Save You Tonight

Ruby has never been popular, she had been bullied all her life until one night she decided she just couldn't take it anymore. Sitting on the riverside, She held a knife to her wrist for one last time as the depression took over. She stood up, blood dripping from her final cuts, ready to jump, but that's when Niall Horan came into her life. Can he save her before it is too late? This story is 12+

Update: as you know, in my about me section it states how I normally wrote gothic horror stories, well this may only seem like a fan-fic to you at first but really what it is is a gothic horror story with One direction in it (because I love them so much!)


7. To a good 2012 and an even better 2013


It had almost been a week since Christmas Day and when that weird message had been posted through the door. Nothing had happened, my christmas was just as enjoyable as ever if not more so I just brushed it off. Now it was New Year's Eve, Ruby and I had everyone coming around to ours tonight to celebrate. It was going to be great! We had hired a chocolate fountain for the occasion and we had bought lots of booze (which Ruby would probably sneak some of despite being underage).

It was 7 o'clock meaning we had an hour to get everything ready for the party. Ruby was doing the important things like cooking food and getting ready snacks whilst I was just getting ready the entertainment.

"Niall, come and try some of this curry." I heard Ruby call from the kitchen so I went to try some. I walked into the kitchen only to find Ruby not there and all the snacks/food ready.


"Yes?" she called from upstairs.

"Why did you just call me, you haven't even made curry?" I asked.

"I did?" She asked and I could tell she was genuinely confused.

"Doesn't matter," I said and went back to getting entertainment ready in the living room. I was confused, I was sure someone had called me. It must have just been in my head, I often fantasised about food.

It was 8:15pm and still no one had arrived for the party. I was sure I had told everyone to be there by 8pm but just at that second the doorbell rang and all the boys along with their girlfriends piled in.

"What took you?" I asked

"Sorry," Liam replied, "I drunken teenager had crashed a car down the road and the police were restricting traffic."

"Well, your here now." I said and ushered them all inside. We turned on the x-box and put on Fifa whilst Perrie and Eleanor went into the kitchen to see if Ruby needed any help.


I was just taking the pizza out of the oven when I heard Eleanor speak behind me. "Need any help?" She asked. I shook my head, the food was finished, all we needed to do now was make sure that the boys weren't drunk before midnight. It was for the first time now that I turned around and saw that next to Eleanor stood Zayn's girlfriend, Perrie Edwards. I loved little mix but I tried to play it cool. "Hi Perrie," I said, "I've heard alot about you." She blushed and then She, Eleanor and I started talking. It wasn't about anything in particular but we were enjoying it. "Hey, can you girls break up this mothers meeting and come and socialise with us in here?" Louis called. Eleanor gave him the evils but we obeyed anyway.

Walking into the living room, I noticed Liam and Niall engrossed in a game of Fifa on the Xbox and decided to put an end to it. I switched off the console and switched on the wii instead.

"What are you doing? I was winning." Niall asked, horrified.

"Well I was doing Liam a favor then," and Liam pulled a face a Niall, "anyway," I continued, "who's up for Just dance 4?"

After a couple of hours engrossed in Just dance, Perrie made an announcement, "Are you all aware that it is half eleven? It's almost new year." I jumped up, we had to get everything ready for 2013. I turned off the wii and switched on the news special on BBC1.

"What are you doing?" Niall asked in disgust. It was now that I realised that I had turned off yet another game between Niall and Liam, that was not a good idea. They then went off and had an argument whilst Perrie, Eleanor and I went to get the champagne and glasses ready.

"Those boys are so competitive," Perrie said.

"I know right," I replied, "they've all gotta be better than each other in everything." We yet again started having a 'mothers meeting' , as Louis had put it before, as we walked into the Living room holding the first set of champagne glasses.


Ruby, Eleanor walked into the room holding the first set of champagne glasses, they were all getting on like a house on fire. "It's only five minutes until midnight," Zayn said, so we all got a champagne filled glass each (even Ruby, rules are made to be broken aren't they?) and sat watching the TV, they were doing a countdown of all the best events from 2012 including things like the diamond jubilee, London olympics and the death of Whitney Houston.

Finally the time came, the 10 second countdown, we all started joining in with the presenters "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1." Until finally "zero" It was at this point that we all started cheering and Ruby jumped onto my back. Harry made a toast, "to a good 2012 and even better 2013," he said over the screaming and we clinked glasses.

It was at that moment that I decided to open the front door and 'let the new year in.' I looked out into the cold, January morning and smiled. "To an even better 2013" I whispered to myself with a grin. I was about to close the door when I saw a small parcel on the porch. I picked it up and brought it inside. My name was written on the tag in swirly hand writing, the present looked nice and innocent. I must have just been from a nice fan. I took off the silver wrapping paper and found a small box inside. I opened the box and didn't like what I found inside it. It was another of them notes, written in the scrawly, blood red hand writing, this time it read, 'and to a even better 2013? You couldn't be more wrong, 2013 will be the worst year of your whole entire life!' I was taken back, this was lies, all lies I told myself and threw the small piece of paper out of the window. I could do without this fake, stalkerish shit. ______________________________________________________________________________So, Niall seems to have a bit of a stalker then... Anyway, happy new year. Lets make a toast "to a good 2012 and an even better 2013!" -Jess xxx

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