A Merry Christmas - 1D Fanfiction.

Lexi Leah Horan was a girl from the city, her brother Niall Horan known from around the world as a part of One Direction.
Life couldn't get better for Lexi and Niall, Lexi has all boys at her footsteps. Niall had all the money and girls in the world, they couldn't have a better life, but is that the truth?

Christmas is heading their way, bringing joy to the family. Lexi surprisingly falls for one of the boys. As the days go by Lexi falls harder and harder, she doesn't know what to do.

What happens when she has to choose between two of the boys? Will it be a jolly Christmas or will it end in tears?


9. Chapter Eight. (Part One)

(A\N) :

Hey guys! , This is the chapter where you find out what is wrong with Lexii. This may be a sad chapter , I don't wanna affend anyone! xxx See guys , one of my bestfriend's has this Diagnosis , she has to go through the pain & suffering , she doesn't deserve this! Even though Lexi has the same diagnosis , it doesn't change my bestfriend! I get teary writing about this , i'm so sorry if this Chapter takes ages , this chapter is Deticated to my beatiful & always will be Sister.(Not in an offensive way) , This may be a diffrent type.

Remember , everyone is beautiful in every single way! Never judge someone for their looks or actions. xxx


"Cancer.." There was silent moment , till i finally broke into tears.After a few minutes of crying and Niall trying to help me , i stopped.

"What kind doctor?" My voice was silent , Niall stood there , nearly bawling and the boys stood there with sad faces.Harry even came up to me . rubbing circles around my back.

"Lymphma , we are still settling when you should have your Chemotherapy , I am very sorry Lexi" The docter weakly smiled at me.I shoook my head , trying to hold back the tears that would soon waterfall down my now pale cheeks.

"How far has it gone?" a tear rolled down my face , the docter had not looked at me once.

"We don't have enough information yet , we will have some blood tests and scans" He confirmed.I laughed sarcasticlly and shook my head.

"You're lying to me , tell me what i really have" i was going made , losing my patience.Niall shook me , looked at me sypatheticlly and took my hand.

"Lexi , he's not lying" Liam stepped in , i was shocked to hear from him.

By now , I was crying like crazy , i couldn't believe this.

"H...How long will I be here for?" i cried.

"We don't know , sorry" that was his last words before walking out the door.Niall couldn't bare to look at me , but he still gripped my hand tight.


"Niall , what are we going to do about the tour?" I questioned the bleached blond haired boy.

"Lexi , i'm staying here with you , you're my sister.I love you and the fans can wait , they love us don't they?" he laughed , i joined in.

"I'm staying too" Louis called from Harry's back , see Harry loves to piggy-back Lou now , it's their thing.I looked at him shocked , who the hell would ever want to stay in this hospital?

"Lou , no , you have a life" I confessed .

"Never , will i ever leave you. You're like another sister to me" he smiled. I smiled at his bright lit face.

"We're staying too" Zayn and Liam called out.Only one left , Harry.He shifted from foot to foot , deciding wether or not he should stay here , with the four boys he calls his 'Best friends or Best mates'.He thought for awhile , until he finally made up his mind.

"Okay" he said , i smiled at him.He came over and hugged me.

"Again Lexi , i'm so sorry" he apoligised , whispering in my right ear.


I'm so sorry , this is the end of another chapter. But this is the beginning of Chapter Eight , Part One.

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