The Life of Albus Severus Potter *Harry Potter FanFiction*

All is well...or so it seems. The wizarding world is hiding something, and no one knows what. Albus Severus Potter is just an ordinary boy with extraordinary parents. He loves his new life at Hogwarts, but what will happen when his entire world is turned upside down and the school is permanantly bordered off due to a suspected murder? Will he choose to keep his sister as a friend, or keep her safe?

This is a story after what you read (or watch!) in the Deathly Hallows, the story of Harry's family.


6. Hiding the Truth

“What!? No, of course I don’t know anything…Definitely not…” He’d ruined it. How can anyone believe you when you are so obviously hiding the truth?

“Al, you need to tell us. It’s important.” Ginny warned.

This was slightly troubling for Albus. “No, I promised I wouldn’t. Otherwise, she’ll never speak to me again.”

His parents sighed. “You need to say, Al! If you don’t tell, you might not ever see her again! The world is dangerous for a little girl wandering about! There’s all sorts of people out there!” Ginny began to get angry.

Albus backed off. “Don’t shout, mum. I will tell you.”


“Don’t rush him.” Harry stepped in, giving his son time.

“She went to Hogwarts.”

“What!” Ginny cried, worried.

“Why didn’t you try to stop her, Al?” Harry asked.

“She would never have listened. I tried. But she wanted to go to Hogwarts so desperately…” His voice trailed off when he realised how much he was empathizing with Lily. The thought upset him.

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