The Life of Albus Severus Potter *Harry Potter FanFiction*

All is well...or so it seems. The wizarding world is hiding something, and no one knows what. Albus Severus Potter is just an ordinary boy with extraordinary parents. He loves his new life at Hogwarts, but what will happen when his entire world is turned upside down and the school is permanantly bordered off due to a suspected murder? Will he choose to keep his sister as a friend, or keep her safe?

This is a story after what you read (or watch!) in the Deathly Hallows, the story of Harry's family.


4. Heavy Burden

“I’m going.” Lily Potter told herself, reassuring herself that she would be alright. What if? No, it seemed too scary to picture in her head. ‘These creatures…they can’t really exist. Of course they don’t, it’s just a made up story. Carlotta Daniels was never killed, let alone abducted…it’s just a plan to stop me from ever going to Hogwarts. They’re mean.’ Thoughts ran wild over Lily’s crowded brain. It would have to stay a secret – that was one thing that the girl was sure about. But, surely she could tell Albus. The brother and sister had a very close bond, they trusted each other.


Her decision was final. She would tell Al, for she knew that he would not tell. They relied on each other and were great friends, Albus was kind to her whilst James just taunted and teased, much like his grandfather who he was named after. The younger siblings have always stuck together like glue. So, that is what she did.

After packing her bag with both wizard and muggle money, she crept up to Albus’ room.

“Al, are you in there? We need to talk.” Lily whispered underneath the door.

“Come in, Lil. Are you alright?” Albus replied, opening his door and welcoming his sister.

“Of course I’m alright. But I have to tell you…I had to tell someone. I’m not good at keeping secrets, like you are. And besides, I don’t want anyone to worry. Before I say, you have to promise not to tell.” Lily said, with a kind of tension in her voice. Albus looked a little scared.

“Worried? Why would we be worried? Oh Lily, you know I can’t make a promise I won’t keep…”He trailed off.

“Then I won’t tell you where I’m going. Bye, Al.” Lily said, turning her back on her older, loyal brother.

“Fine, I promise.”

“Cross your heart?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Albus didn’t really seem bothered about the promise, he just wanted to know.

“OK then. Here’s the thing. I’m going to Hogwarts.” Lily told him. Albus’ face went pale.

“You can’t! You heard what happened to Carlotta! She was the nicest senior girl I knew, although a bit forgetful… No, there is no way you are going to Hogwarts. When? How? Why…” Lily’s brother was disappointed.

“I bet it’s not true. I am going to Hogwarts, you won’t ever stop me. Why? Because I might never get a chance to go. How? I have no idea, I might go to Platform 9 ¾ and get on the Hogwarts Express…” Lily realised that she had no idea what her plan was. Reality hit her hard on the head but her determination was still a strong part of her.

“You can’t go. I’ll tell mum, I’ll tell dad, I’ll tell everyone. Please, Lil, you’ll get hurt and I love you!” Albus was heartbroken.

“I can go. You promised, Al! If you tell, I will hate you forever. I knew I could never trust anyone! You’re just jealous because I’m brave enough to do this, and you are just a pathetic wimp! You always have been and dad is ashamed of you! I’m going. Goodbye, Albus Severus Potter.” And then she was gone. Lily Luna Potter had just placed an unforgivable burden on her loving brother who always meant well – A burden that not even a bodybuilder would be strong enough to carry. Now there’s choices to be made – a good sister relationship, or a safe sister? The decision should be obvious. But how can it be, if it means losing a best friend?

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