The Life of Albus Severus Potter *Harry Potter FanFiction*

All is well...or so it seems. The wizarding world is hiding something, and no one knows what. Albus Severus Potter is just an ordinary boy with extraordinary parents. He loves his new life at Hogwarts, but what will happen when his entire world is turned upside down and the school is permanantly bordered off due to a suspected murder? Will he choose to keep his sister as a friend, or keep her safe?

This is a story after what you read (or watch!) in the Deathly Hallows, the story of Harry's family.


5. To Make You Proud.

The next morning, Albus woke to hear the frantic cries of her mother. Lily had gone. There was no trace. Poor Albus watched in despair as he watched Ginny break into tears with worry. He had to do the right thing, surely? He couldn’t bear to see his parents like this, so distraught and lost. They didn’t have a clue on where, why or how Lily had disappeared, but they assumed the worst. After all, the Wizarding World isn’t always as safe as it could be.

“Who wants her? Maybe someone took her? No, we definitely told Lily about not talking to strangers…” Ginny was panicking, franticly pacing up and down the hallway.

“Are you alright, Albus? You look a bit…well – green.” Harry interrupted.

“He’s just worried, Harry, like me. Honestly, we need to find out what happened!” Ginny put her hands to her head as she flopped onto the sofa, clearly stressed. Harry was busy trying to calm her down.

“Of course he’s worried, Gin, that’s obvious. Do you know something, Al?” Harry’s inquisitive question worried Albus, so the boy hesitated and denied all knowledge. It was wrong, and he knew it, but surely Lily would be safe? He couldn’t lose Lily – he was her only close friend. Albus needed to step up to the duty of protecting his little sister. There were lots of secrets that Albus Severus Potter kept from his family, but only his untrustworthy brother James knew. Albus’ place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was precarious. His only true friend was Rose, his cousin. They got on great, like a house on fire. She was kind, caring, funny, generous, but most importantly for Albus – brave and protective of Albus when the cruel teasing and taunting began.

It was all Scorpius Malfoy, of course – the Slytherin classmate of Albus and Rose. He was a mean bully, exactly like his father, Draco Malfoy. Everyone believed that he had changed, but he hadn’t. Scorpius was worshipped like a god, his blonde hair dripping with hair gel. All the Slytherin girls drooled over him, and even a few others from Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor houses saw through the selfish boy immediately. They say that Hufflepuff is meant to be the house for dumb wizards and witches, but when it comes to the things that are truly important (like friendship, truth, and just life) the Hufflepuff students could be counted as intelligent. “We Gryffindor’s are always the centre of his cruel games. He treats us like dirt, expecting us to bow down at his feet like the rest of the first years. It’s mainly me that he targets. I don’t know why he hates me so; I’ve never done anything to him.” Albus had confided in his older brother, James, when he came to see how his little brother was doing in his first term at Hogwarts. Maybe that is the reason that Albus was so reluctant to tell his parents the whole story. Lily was his best friend. He didn’t want to lose her. Rose was already drifting away from her cousin and towards the ‘cool’ gang. She’s had offers before and always turned them down due to Albus. He wasn’t seen as cool, he was seen as shy and pathetic and an easy target. The boy wished that James wasn’t so popular. James was in his third year, about to start his fourth, with Albus nearly starting the second. The same words were mumbled by Albus whenever James was praised or congratulated.

“Dad…All I want is to make you proud.”

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