Lycan City: The Transformation

3 teenagers, Michael, Cody, and Dylan. are the best of friends. One Halloween night, each of these boys go into the woods. As they were running through the woods, they see a glowing object. They run toward it and run into each other. All 3 of them touch the object. When they start to leave without saying a word to each other, they feel weird. In the middle of the night, the boys all wake up with excrutiating pain and cold sweats. What happened? Read the book to find out.


2. Michael

Michael was hanging out with his girlfriend Kacey. At hottest club in Los Vegas when his friend, Cody walks in with his girl Victoria and sits down with them.when Michael gets a disturbing  phone call from the black dragons asking if he wants to join, and Michael remembers the time he wanted to join the black dragons a few years back.So he tells them he will think about it and they say he has 48 hours to tell them yes or no. So Michael talks to Cody about it and he says he shouldn't join the black he tells the black dragons no. so Michael goes on about his business until the black dragons confront him one day.  they are pissed off that Michael rejected their offer so they try,and make him say yes to them but he wont say yes so they beat him up,and he finally says yes to them.Michael will go to the army first though Michael is the oldest of the 3 friends

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