Not in Plain Sight

Ever wandered what your life was gonna be like down the road. Or ever wandered what your life plan was? Experience Katie and the obstacles she goes through. during these obstacles she meets many guys,and falls for a couple. Who will end up being "the one." It can be hard to find the bright side of a situation, but there will always be something good that happens down the road of every new path.


3. First of Many

"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life."

~ Albert Camus ~


 Katie~ you tell me first!

David~ haha ok, Expeds! Ok what team are you on?!

For a second if felt my heart sank. I felt my mouth drop and i just froze. I couldn't believe we were on the same team! 

David~ haha umm yoouu gonnna tell me?

I quickly snapped out of my embarrassing statue pose and answered him.

Katie~ Expeds!

David~ No way! are you serious! that's awesome!

***Davids point of view***

O my gosh! i can't believe we are on the same team! The beautiful girl with sparkling hazel eyes, who i am falling for is gonna be on my team. I couldn't help but to imagine all the classes we could have together, i just want to get to know her better!:) I didn't know what to say back to her.

David~ Wellll:) i guess i'll see you soon

Katie~ Ya, see you soon:)

She looked at me and smiled, that smile of hers takes my breath away. She looked down and blushed. I moved in closer and gave her a friendly hug. i didn't want to let her go, but i knew i had to. We smiled at each other once again, laughed, and then slowly walked our separate ways.

*** One week later Katie's point of view***


My eyes opened and i was blinded by the brightness of the sun. I slowly turned over and reached for my phone turning my alarm off. I walked out of my bed as slow as a snail. I was not a morning person, and the fact that it was the first day of school didn't help my motivation to wake up. I washed my face and did my makeup. Next was my outfit... What was i going to wear? i knew that everyone was going to be showing off their new wardrobe, so i didn't want to wear a sweatshirt or anything like i would normally wear on a Monday. Not to mention i had some people to impress.. i knew i couldn't go to school looking like a hobo the first day! ya not gonna happen! I took clothes off the hanger, looled at them in the mirror, and threw them on the floor until i found the outfit that i wanted to wear. I settled on a my grey toms, dark jeans, with a flowy light blue top, with my hair straight like any other day. I grabbed my school bag and headed to my moms room to wake her up so she could take me to school. i opened the double doors to the loud sound of my mom snoring. I tiptoed to my moms bed and tapped her shoulder.

Katie!~ Mom, wake up its time to take me to school

Mom~ 5 more mintes

Katie~ no mom, now lets go! were gonna be late.

She groaned and finally got her butt out of bed. As we were driving to school my stomach started to tense up. I don't know why its doing this. I can't help but to think i'm getting nervous to see David again. The thought of seeing him makes me smile and tense up. We drove to the front of the school, i hopped out of the car and started walking to the school. And then what do you know! My mom rolls down the freaking window!

Mom~ have a good day honey!

I froze and looked back to see her in the corner of my eyes. Many people looked at me and laughed. I couldn't believe she did that! i swear sometimes it a parents JOB to embarrass their child. The bell rang and hundreds of kids went to their team area. The team area is basically a big circle with a spiraling stair case by the window, with about 5 large classrooms around. Each wall had about ten Mac computers hooked into the wall, along with chairs and desks. Everyone went into their homeroom, which is where we watch our morning news and announcements. So far, no sight of David. The bell rang and we went to our first period.. Science. I walked into the class room and found my good friends to sit next to. 

Katie~ Hey!!

I hugged a couple of my friends, i was glad to see that i had a class with Megan, one of my really good friends.

Megan~ Hey! how are you? We haven't talked in a while!

Katie~ I know this summers been really busy with volleyball and everything. See what sucked for me was i didn't get to see my friends as much as i had hoped because i had to split my summer time between my mom and my dad. They got divorced when i was 2 and we have had new custody arrangements almost every year.

Lauren~ How was your summer?

Katie~ pretty good, it wasn't the best. You know it was actually kinda boring, but i was glad to be out of school.

Lauren ~ Ya same here!

The classroom was filled with nurds, and once again i saw the clicks. The populars in the back, the nurds, really all over the place, and then us in the middle. Our teacher walked into the room, she shut the door and sat at her desk at the front of the room. She did not look friendly. She was short and had a grumpy look on her face. All she did was mumble on about her expectations of the class and all i heard was bla bla bla bla... 45 minutes later, which felt like forever, she announced class dismissed, since we don't have a passing period bell. I went to my second period, pre algebra, we all walked in and sat down. Still no sign of David but this class i could already tell was going to be fun. Even though the teacher came across mean and strict, we had all the popular and out going students. Again, all she talked about was the requirements and the things we needed to bring to her class every period. Another 45 minutes past and my next period was health/PE.  But this classroom wasn't in our team area, it was oddly in another team area. I walked down the hallway with Jordan, one of by best friends that i was super jealous of. She had long blonde hair, freckles, blue eyes and an outgoing personality that i wish i had. when we got into the classroom, we took our seats, me sitting next jordan. right before class was about to start a voice entered the room.

David~ Sorry I'm late! i couldn't find the class

Mr. Hagery~ its fine, your not late, take a seat. 

my heart was beating a million miles per hour. i could hear every thump! He slowly walked past me.

David~ Hey! he whispered 

Katie~ Hey:) i said in a low tone. He sat at the table next to me with his short friend patrick. He had lots of freckles, braces, and black skater boy hair. 

Thats when i realized how much cuter David had gotten from last year. I don't know why i didn't notice before, i was probably too much in shock. But he grew his hair out like Patricks. It was longer, skater boy hair that went to his eyebrows. I couldn't stop looking at him. And i couldn't help but think he was looking at me too.

*** Davids Point of View ***

Great! Now i'm all hot and kinda sweaty, i looked in just about every hallway to find this freaking classroom! I saw Katie was glad i had at least one class with her. But as i looked around i saw a lot of cute girls! This year is going to be fun! I couldn't help but to keep looking at Jordan, and then all the other girls around the classroom i didn't know that well.


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