Save You Tonight

Ruby has never been popular, she had been bullied all her life until one night she decided she just couldn't take it anymore. Sitting on the riverside, She held a knife to her wrist for one last time as the depression took over. She stood up, blood dripping from her final cuts, ready to jump, but that's when Niall Horan came into her life. Can he save her before it is too late? This story is 12+

Update: as you know, in my about me section it states how I normally wrote gothic horror stories, well this may only seem like a fan-fic to you at first but really what it is is a gothic horror story with One direction in it (because I love them so much!)


8. A resounding smash!


It was the day Eleanor was taking me to Liverpool. I had dressed up smartly in my favourite shirt and a nice pair of pants and I was now ready to leave. I walked out of the bedroom to find Eleanor waiting for me.

"You look stunning," I said to her and she smiled. We walked out of the house and into the taxi which would take us down to the train station, from there we would get a train to Liverpool before our day could properly begin.

We stepped off the train to find ourselves in Liverpool central station. I could see a bunch of girls (probably directioners) looking and pointing at us, they were all chatting excitably and I noticed that one of them was even wearing a 1D hoodie. I nudged Eleanor and she also looked at them,

"Poor souls," she said pitifully, "they look to scared to come over, their obviously fans, go and say hello."

"What?" I asked

"Go and say hello to them, take photos whatever," she replied.

"But this is our special day," I protested however she just gave me a weird look and I knew she'd won the argument. Don't get me wrong, I love all directioners but today I didn't want to be Louis Tomlinson, mega famous lad from One direction, I just wanted to be Louis Tomlinson, Eleanor Calder's loving boyfriend and nothing more, but I obeyed Eleanor's orders and walked up to them. As Eleanor and I walked up to the girls, I noticed that one of them shied away, her cheeks had blushed red and she was the one wearing the hoodie with my face plastered on it. At that second one of the girls approached me, I noticed she was shaking and wanted to control herself but also wanted to scream, It was a look on many fans faces I'd gotten used to noticing,

"Hey Louis," she said in a sweet, timid voice, "may I have a picture please?" It was now that also another of her mates approached,

"Can we have one all together?" the other fan added on.

"Sure," I said, "what about your other friend?" I noticed that she looked at me through her curly locks, she reminded me of Harry a little actually, I walked up to her, "do you want a picture with the rest of your mates?"

"I always look bad in photos," she said and I could hear the pain in her voice, "I'll just ruin the picture for Meg and Emily," I looked back at the other two girls, they were chatting away to Eleanor, as I looked back at the other girl I asked her her name.

"Amy," she said and looked me in the eyes for the first time, "Amy Jones," she had the most amazing eyes, big, green orbs they where, she was almost identical to Harry. I smiled at her,

"I can't see in million years why you'd ever ruin a picture, you are beautiful, don't you ever forget that." She smiled back at me with a tear trickling down her face, it was for the first time now I also noticed her gripping her long sleeves tightly. I wiped the tear away before it dropped off her chin and then I repeated myself, "you are beautiful, and don't you ever forget that!"

I lead her towards Eleanor, Meg and Emily and then we all had a picture together. Afterwards I approached Amy again,

"give me your twitter," I said handing her a piece of paper and a pen, "I know someone who will understand you." She smiled at me,

"Thank you, Louis Tomlinson," she said, "you might just have saved my life," and then she walked away with her friends. I watched her until she disappeared into the distance,

"that girl was upset," I said to Eleanor but not making direct eye contact, "she doesn't deserve to be like that." I looked down at the piece of paper and saw her twitter name, it read '@amy_worthless' I had to fight to hold back tears, it was hard to think that only a few weeks ago happy, bubbly Ruby was just like Amy. A lonely and depressed teenager who felt like she had no one to turn to, Amy looked about the same age as Ruby as well, they would understand each other, and I think both Amy and Ruby needed someone right now. As the day carried on I tried to put Amy to the back of my mind, I didn't want to ruin the day for Eleanor but I just couldn't.


At about 5pm, we decided it was time to go for tea. I took Louis to the little Pizza restaurant that Ruby and I had eaten in before christmas. I gave my name to the waiter and then she showed us to a fairly private table with an amazing view out onto the Liverpool waterfront. From this table we could see the river Mersey, echo arena and Liverpool wheel. I looked at Louis and we both smiled. This was perfect!


A pretty, female waiter placed a large pepperoni pizza in front of Eleanor and I for us to share. By now I had managed to put Amy to the back of my mind and was all for enjoying the moment. We were smiling, giggling and chatting all the way up until we'd finished desert and Eleanor had payed the bill.

Next I found Eleanor leading me into the cue for the Liverpool wheel but she didn't cue up, no, she just jumped the whole cue!

"Eleanor, what on earth are you doing?" I asked, concerned. I know I was famous and all that but it didn't mean we could just jump the cue. Eleanor looked at me cheekily as she carried on leading me up to the front of the cue. Just at that second, a female attendant noticed us.

"Eleanor Calder, we've been expecting you," the attendant said sounding like a Bond villain, "The VIP booth is prepared for you and your boyfriend, champagne and all." Eleanor thanked the woman and we stepped into our booth. The doors closed as Eleanor started pouring us out champagne. A song came on in the speakers, it was little things, I presumed by Eleanor's face that this was also planned.

We sat cuddled together, enjoying the beautiful views Liverpool had to offer. We had been around once already and just as we started our second go around disaster struck, our booth just started shaking and rocking back and forth uncontrollably, it wasn't me and Eleanor causing it to rock, it was as if another person was in here with us... Eleanor grabbed hold of me,

"If we die now Louis," she said, "I want you to know I will love you forever no matter where we both are,"

"Don't be silly," I replied as the booth stopped shaking, "see, we're not going to die," Suddenly, the booth jolted to the left and then I felt myself falling and falling fast as well. Everything was going in slow motion, Eleanor's face had an expression of pure horror on it. Even if I died now, I wasn't going to let her die. I did some quick thinking and put as much of my thick coat over her as possible. I realised that my back was against the glass that was facing the floor and that I had a very low chance of survival here, but I didn't care, as long as El was safe,

"I love you," I whispered in her ear above the sound of screams from below. All of a sudden a resounding smash rang through my ears, as I felt sharp pains all over my body and I blacked out...

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