Cat is dating Niall. Niall said that he always loved her and promised that to.

But what happens when he breaks that promise??Read to find out.


1. Love you forever

Cats P.O.V

" Niall do you love me?"" Of course I do" Niall said" why wouldn't I?"" Because people are saying things that your cheating on me!""is that true??"" Cat I love with all my heart"

" I promise to god that I love""and besides if I didn't love you do you think I would be here still""but I think it's real because there is this one girl named Amy"

"Babe it's not real""ok". After I had that conversation with Niall I asked him if he wanted to see a movie. He said yes so we went. After we went home I had to tell Niall something.

" Niall do you promise that your not cheating on me""I promise""ok". After I that I went go bed with Niall. All night I was thinking about that he was cheating on me. I was mumbling to my self I guess Niall heard he said to go to bed. He was right because I had to go to work tomorrow. Still worried to death

After that I went to bed happy with niall's arms around me helped me go to sleep
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