Save You Tonight

Ruby has never been popular, she had been bullied all her life until one night she decided she just couldn't take it anymore. Sitting on the riverside, She held a knife to her wrist for one last time as the depression took over. She stood up, blood dripping from her final cuts, ready to jump, but that's when Niall Horan came into her life. Can he save her before it is too late? This story is 12+

Update: as you know, in my about me section it states how I normally wrote gothic horror stories, well this may only seem like a fan-fic to you at first but really what it is is a gothic horror story with One direction in it (because I love them so much!)


4. What more could you want?


It had been two weeks since Niall saved Ruby, he was completely smitten with her. But something was not right about her, as far as I know you don't just get over depression like that. Since she tried killing herself she hasn't cut once, has always been happy and has eaten just like any normal teenager, I didn't understand it!

It was Sunday afternoon and tonight we were performing at the O2. As usual, Eleanor was there supporting Louis, and it was times like this I missed Danielle even more. Why did love have to be so complicated?


It was two weeks since I'd tried killing myself however since I was saved, my life had only changed for the better, I was two weeks clean from cutting, I had felt genuinely happy for the first time in months, I didn't feel fat or ugly in anyway and I was backstage at the O2 with my boyfriend Niall Horan! Good times.

Niall was really nervous for the big performance, I tried to reassure him but he didn't really listen, he just butt in with a comment "I want to make our relationship public, if you're ready," At first I had thought that Niall having feelings for me had just been a big sham and that he only saved me because he felt sorry for me, but now I was starting to believe that he genuinely did like me. I nodded and Niall's face lit up making him look like a 5 year old opening his presents on Christmas Day.

In the minutes leading up to the beginning of the performance, you could feel the anxiety in the air, I think all the boys were nervous except Louis; he seemed to be really happy and carefree tonight, maybe it was because of Eleanor I didn't know but he was sure in a pretty good mood!

The boys walked on stage as the crowd roared and screamed. I had seen many videos of 1D performing at the O2 but it was until you were at one of these performances that you actually realised how overwhelming the volume of sound really was. I was almost deafened by the mad directioners here. 'Na na na' finished as I saw, out of the corner of my eye, Eleanor Calder approaching me. I took a deep breath, she was one of my idols and I'd never faced her alone without Louis or Niall before.

"Hey," she said in a superior manner, "so your the infamous Ruby?" I was quite overwhelmed by her attitude, maybe she wasn't as nice as everyone had made her out to be. I swallowed, nodded and looked straight into her eyes.

"I'm not that amazing," she said playfully whilst giggling, "I was once only a normal girl like you." At that moment all my bad thoughts for Eleanor disappeared, how had I ever thought she was a horrible person? Beats me anyway. "I would love to be like you one day." I said in awe.

"Why?" Eleanor asked.

"Well," I began, "you're super nice, an idol to many girls, you cope well with pressure from haters and on top of that your really skinny and really pretty." Eleanor started to laugh, was she laughing at me?

"Well thank you," she stuttered, "but you don't have to be super skinny to be pretty." I just stared into the distance wondering why 3 weeks ago I wouldn't have believed that by now I did, "I'd prefer to have a fuller figure like you," Eleanor finished. Well that really made me take notice,

"really?" I asked, "how could you want to look like me?"

"Trust me, I'd love to have bigger boobs and bum and to be more curvy." I was overwhelmed, Eleanor Calder wanted to look like me? That was a first, hardly anyone, correction NO ONE ever wanted to look like me so why did one of my bogey idols?

"You're bum and boobs are perfect just the way they are," I said and I knew that this was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Eleanor and I carried on chatting away until It came to the part of the concert were they read out the tweets. Eleanor had told me she loved this part so we both decided to watch, the first tweet was just one about dance moves but the second, well lets just say it was a question Niall and I had been dreading. The tweet read 'which of the boys can confirm they are in a relationship?' Louis and Zayn immediately said that they were and stepped back, Liam denied a relationship and so did Harry and then it came to Niall, I think everyone was expecting him to say no but then the words escaped his mouth,

"I can now confirm I am in a relationship." You could hear the gasps in the audience, some cheered, some booed, the reaction was varied. I felt a supportive hand from Eleanor on my shoulder. When I thought the moment couldn't get any more tense, Niall said "and she actually happens to be here tonight, come on stage Ruby," after this he did the arm signal that meant for me to go on stage but at that moment my legs turned to jelly and I was transfixed on the spot. Niall wanted me to go on stage at the O2 arena? Me? Eleanor hugged me from behind as I heard her whisper good luck in my ear. I took a deep breath, ruffled my blonde hair, and stepped on stage.

I was holding Niall's hand whilst the audience and the rest of the boys where quiet for at least 10 seconds creating a very awkward silence. I knew this would happen, I would not be accepted, everyone would hate me. But just at that moment I heard a random voice from the crowd shout out "3 cheers for Ruby, hip hip hooray!" And the rest of the audience joined in for the next two.

After that everyone started whooping and cheering. I was accepted! Niall plastered a kiss on my right cheek just before I stepped off stage.

"They've accepted you," Eleanor proclaimed in glee! I just smiled, I was lost for words,

"should we go and get a coffee?" She asked me. I nodded and we walked towards the coffee machine. The machine was out of order and Eleanor cursed but I was unfazed, I had been accepted, and that was all that mattered at this moment in time, I was liked, loved, happy and accepted! What more could I ask for?

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