A Merry Christmas - 1D Fanfiction.

Lexi Leah Horan was a girl from the city, her brother Niall Horan known from around the world as a part of One Direction.
Life couldn't get better for Lexi and Niall, Lexi has all boys at her footsteps. Niall had all the money and girls in the world, they couldn't have a better life, but is that the truth?

Christmas is heading their way, bringing joy to the family. Lexi surprisingly falls for one of the boys. As the days go by Lexi falls harder and harder, she doesn't know what to do.

What happens when she has to choose between two of the boys? Will it be a jolly Christmas or will it end in tears?


4. Chapter Three.

*On The Plane*

Louis phone rang, I jumped with fright. He laughed at me and soon pulled it out of his pocket and answered it.


"Hello" he sings. He put it on speaker when he found out it was his Eleanor.

"I can't believe you! You didin't even tell me that you we're cheating on me! Louis, I'm in tears. Why'd I see her face and your face on the tv screen holding hands!" she screamed into the phone. I started to shake, not because I was freaked out, because I could lose one of my bestfriends.

"Eleanor, this is all just a mis-understanding" he tried to re-assure her, but she was not understanding.

"No, Louis!" she had a shakey voice, you could tell she was pouring her eyes out.

"Eleanor!" he screamed into the phone, only to recieve her dis-connecting. A tear rolled down both, Louis' and my face. I wiped mine away, but soon reieved more, I hid my face between my knees. But Louis finally catched up to me, he rubbed my back.


"It's okay" he said with a worried voice. I knew nothing was okay.

"No, it's not Louis". I cried into his chest.

"Shhh" he calmed me, I looked at him, he had red, puffy eyes like I had.

"You've... You've been crying" I whispered. He nodded in responce and pulled me closer to him.

"I know, I have" he whispered in my ear.


I fell asleep in his arms, not in a romantic way, but in a safe way.


"Lexi!" someone called my name, he started to shake my body rapidly. I opened my eyes, Louis stood there.

"Louis!" I grabbed him in a hug.

"I had the worst dream, Eleanor thought you cheated on h...." he stopped me.

"That wasn't a dream" he whispered picking me up from my seat. I shook my head, No! It can't be!

He held me until I finally regained my balance.

"But Louis, please" I started to cry. He grabbed me into a hug.

"Shh, please don't cry" he whispered into my ear, making me calm down a bit. He walked me over to the exit.

"Thanks Louis" I whispered before pulling away. He smiled and walked behind me.


I held onto Niall as we headed out to the van .A blanket was wrapped around me, I felt warm and comfortable.

"Louis, have you spoken to Eleanor" I said as I sat next to him in the passenger seat of the van. He shook his head.

"She hasn't called me since" he weakly smiled at me. I knew he was faking it.

"Lou, everythings gonna work out perfectly" I smiled at him. He tried to smile, but instantly turned on the air, Louis isn't himself. Not that childish boy anymore, he's changed, for the worst.


We jumped out of the car, Harry grabbed the suitcases for me, since I'm a weakling. We walked over to the tour bus, and walking in. To my surprise it was amazing, except, I have to share a room with someone. But I don't know who, they told me we can sort that out later.


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