A Merry Christmas - 1D Fanfiction.

Lexi Leah Horan was a girl from the city, her brother Niall Horan known from around the world as a part of One Direction.
Life couldn't get better for Lexi and Niall, Lexi has all boys at her footsteps. Niall had all the money and girls in the world, they couldn't have a better life, but is that the truth?

Christmas is heading their way, bringing joy to the family. Lexi surprisingly falls for one of the boys. As the days go by Lexi falls harder and harder, she doesn't know what to do.

What happens when she has to choose between two of the boys? Will it be a jolly Christmas or will it end in tears?


6. Chapter Five.

Harry couldn't help but stare out at the crowd, I couldn't either. Liam, being the smart one he looked at the seat and row.

We looked and saw Taylor smirking at us, I ran off stage in tears. I didn't know why I was crying, I think because Harry and our friendship is on the line.

I felt soft hands grab my rist, I pulled away and wiped my face.


"Don't cry, shh, it's okay Lexi" it was a familier voice, Louis Tomlinson's voice.

"I can't help it Lou, my life will be over now. Taylor won't stop" I cried into his chest, he tightened his grip and rocked back and forwards.

"I know, please, please, don't cry Lexi. You make me want to" I look up, he smiled at me. He was doing a good job of re-assuring me, that I'm okay. My life is fine.

"But Lou! The whole concert is ruined, just because of me. Those poor fa....." Lou cut me off.

"I know, but you didn't ruin it. Come out with me, act like nothing had just happened, okay Love?" I nodded in responce.


We walked out and looked as casual as possible, it was the most hardest thing I have ever done. Honestly, I think Lou knew I had ruined everything".


"So is everyone okay?" Liam questioned the crowd. They all yelled and screamed 'YES!'. Lou and Harry kept staring at me, making sure I was fine. Tears still brimmed, I felt sick. Taylor could stalk us, we don't know what she could do. But I think she is nice ebough to stay away?


"Harry," I whispered, walking over to Harry sitting on the lounge in the middle of the room, the other boys were all talking about the fans and the tweets.

He looked away from Liam, his smiling face soon turned into a frown.

"Don't do this here, please Lexi" he begged me, trying not to look at my face.

"Okay, okay" I whispered\Yelled.I felt my body lift from the couch, I stormed off the stage and into the side bit. Harry followed, I can't believe he would miss this, for his fans.


"I told you! Not here Lexi!" he yelled at me, I hope there wasn't cameras everywhere around us, we could be on the big screen.

"How couldn't I Harry? Our friendship is in jepoardy. Harry, you don't even know how hard this is for me?" a tear rolled down my cheek.

"This is my fame! This is my CAREER on the line! I don't give crap about our stupid 'friendship'" he said. What a jerk.

"Then fine! Harry, I put my LIFE on the line for you!"

"You don't bloody get it do you?! My friends have betrayed me for being YOUR friend! I now know that was  for NOTHING" I screamed at him.

"I'm not even sorry" he huffed and walked back out to stage, he looked fustrated and angry.


"Well, Fine Harry! I've always hated you! and your life!" I burst out in tears. I felt myself running away, towards the exit door, Simon stopped me.

"Where the hell do you think your going?" he stood infront of the double door exit.

"I'm leaving, move!" he didn't budge.

"You just RUINED their careers, you don't pull them off stage!" I sighed. Relax Lexi.

"Well I'm sorry, alright?" he moved out of the way and I ran through the doors.


I heard all the footsteps coming towards Harry and I's room. Ugh, best thing. Getting a lecture from Mr.Sassy or Niall.


"Lexi?" a soft voice called my name.

"What!" I huffed and hugged the pillow next to me.

"I'm sorry, I'm so so so sorry, Lexi" the boy sat on the bottom of my bed. I couldn't quite make out the voice. He continued.

"Lexi, I never meant it" he walked infront of me and blocked my view out of the tour bus window, it was Harry.

"You shouldn't be in here!" I cried.

"Shh" he rubbed circles around my back. I slightly pushed his hand away.

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