The Life of Albus Severus Potter *Harry Potter FanFiction*

All is well...or so it seems. The wizarding world is hiding something, and no one knows what. Albus Severus Potter is just an ordinary boy with extraordinary parents. He loves his new life at Hogwarts, but what will happen when his entire world is turned upside down and the school is permanantly bordered off due to a suspected murder? Will he choose to keep his sister as a friend, or keep her safe?

This is a story after what you read (or watch!) in the Deathly Hallows, the story of Harry's family.


2. A run of bad luck

Harry left the muggle telephone and walked into the living room, where the rest of his family were. He mouthed at Ginny to follow him into the kitchen, where they would be able to talk at a volume higher than a whisper. Ginny got up from the sofa and strolled into the kitchen with Harry, shutting the door carefully behind her.

“It’s Hogwarts.” Harry’s words were only just audible, the atmosphere was tense and any person that was a few yards off could have easily heard a pin drop.

“What are you talking about?” Ginny replied, even though she had ideas of what was about to escape Harry’s mouth. Oh, she had ideas alright. Bad ideas. Lord Voldemort was long gone, the children of Hogwarts nowadays thought him as more of a legend rather than a real person, a true story – it scared them too much to know that something so dark could ever happen. Then again, the wizarding world can be unpredictable. Anything could happen. What if… No – impossible. Of course things can’t be wrong at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, perhaps the safest place in the whole world for young wizards and witches?


“It’s not good news. There are creatures lurking about the grounds, creatures that not even the Ministry have heard of, let alone researched, before. Listen, the Ministry are on to them – but a girl was abducted, presumed dead. She was in her final year, just picking up her revision books that she had unfortunately left behind. You might know her. Carlotta Daniels, Hufflepuff house. She was quite popular, lovely girl. She was reported missing after her mother could not find her in the boundaries of the castle, three hours after she had gone into her Charms classroom.” Harry’s voice was very down put, he could not believe what was happening. Ginny had tears in her eyes.

“Poor, poor girl. What on Earth are they going to do about it?” She asked, unsure if what she was experiencing was reality or not.


“Well, it doesn’t look that good. There is no evidence at all. No clues, not anything. Wizards and witches, hundreds of them, have been scavenging the grounds this morning. Nothing has been found. No one is sure of anything. Apart from just one thing, though.” Harry answered, a little disheartened.


Just as Harry was going to continue his sentence, Albus came up to the door. The polite little boy didn’t want to interrupt what seemed very important, so he waited. The tense voices inside were raised, so…it wouldn’t hurt if he maybe…accidently heard? It wouldn’t be eavesdropping. After all, he was only waiting outside the door to grab an apple. He was hungry and wasn’t prepared to sit in his room with an empty stomach. He stopped dead in his tracks when he realised what his dad had just told his mum.

“That one thing being…Hogwarts is out of bounds. It won’t open until it is confirmed safe, until these unknown creatures die out of leave. Our children aren’t going back to Hogwarts. Not now, and maybe not ever.”

“It will break their hearts!” Ginny gasped. “As much as I want them to be safe and sound, it seems so wrong to deprive them, all of them. Think of James, he’ll go mad and probably blow up the house trying to practise his magic here. Or Lily…She’s been dreaming of going ever since she first saw her brothers leave. Oh, and Albus…oh, Albus. I really thought he’d finally settled in, you know – made friends, somewhere where he can be himself and actually enjoy his life. He’s really changed since he’s been at Hogwarts.” Ginny continued, absolutely heartbroken.


Careful teardrops rolled down Albus’ gorgeous eyes as he trooped up the stairs to his room. He was in a bad mood, under an unwanted, invisible spell. His life at Hogwarts had provided him with the best memories he could ask for. He had friends, but more importantly, a real bond with his dad – the hero, Harry Potter. The news spread to his brother James. Both James and Albus felt reluctant to break the devastating news to their little sister, Lily. The girl could be extremely annoying for the brothers, however they loved her dearly and didn’t particularly want to break her heart. She would take the news worse than her brothers, who were much tougher and manly than cute, little Lily who spent her time bugging James and Albus for hints and tips about success at Hogwarts School. She had even created an information profile, so now she knew how to find her way around, which teachers to suck up to, which teachers not to cross, she knew the secret passages. Lily had put her heart and soul into her Hogwarts folder. The little girl only had a year of two to go, and she couldn’t wait. But not even and older brother could destroy that amount of hope, anticipation and desperation of an innocent, lovely girl.


But she would find out sooner or later, so it would probably be best for her.

The boys expected tears, strops and tantrums, but they were surprised, for Lily did not cry. She respectfully hid away her Hogwarts folder and tried to hide her bitter disappointment. All the excitement and joy had been knocked out of the happy–go –lucky little kid, like the fall of the Berlin Wall – She was dead inside, her soul and happiness were gone.

Things were not going as planned. It would take a miracle to turn things around now.

Little did they know, life as a wizard would not be easy for the Potters – or anyone else, for that matter.

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