A Merry Christmas - 1D Fanfiction.

Lexi Leah Horan was a girl from the city, her brother Niall Horan known from around the world as a part of One Direction.
Life couldn't get better for Lexi and Niall, Lexi has all boys at her footsteps. Niall had all the money and girls in the world, they couldn't have a better life, but is that the truth?

Christmas is heading their way, bringing joy to the family. Lexi surprisingly falls for one of the boys. As the days go by Lexi falls harder and harder, she doesn't know what to do.

What happens when she has to choose between two of the boys? Will it be a jolly Christmas or will it end in tears?


8. Chapter Seven. (Short Chapter) Sorry!.

I woke up to my brother's voice, Niall.


"Niall?" I whispered. I could hear shuffling, whispers.

"She's awake" the strange voices called.

"Lexi, open your eyes" Niall whispered, gripping my hand tightly. I opened my eyes, Niall and the boys looked worried.

"Why am I here? Niall, I know I fell, but it wasn't that bad, really!" I weakly smiled. They shook their heads.

"It's not okay, Lexi, I could lose you" Niall cried,

'Whats wrong? nothing. Com' on Lexi, has anything different these last couple weeks?' I thought to myself.

"Harry, where is that girl?" I questioned him, I didn't know if he would reply or not.

"Gone" he started to take steps towards me, a tear fell from my eye, I wiped it away and continued to take it all in.

"I'm so sorry Lexi, I.. I just didn't know" he stood next to the bed, I nodded, all i really wanted to know is whats wrong with me.

"Niall, tell me, I can take it" I call to him, he looks up.  And then looks at his mates.

"I.... I just can't" he urged,


'Why not?' thoughts ran through my mind, I could have something serious?

"Someone has to".That moment the docter walked in , his white coat flying behind him.

"Lexi" Niall looked at me with a worried expression.I knew what he was trying to say , he didn't want me to know.

"Docter...." i quietly questioned him , he looked at me , then looked away.He was putting everything down on the table beside me.

"Hi Lexi" he smiled at me , he walked towards the bed and patted Niall on the shoulder.

"Whats ...... Wrong with me?" i questioned the man , he was quite young , to be honest i think he would have been about Twenty Three - twentie five. He looked at Niall , he was shaking his head.

"Well , you haven't been very welll." He exhlaed. God , Daymn , these people give me nothing.I groaned.

"Don't listen to Niall! I wanna know! NOW. I have a right!" i yelled , i was starting to get fustrated with how Niall didn't want me to know , why was it his choice anyway? He took a minute to take it all in, I was an impatient person. I didn't love to wait like Liam.

"You have something that no Teen should ever have, or go through." By now I was getting quite mad.

"Spit it out!" I half yelled.He looked at Niall unsure, but Niall nodded, approving him.

"You have...."

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