Without you

Bailey is a normal British girl living in Bradford. She unexpectedly met one direction and falls in love with none other than zayn Malik. That all changes when something tragic happens. Will she move on or try to get him back if that's possible.


17. This is not over

Ethan's P.O.V.

I was so close to getting bailey. She's gonna pay for calling the cops on me a year ago. I hope she's in pain and is desperately trying to breath. I was going through a random neighborhood because I was trying to search for her. I didn't think she would be in a rich neighborhood but I looked anyway. I was going past a lake when I saw a girl sitting on a bench. I swore that looked just like her. I called her hoping that she didn't change her name which she hopefully didn't. She was very scared and started running when she hung up. I chased after her in my car. She finally ran into the driveway of the biggest house I have ever seen. She was banging on the door and screaming even though she knew I was coming anyway. I grabbed her and knocked her out with a metal pole. I tied her up and as I was picking her up to put in my car when a blonde guy came out the front door. He punched me a lot and after awhile I pretended that I was knocked out. He put her inside and called someone named Zayn. He was turned away and I took off running when he wasn't looking. This is not over and it will never be. I slowly went into my car and slowly backed out. Someday I'm going to kill her for calling the cops on me that hot spring night.
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