head. Only this week the tension was higher than ever, almost unbearable. The first name Dermot called was Rebecca, no surprises there she has a stunning voice. ‘Please be one direction, please be one direction, please be one direction’ I repeated in my head biting my knuckled to stop me from crying, ‘please please please’.  
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