Lycan City: The Transformation

3 teenagers, Michael, Cody, and Dylan. are the best of friends. One Halloween night, each of these boys go into the woods. As they were running through the woods, they see a glowing object. They run toward it and run into each other. All 3 of them touch the object. When they start to leave without saying a word to each other, they feel weird. In the middle of the night, the boys all wake up with excrutiating pain and cold sweats. What happened? Read the book to find out.


1. Cody

"Honey, do you want to go Halloween shopping with me and April?" My mom asked. "No mom. I'm eight teen now. Halloween is for babies." I told her. There was only a couple of weeks until Halloween. I was tired of her treating me like I was still a child. My 18th birthday was 8 months ago. After my dad was killed in Afghanistan, I swore to him I would join up and do the best I could to help out my country. I was supposed to get shipped out in December. I was going to miss Christmas. Christmas is the only holiday I actually like to spend time with my mom and baby sister. But not this time, nope. 2 weeks had passed and Halloween was today. My sister was getting dressed and was putting on a little bit of makeup. She was going as a fairy princess. "Well OK honey, we're all done. We're going to go Trick-or-Treating now. You sure you don't wanna come with us?" My mom asked. "Yes mom, I'm sure. Like I said, Halloween is STUPID!" I yelled. "Well OK." She said back. There was only one thing I was worried about, and that was the local street gang called the Black Dragons. There has been multiple drive by's and Hit and Run's committed by the Black Dragons. When my mom and April went out the door, I saw a Black Dragon car drive by slowly. This freaked me the hell out. After that, it all happened so slowly. I saw the gang members pull out guns and shoot down my mom and baby sister.


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