Without you

Bailey is a normal British girl living in Bradford. She unexpectedly met one direction and falls in love with none other than zayn Malik. That all changes when something tragic happens. Will she move on or try to get him back if that's possible.


3. Meeting One direction

As soon as I got home I texted Zayn.
"Hey zayn! It's me bailey from the tattoo shop��"
"Hey want to hang out with me and 4 of my friends?"
"Sure! Where do I go?"
"9274 waters boulevard"
"Ok! See you in a few"
"Kk see you in a few!"

I am so excited that I can barely feel my legs. I quickly got dressed wearing a grey dress that goes to my knees with a black belt. I put on my favorite pair of small heeled boots. I grabbed my keys and got out of my apartment. I looked up the directions and left. As I pulled up to a huge mansion my phone beeped "you are at your destination" as my phone started playing "little things" by one direction I smiled real big because that's the song that plays when Zayn texts me. It said "almost here?"
"Yeah I pulling into the driveway now"
"Yay! Ok I'll be waiting inside��"
I put my phone in my bag and got out of the car. Inside I was screaming with excitement but on the outside I was trying to keep my cool and not flip out. I knocked on the door and immediately Zayn popped up.
"Hi bailey!"
"Hi Zayn!"
" come in and meet my friends"
"Ok are they nice?"
"Of course!!"
As soon as he said that I saw 4 boys running towards me and screaming things like "oo a girl!" Or "Zayn whose your girlfriend?"
I kinda blushed when his curly haired friend said that. I do like Zayn a lot but of coarse I need to get to know him better first.
"Guys this is my friend bailey" Zayn said to his friends.
"Hi I'm Harry" the curly one said.
"I'm Niall" the blonde one said. "As you can tell I'm Irish"
I simply smiled at that and the one with brown hair and brown eyes pushed him out of the way and said" Hi I'm Louis! And I love carrots"
Another boy with a biz cut came up to me and said "hi I'm Liam nice meet you"
Niall said " he's the smart one who always correctly introduces himself." Gosh why am I so attracted to all these boys.
"Hi I'm bailey and I'm not Zayn's girlfriend if you guys were wondering" I said kinda awkwardly. All the guys seemed so interested in what I was saying so I kept on talking "I like to watch movies especially toy story 1,2,&3"
"DIBS!!"Liam screamed. Everyone else started to scream at Liam saying that they already had dibs when I screamed "HEY GUYS! I'm not anyone's dibs. Even if I did date anyone I would chose who to date"
"Well that was harsh" I heard Harry wisper.
"HEY!" I yelled at Harry.
"Just ignore him and continue" Louis said. Right then Harry surprised Louis by jumping on his back and making him fall to the floor. We all burst out laughing and couldn't stop for like 5 minutes.
"Ok I like carrots and pizza"I said before Niall and Louis both shouted "DIBS"
That's when Zayn went over and punched them both lightly in the arm. After about 10 minutes of explaining what I like to do, like to watch, like to eat, and listening to them argue over who had dibs over me I finally finished.
Niall then shouted "IM HUNGRY!"
"Of coarse you are lad" Zayn said. "How about we go to nandos?" Niall begged.
"What's nandos?" I asked.
Everyone (especially Niall) gasped and Niall even pretended to faint.
"IT'S THE BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD!" Zayn screamed. Making our faces a few inches away from eachother. I felt kind of weak in my knees because I was now hanging out with the most popular boy band in the world.
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