Not in Plain Sight

Ever wandered what your life was gonna be like down the road. Or ever wandered what your life plan was? Experience Katie and the obstacles she goes through. during these obstacles she meets many guys,and falls for a couple. Who will end up being "the one." It can be hard to find the bright side of a situation, but there will always be something good that happens down the road of every new path.


4. Make the best..

" The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else."

~Carosn McCullers


Me and Jordan were siting at our desks in an awkward silence. Rilee, a friend of Jordans, came over and sat next to Jordan with her knees on the ground.

Rilee: Hey guys!

Katie and Jordan: Hey!

i saw david look over at Rilee... i instatnly became jealous and wished she would go away. no offense. She had blue eyes, and brown hair.. something i have always wanted..

AN hour later class was over. We were all walking out of the classroom, david skimmed right passed me and walked up to Rilee and Jordan. Anger grew inside me. Why wouldn't he even talk to me. Ya i get it, you like Rilee, or Jordan, or maybe both! Who knows, but it's not fair that he lead me on and then decided to forget about me! Or maybe it was all in my head and he was never interested in me in the first place. As hard as it was to not think about it, i knew i had to focus and find my way to fourth period. I walked back down the continuous hallway passing by the cafeteria and the front office, then finially found my fourth period class... English. I walked in and recognized some of the poeple that were in my other classes.

A little over an hour passed and class was over. I was kind of glad, i liked the teacher, she was older and sweet but her voice made me sleepy. When i walked toward my next class, david came out. He came over to me and pulled me aside.

David: Hey can you help me with something

Katie: ya sure:)

David: Ok, you know that girl Rilee in our health class?

Katie: yaaaa

David: Do you think you can help hook up with her

Did he seriously just ask me that? I stood there frozen, my heart broken. Even though it tore me apart to say yes, i knew i had to because i cared about him and wanted to make him happy.

Katie: ya

David: Thanks Katie

Katie: Anytimee

We walked in our seperate ways to go to class. i walked in and saw Rilee and Jordan siting togther. Well looks like this is gonna be my worst class of the day. Because I, out of all people have to hook up David and Rilee. I walked over to Rilee and smiled as i sat in the chair in front of her. 

Katie: Hey! soooo have you seen any guys that have caught your eye

yaa, i kind of decided to just get to the point...

Rilee: ya i've seen a few, but theres this one guy that i think i might like

Katie: Who?

Rilee: Well actually theres two, konnor and david

i tried to keep the anger and jealousy from showing up on my face.

Katie: (my voice kind of pitchy) theee one in o-our h-health class?

Rilee: ya

Katie: oo well do you think any of them are going to ask you out?

Rilee: Im not sure, i think i want konnor to ask me out and i thought i saw him looking at me but who knows

Rilee: oh

The long tortoring hour was over and i could finally walk out of class! David walked up to me... great

Katie: hey sooo are you gonna ask her out?


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