Save You Tonight

Ruby has never been popular, she had been bullied all her life until one night she decided she just couldn't take it anymore. Sitting on the riverside, She held a knife to her wrist for one last time as the depression took over. She stood up, blood dripping from her final cuts, ready to jump, but that's when Niall Horan came into her life. Can he save her before it is too late? This story is 12+

Update: as you know, in my about me section it states how I normally wrote gothic horror stories, well this may only seem like a fan-fic to you at first but really what it is is a gothic horror story with One direction in it (because I love them so much!)


12. Your eyes



I paced up and down the corridor wondering what would happen next. Harry and Niall looked at me with worried glances as I muttered phrases to myself. But they weren't the only ones worried, I was worried out of my mind, one of my best friends was lying in a hospital bed in a room next door that she may never leave again, it had been so long since the alarms started ringing...she was dead I was sure of it and it was all my fault.


I crashed my whole body weight against the wall as I collapsed to the floor in tears. Niall and Harry rushed to my aid straight away clearly really worried about the whole situation.

“Ruby, listen to me, everything will be alright in the end,” Niall said looking me with his big, blue orbs. We just stare at each other in complete silence for what seemed like an eternity, seeking out each others souls, at least that's what they say isn't it? That your eyes are a window to your soul?


Eyes are amazing things, no matter what expression your face is showing, your eyes always show what you are truly feeling. It's so easy to go everyday faking a smile, faking a laugh but if just take a moment to stare into a person's eyes, you could realise just how much they are breaking inside. I went for years walking into school everyday pretending to be happy, pretending that the things they said to me didn't bother me. They'd call me Fat, Ugly, a pig and I'd just laugh it off even though I just wanted to collapse in tears. Yes, there was a few days when the mask slipped, days when I was just too tired to put on an act., but on those days no one seemed to notice anyway. I think its hard in life, you could be standing next to a person, they may look completely happy but they could be completely broken inside, they could cut themselves on a daily basis, they could cry themselves to sleep every single night, have suicidal thoughts... but you would never know, because unknown to you, the happy person, the person who always made everyone laugh, the person who just seemed like every other teen you knew, could also be the best actor or actress you will ever know in your whole entire life.


I needed a friend right now and I knew it, I know the boys were my friends but I needed a girl to speak to, a girl who knew me and would listen to all my worries without complaining, I couldn't speak to Eleanor, she had enough on her plate as it was if I could ever even speak to her ever again. All of a sudden I had a brainwave, I looked up into the eyes of Niall, who was still looking down at me, very concerned. I glanced up at Harry, who also looked concerned.

“I need to phone Louise,” I said standing up and walking off down the corridor to a place where I was allowed to use my mobile. Niall tried to follow me but Harry talked him out of it, he knew I needed to speak to Lou alone.


I stepped outside of the hospital and saw the nurse who had been looking after Eleanor smoking a cigarette. She noticed me too and smiled at me. I panicked, wasn't she supposed to be looking after Eleanor? I started to think that Eleanor was dead and a tear trickled from my eye.

“What's up?” the nurse asked me.

“Is she dead?” I asked, cutting to the chase, she looked confused, “Is Eleanor dead?”

She shook her head and I sighed in relief, “The doctor said she should be fine and that it was just because she panicked before.” I smiled and the nurse smiled along with me.

“Can you like not tell anyone you saw me smoking out here?” She asked in her scouse accent and I grinned in reply. I was willing to do just about anything she asked me to do right now I was so thrilled that Eleanor was going to be ok.


Just at that moment, a taxi pulled up outside the hospital. I didn't really think anything of it at first and I just carried on chatting with the nurse until I saw who stepped out of it. I took a second glance, no I couldn't be, could it? Oh my god it was,

“LOUISE!” I shouted giving her a massive teddy bear hug.

“Niall rang me,” she said hugging me back, “I thought it sounded like you needed some support...and some clean clothes!” I hugged Lou again, this was what I meant before when I said about boys not understanding girls. A boy wouldn't have brought me any clean clothes like Lou had.

“Oh yeah,” she continued pulling away from the hug, “You and Niall are going out tonight with it being valentines day and everything and don't say you're not because I’ve already booked you a table in pizza hut.” I was confused, Valentines day? 14th February? Really? Wow, time had gone by so fast, it was about a month since the accident, Louis and Amy were still in comas after 4 weeks but at least no one had died yet.

“What about if something happens to Louis, El or Amy whilst I’m out?” I asked feeling guilty.

“I’ll stay here all night and ring you straight away if anything happens, tonight don't worry about anything, just go out and enjoy yourself for once.”

