Save You Tonight

Ruby has never been popular, she had been bullied all her life until one night she decided she just couldn't take it anymore. Sitting on the riverside, She held a knife to her wrist for one last time as the depression took over. She stood up, blood dripping from her final cuts, ready to jump, but that's when Niall Horan came into her life. Can he save her before it is too late? This story is 12+

Update: as you know, in my about me section it states how I normally wrote gothic horror stories, well this may only seem like a fan-fic to you at first but really what it is is a gothic horror story with One direction in it (because I love them so much!)


9. Hope


I woke up from a nightmare, sitting bolt upright in bed, I took a sharp intake of breath to calm down, it was horrible, I'd dreamt that Eleanor and Louis had just fallen from one of the booths on the Liverpool wheel and had both just died, if that ever happened in real life I don't know what would become of me, it would be awful!

I went downstairs to get a drink of water and as I was walking down the stairs I noticed an envelope at the bottom of the staircase. It was probably just another message from my stalker but I opened it anyway. It was another horrible message this time it read, 'they say dreams come true, but they forget to mention that nightmares are dreams too...' I just sat in thought, whoever writes these messages must be so intent on making my life unhappy that they didn't care how much they freaked me out.

I got myself the drink of water that I originally came downstairs to get and then plonked myself on the sofa in front of the tv (I knew I had no chance of sleeping easily now) I swept up the remote and turned on the television. 'BREAKING NEWS' signs flashed across the screen, I was engaged and listening. I sat forward in my seat as the news reporter started speaking,

"Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder have been hospitalised after the booth they where in on the Liverpool wheel fell," she said with a twang of pain and deep sorrow in her voice, "doctors are unsure if they will make it and they, and another directioner who was involved in the incident, are still in a critical condition, we will keep you posted on further information."

After the reporter stopped speaking, a man, who was a technician for the Liverpool wheel, started speaking in a really strong scouse accent but I wasn't listening anymore, I don't think any of my senses where intact at this moment In time, all I could feel was a certain emptiness and sorrow. My eyes blurred up as my chest tightened and I just sat there, on the sofa, numb. How had this happened? Only a few hours ago Eleanor and Louis had left for Liverpool, a happy smiling couple with not a care in the world, now they where both lying in hospital beds fighting for their lives...

I remembered the letter I had been posted through the door, nightmares do come true, this is exactly what I dreamt, all that needs to happen now is for them both to die and then I literally predicted the whole event. I couldn't take it anymore I broke down in tears, two of my best friends where going to die, I knew it, I was a horrible person, I didn't know why, but I was and that was that.

Just at that second Ruby came in through the door. She ran up to me and gave me a hug whilst I stayed rolled up in a sobbing ball.

"Niall, what's happened?" She asked me.

"It's... Louis and.... Eleanor," I said in between sobs.

"Why what's happened?" She asked still confused and very concerned. I looked up to the television and so did she. She saw the breaking news article and I could tell she was in disbelief, she swallowed as tears started welling up in her blue orbs.

"They might not make it," I whimpered, "I don't want to loose my best friend."

"I know," she said and buried her face in my blonde locks to try and muffle the sound of her crying. I put my hand on hers which was placed on my shoulder. She was trying to be strong for me but was failing.

"It's ok not to be ok," I said to her as she looked me in the eyes and started to cry more than ever. We hugged and cried together for a while until a lightbulb seemed to go off in Ruby's head.

"Hope," she said quietly. I was confused. "Hope," she repeated, "how will we get anywhere in life if we give up after the first time we are put down?" She ran out to get us some clothes, some shoes and our coats. She handed me mine, I was still in tatters and so was she but she was holding it in better, I could see the pain behind those beautiful eyes, pain I couldn't describe but I decided to overlook it. I put on my the items of clothing that Ruby had given to me and then we both ran outside and got into the car. I turned on the engine and the car started to run.

"I don't know if I can drive," I said with more tears welling up in my already wet, puffy eyes, "I can't stop myself from crying, I'll make us crash and if you die and I survive and then Eleanor and Louis die then..." But I was cut off by Ruby speaking once again,

"Hope," for one small, four letter word, hope meant alot. I smiled a ready smile at Ruby as I put my foot down and we drove away into the dark night completely blind at what the next 24 hours would bring, but having hope that something good would happen.

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