Without you

Bailey is a normal British girl living in Bradford. She unexpectedly met one direction and falls in love with none other than zayn Malik. That all changes when something tragic happens. Will she move on or try to get him back if that's possible.


16. Remember me?

Baileys P.O.V.

I was so mad that I ran right out of the house. I decided that I just wanted to be alone for a little. I walked to the nearby lake and sat down at one of the benches. Th lake was very peaceful and beautiful. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard my phone ring. "Hello? Who is this?" I was weirded out a little because it said unknown number. "Don't you remember my voice?" Oh no I do remember that voice. He was the guy who gave me nightmares for 7 months. "E-Ethan?" I was freaking out I hoped it wasn't him, please don't be him please don't be him. "Yup I thought you would remember me. Oh and by the way you look beautiful sitting by the lake. I'll come and say hello" I hung up and took off running to the house. When I got to the house the door was locked. I was pounding and pounding as hard as I could and no one came to the door. I then started screaming "HELP! HARRY LOUIS LIAM NIALL ZAYN ANYBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!!" Right then I was grabbed and fell unconscious.

Nialls P.O.V.

I was playing my guitar softly in the living room. Everyone was out but me so I thought I could try to write a new song for the new album. I was in the middle of a song called "I would" when I heard knocking and screaming coming from the front door. I lightly put my guitar back in its case and went to the front door. A guy I didn't recognize was trying to grab Bailey. She was unconscious and he had her arms tied behind her back. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH BAILEY!?" I quickly (while the guy was off guard) grabbed bailey and threw her inside trying to be gentle. I then punched the guy in the face and his nose started bleeding. I was punching him and he wouldn't go unconscious. I ran inside quickly and got a chair. I ran out as fast as I could and hit him in the head. He fell to the ground and was knocked out. Quickly I called Zayn "hello?" He answered. "I found bailey on the front porch unconscious there was a guy who was trying to grab her and put her in his car." "I'm coming right now." I hung up and looked out the front door and the guy was gone. He better not come near here again. I have a feeling in my gut that he was trying to kill bailey. I hope she's ok. Oh wait she told me about the story with her and that guy named Ethan. Wait was that Ethan?
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