I smiled at Louise and she smiled back. She was a good friend, one that only ever came once in a eternity, I needed to keep hold of her and never let go because I knew if I did, new best friends would only disappoint me because they will never be as amazing as her.


* * *


Niall and I hopped into a taxi from our hotel to take us to Liverpool city centre. I knew that I’d been told to have fun and not to worry but there was still that tiny bit of guilt and concern in the corner of my mind that wasn't going to disappear any time soon.


The taxi journey was only a short one and soon we were standing in the cold outside a very inviting pizza hut. Niall tried to pay the taxi driver but he said the lift was on the house because we looked like we needed to enjoy ourselves. We thanked him and stepped into the warmth of the restaurant.


The atmosphere inside Pizza hut was jolly. Everyone was all happy and smiley and the sound of little mix and laughter filled the air, my spirits were immediately brightened as Niall and I took our seats at a table by the window. I looked at some kids outside, running wild in the freshly falling snow, which was unusual for this time of year in the UK. Whilst looking at the kids I realised just how much I had been missing inside the gloomy hospital. In there everything felt upsetting and a constant sad feeling filled the air, I had forgotten there was a world outside the hospital doors, a world of fun and joy, a world I had missed.


A waiter strolled over to our table for Niall and I to order drinks. We both ordered Cola and then just sat in a very awkward, tense silence. We both knew that we were feeling the same guilt and worry as the other but none of us wanted to break the ice. I looked into Niall's big blue eyes, he looked at me and smiled; it was a clearly a fake smile. In his eyes I saw that he was trying to stay strong for me however in all my worry for one of my best friends, I’d overlooked the fact that one of his best friends was lying in a hospital bed close to death also. We'd both seemed to given up on happiness, I couldn't even remember what it felt like. In the last month we'd hardly exchanged any words, any special moments. In the beginning, every moment together, every word we spoke, every day was a gift, something special, but now I just wanted it all to be over, I just wanted everything to be back to normal, for Eleanor and Louis to be together and well, enjoying valentines day just like any happy couple should, but I knew that wasn't going to happen and that was the most depressing thing in this whole situation, that and the fact that you know you may never speak to your friends again.


Niall was smiling but was crying inside, I could see the tears welling up in his eyes but he wasn't planning to cry them. I took in his hands in mine and he looked at our joined hands in confusion.

“Never give up,” I said so quietly it was almost a whisper, “no matter how bad things may seem, you've got to have hope that things will get better.”


We looked into each others eyes until the precious silence was broken by the waitress asking to take our orders.

“I can leave you and come back in a minute to take them,” she said obviously realising that we were sharing a moment.

“no it's ok,” I replied.

“In that case, can I take your order?”



Ruby and I sat with bowls of ice cream in front of us laughing and giggling. We had had an amazing night, the best for a long time. We had been young again, and despite the fact of the odd twang of worry now and then, we were reasonably care-free too. We joked around and I knew that Ruby was back to the person she was just before the big accident, I didn't know how long it would last but we were both going to like it in the meantime. The pretty green-eyed waitress walked over and gave us our bill, I payed the money along with a large tip and after that she thanked us and walked away.


After a few moments, Ruby and I were about to leave until we looked into each others eyes. We both paused and just sat there staring. Since meeting Ruby I had learnt how to read peoples emotions through their eyes. I needed to; I didn't want to think my girl friend was perfectly happy if she was crying inside. I looked deep into her soul to see how she was truly feeling despite the massive smile on her face. However, I didn't see what I expected to see, I saw genuine happiness and as I looked out at the bigger picture again I saw how her smile was different to normal, she definitely looked happier than normal. But happiness was not the only emotion I saw in her eyes, I saw love to, I saw that she was deeply in love, deeply in love with me.

“You coming?” she asked still grinning like the Cheshire cat. I nodded as we walked out of Pizza Hut and into the cold, February air. Before I knew what was happening, we were kissing, we were both truly in love with each other, we weren't going to let anything ever pull us apart again, no matter how big.


All of a sudden the happiness was broken by Ruby's phone vibrating. She picked it up and as she looked at the screen, a terrible look of worry filling her face.

“It's Louise,” she said horrified, “what if something's happened? What if someone's dead?”

“You'll never know unless you answer the call,” I answered.


After a few seconds, she reluctantly pressed the green button on the screen of her iphone.

“Louise what's happened?” She said, “please just tell me.” Louise answered something I couldn't hear but it must have been good news because Ruby's face lit up.

“Oh my gosh,” she said with a giant grin plastered across her beaming face, “that's great news, me and Niall will be there as soon as possible.”

She hung up the phone and after a few moments of her just staring in disbelief, she gave me a massive teddy bear hug.

“They've woken up,” she exclaimed, “Louis and Amy have woken up!”

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