Without you

Bailey is a normal British girl living in Bradford. She unexpectedly met one direction and falls in love with none other than zayn Malik. That all changes when something tragic happens. Will she move on or try to get him back if that's possible.


19. Our Last Night

Zayn's P.O.V.

I looked at bailey with a sad expression on my face. How was I supposed to tell her what I just heard on the phone? If I tell her then I will add more stress that she already has. If I don't tell her then she won't know that Ethan escaped jail. "What happened?" She asked me. "Oh nothing just a business call that's all." "Why do you look so sad?" Ummm how was I gonna say this? "I was just thinking about an iPhone case I've been wanting for awhile. It's really cool and has my second favorite thing on it." I told her. "What's on it?" "Mirrors" "aww only Zayn would say that." She said with a chuckle. Good she was buying it lets just see how long this will last though. "I need to tell you something very important" I said. I needed to tell he I just didn't know how. I took a breath and said "Ethan escaped from jail" her happy expression fell. I knew she was not gonna be ok. "Ok" "ok?" "Yes because I know everything will be kind in the end. I just need to tell you something." She leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear. "I want you right now. Please just tonight that's all I'm asking you. Tonight also might be our last night together so just thought that if we could still be in love that we express our love someho-" I cut her off by very hungrily smashing my lips to hers. She gave me an adorable grin.

The next day.

I was happy even though me and bailey both know that this might be our last day together. I thought we could go in the backyard and swim. She said yes and ran upstairs to get her bathing suit. When she was upstairs Niall walke out of the kitchen holding a plate full of food and a soda in his free hand. "Hey mate can I talk to you?" I asked him. I still haven't thanked him for saving bailey's life. "I just wanted to thank you for saving bailey. If you weren't there I don't think I would've been able to live with myself about what happened. I'm still upset over it" I feel really bad for that. Still. "Your welcome Zayn. Just remember that all of us and Eleanor are here for her. We all like her alot and would do anything for her." "Thank you Niall. For everything" just after I said that bailey walked in with a purple and pink polka dot bikini. "We'll someone looks fancy for swimming" I said to her grinning like an idiot because I was thinking about last night. "Shut up" she said playfully. I'm gonna miss that if she leaves. I don't want her to leave and I won't let her leave. I will protect her from anything and anyone. Ethan is going to hell.
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