Not in Plain Sight

Ever wandered what your life was gonna be like down the road. Or ever wandered what your life plan was? Experience Katie and the obstacles she goes through. during these obstacles she meets many guys,and falls for a couple. Who will end up being "the one." It can be hard to find the bright side of a situation, but there will always be something good that happens down the road of every new path.


2. Back Again

"Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet."

Everyone was walking outside. Unfortunately, we were gonna run the rest of athletics. I hate running. I think its cruel and pointless. The doors opened and the cool breeze swept my long brown hair off my shoulders, I instantly felt chills go up and down my body.

Katie~ oooohhh myyy ggooshhh its freaking cold out here!

Ally~ i know! i don't know why we have to come out here when the weather is like this, we could just run inside.

David~what's up twin towers?!

Katie~twin towers? (I said giggling) 

David~ ya twin towers, thats what i'm gonna call you guys from now on

Katie~ (i laughed) why?

David~ because you guys are tall!

We both giggled as we walked towards the track. Our track was black, and on top of a big hill, with a great view of the beautiful Colorado mountains.

David~ so you guys ready to run?!

we both gave each other a look and answered at the same time.

Katie and Ally~ no!

David~ (he laughed) why not?

Ally~ because! we hate running! and its cold outside!

David~ its not cold! its just a little chilly!

i looked into his big green eyes and smiled. He looked into my eyes and smiled back:)


Seeing the track on the way to school brought back many good memories from athletics. I didn't really talk to David that often and wandered what team he was gonna be on this year. (Since my school is so big, we have teams. Each grade is separated in about 4 teams. The people that are on your team are the only people you have classes with, except for elective classes and lunch) We drove into the parking lot of Rocky Ridge. I saw many of my friends and acquaintances walking into the school. It's kinda of weird seeing the people you were friends with during the year but didn't talk to over the summer. A couple minutes later we walked into the double doors of the school. There were hundreds of kids inside getting their schedule and pictures taken. My school is very open compared to others. When you walk in the office and nurses office is to the hard left. When you take a few more steps there are hallways to the left and right. Straight ahead is the cafeteria, in the cafeteria is our stage, then our double stair case that go's up the middle, then there are smaller staircases to each side of it. Our school, in my opinion, looks like an octagon! But it's cool:) In the cafeteria, there were tables set up according to last name. A-L to the left and M-Z to the right. I walked to the left and stopped when i was at the table. The lady at the table was about in her 30s, she had short thin red hair and a rude look on her face.

Lady at table~ Last name

Katie~ Benson

She sighed and flipped through a stack of papers and handed me my schedule

Kate~ thanks

Lady at table~ (no reply :-/ )

I looked at my schedule and saw expeditioners printed at the top of my paper! Yes! I wanted to be on expeds, thats what we called it, so badly! I heard they have good teachers and the most field trips!

Ally walked over anxious to see what team i was on.

Ally~ hey!! what team are you on?!

Katie~ expeds, what about you?!

Ally had a sad expression on her face and looked down.

Ally~ Lucky! i'm on navigators 

My heart kinda dropped when she told me we weren't going to be on the same team.

Kate~ well at least we will have lunch together! And i heard navigators is fun too

I didn't really hear that, i just needed some way of making her feel better. Her parents came over, they said hello and gave me a friendly hug. I love her parents, they are really my second family, even Ally's little brother Mark. I always give him a hard time and play around with him, i just tell people that he is my younger brother ;) Me and Ally gave each other a hug and said goodbye. Just as they walked out the door i heard someone yell my name. it was david ;)

David~ Hey!

He threw his arms around me. I felt the warmth of his body against mine as he hugged me tightly

Katie~ Hey! Long time no see!

David~ i know! we haven't talked in forever! What team are you on?!


























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