A Merry Christmas - 1D Fanfiction.

Lexi Leah Horan was a girl from the city, her brother Niall Horan known from around the world as a part of One Direction.
Life couldn't get better for Lexi and Niall, Lexi has all boys at her footsteps. Niall had all the money and girls in the world, they couldn't have a better life, but is that the truth?

Christmas is heading their way, bringing joy to the family. Lexi surprisingly falls for one of the boys. As the days go by Lexi falls harder and harder, she doesn't know what to do.

What happens when she has to choose between two of the boys? Will it be a jolly Christmas or will it end in tears?


1. A Merry Christmas: Prologue.

I held up my Christmas stocking, it was brand new. I smiled to myself as I walked over to the stairs, my brother Niall stood there.

"What are you looking at?" I question him as I start walking up the stairs.

"Nothing" he huffs holding in laughter, I knew something was wrong, he hadn't seemed himself today.

"Remember! Christmas is only three weeks away! Santa is watching you" I yell out. He begins laughing and starts to look through the fridge, good, old Nialler. All he thinks about is food.


I walked into my room and inhaled the beautiful fragrance. It smelt of daisies in a meadow.

I examine my room.

"NIALL!!" I screamed. I ran down the stairs and pushed him, his sandwhich fell on the floor.

"Hey! I was eating that" he sobs.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" I scream and run in Niall's direction, he quickly starts to run down the hall way. I jump on his back, a thud hit the ground.

"Please, calm down darling" he smirks at me and tries to wriggle away. I tighten my grip on him.

"DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER. TOUCH. MY. STUFF. AGAIN"  I scream, I slap him across the face and walk off. He held his cheek, a red mark across his pale face.

"Ouch" he whined.

"Shut up!" I yell as I walked off.


You are all probably wanting to know what he did? That stupid boy, threw my clothes on the ground and went through my stuff, you would think. 'That's not too bad, you didn't have to slap him', well I have personal things in there, stuff that NO-ONE should touch.

I huffed, I was so fustrated right now. I needed something or someone to calm me down.

Someone like my mother, she isn't here. She is at home, where I belong.


So you understand what I'm talking about, here it is.

When I was five, my mother and father split. My dad wanted me all to himself, he didn't want my mum to have me. When I was about six, I got torn away from my sobbing mother. The police harshly pulled me out of the house and made my come to my dad, I have never forgave him since, I never see my mum. I always pray to be with her one day, where I belong. Back where i was born.

Niall forgave dad, he didn't really get pushed and shoved from the police, he didn't scream in agony. I did, I felt as if a part of me has been taken away, that part of me is the right to see my mother. To cuddle her when I'm sad. I lost the right to even talk to her, see her. Niall and my dad, Kyle, get along. They go for fishing trips and fun stuff. But I can't even think of doing that with him, after what he did to mum and I.


I walked down the stairs after locking my bedroom door, only I have the key. 'Dad' actually respects my privacy. I held the necklace my mum had bought me in my hand, I usually wear it as a braclet. Because I got it when I was born, I have grown out of it. It has a picture of my mum, she has short dark hair, her brown eyes glistened in the suns rays. I've missed her so much these past years.


Niall stood at the fridge, he had an ice-pack on his swollen face. I usually take all my anger out on Niall, since I have no-one else to tell things to. Dad is usually at work all the time, he is a lawyer. You could say we get pretty 'decent' amount of money. If decents was thousands, then that's what you'd call it, I don't understand why everyone believes dad is an 'amazing' lawyer, I don't see potential in him.. But thats me..


"I'm sworry Nialler" I said, waiting to recieve a hug.

"You better be" he barked at me and walked away. I stood there, shocked. Usually he would do the same, say sorry and hug me, but not today.

"Be that way then" I yelled and headed up the stairs for a nice, refreshing shower.


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