Not in Plain Sight

Ever wandered what your life was gonna be like down the road. Or ever wandered what your life plan was? Experience Katie and the obstacles she goes through. during these obstacles she meets many guys,and falls for a couple. Who will end up being "the one." It can be hard to find the bright side of a situation, but there will always be something good that happens down the road of every new path.


1. Every Beat

"Things end. But memories last forever"


Ally~ come on let's go! We're gonna be late!

Katie~ ok, ok, I'm coming.

It was the first week of school. Everyone seemed exited but also nervous, it's our first year here at Rocky Ridge, and our first year of middle school. We are finally out of the "baby" sage! Even though it's exciting, it's also intimidating. Bigger school, more and cuter guys, and a whole new schedule. I lost count of how many times Ive gotten lost and it's only the first week! Ally for one is a goody goody tushu and absolutely hates being late, and some how she knows her way all around school! We slowly entered the locker room. I looked around and saw at least 35 girls standing around the purple lockers. Right when the door slammed behind us, all eyes were on us. My heart started beating out of my chest as I walked around trying to find my locker. Locker number 1017, 1017, 1017. Where the heck is my locker? There it is, right next to my best friend ally... aaaand Arie, the most annoying person alive! You know, the person with the high squeaky voice that never shuts up! Ya that's Arie.

Ally~ what are we supposed to do?

Katie~ I don't know just follow everyone else and then we might find out where to go.

Ally~ ok

We changed into of work our clothes. In my opinion, they were uuuuggllyy. We were required to wear a grey tshirt with black basketball shorts. Me and ally both gave each other a look in disgust. A few girls started heading out of the locker room.

Katie~ come on let's go... We followed the girls. We ended up in the gym with about 40 other people. Everyone was sitting down in their "groups." You could already tell who was who. Cute tall guys, and short blondeys, the populars, the nurdy geeks, no offense, were obvious, and then the rest of us. Me, I'm in the middle, along with my friends. We're a little on the shy side but outgoing around certain people.

Mr. Court~ Hey everyone sit down over here, we're gonna have a little chat!

From the look of him, he looked like he was going to be one of those teachers that every girl would end up having a crush on, no matter how much older he is. He was tall and buff, with a cute go-t, and had a personality of a teenager. When he smiled you could see all the girls staring him down and drooling over him.

Mr. Court~ incase you don't know me, I'm Coach court, you guys can call me Mr. Court, Coach Court, whatever floats your boat. But please don't call me dude or bro, I'm not your bro, aannd don't really want to be your bro... No offense.

All the guys laughed and the girls giggled. There was another coach beside him eating a donut. By the size of his muffin top you could tell he loved to eat! About 15 minutes after listening to them babble on about what they expect of us and what not, they put us in rows. Me and ally were across from each other, our other friends were spread out across the rest of the gym. And then across from me was this cute guy,David, with blonde clean cut hair. He was about my height, 5'6ish, and a little crazy.



His laugh made you laugh, his smile made you blush, but like any other 6th grader, he was immature. Every sentence that came out of someone's mouth became inappropriate. I giggled and he looked over, I think I just encouraged him to keep doing it but I didn't care I thought it was funny. Even though I started to develop feelings for this this guy, I found him annoying at times. He historically laughed at everything cause he thought it was inappropriately funny. And then he was kind of wild, he talked pretty loud and was just a hipper guy. And me, Im shy! I can't talk to a guy to save my life! Oh my gosh he's walking over here. I fixed my hair and pretended I didn't notice.

David~ hey!

Oh my gosh! What do I say!?! I don't wanna sound too excited, and I don't want my voice to crack or something weird, wouldn't that be embarrassing... Ok Katie you got this!

Katie~ Hi:) I said bash fully.

Wow all that stress for a one word answer. Nice going Katie, niice going. He sat down next to me and started talking to me. I felt every beat of my heart wanting to burst out of my chest!

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