Without you

Bailey is a normal British girl living in Bradford. She unexpectedly met one direction and falls in love with none other than zayn Malik. That all changes when something tragic happens. Will she move on or try to get him back if that's possible.


10. It's gotta be you

I slowly leaned into her hoping she would want to kiss me. If she didn't kiss me I would understand. If she did kiss me I would never want to let her go. Why am I thinking so much about this? I know deeply inside my heart that I love her even though I've only known her for a couple of days. Reality came back to me when I felt her lips touch mine. It was the best feeling ever and the only kiss I've really liked. She pulled away and said "I'm sorry Zayn" what was she talking about? "Why are you sorry?" I asked. "For being here and I know I'm not good enough for you"she said. "Why did you choose me? Out of every other beautiful girl in the world that have a crush on you. Why me?" I took a breath and spilled every thing to her. "I like you because your different. You didn't scream and chase after me when you figured out who I was." I really meant everything I said to her and hoped that she felt the same way. I then started singing softly to her. "Girl I see it in your eyes and how it trembles when I speak to you I don't resemble who I want you almost had enough. And your actions speak louder than words and your about to hear all my words. So don't be scared. I ain't going no where. I'll be here by your side no fears no more crying but if you walk away I know I'll faint cause there is nobody else it's gotta be you." My voice started to crack when I sang the high note. I hope she felt the same way to me as I did for her. "Bailey I really like you and do not want to let you go. I chose you because all of those other girls only want me because I'm in one direction. They don't care that I don't want them and they don't care enough to see that I will never like them. When I first saw you I knew you were different and different is always good in my book." I meant everything and wanted her to know that. "I believe you but I didn-" she started to say before I crashed my lips into hers. It felt like we stayed there forever and I truly did want to stay there forever. I felt things that I have never felt for a girl before. I now knew that she liked me the same way I liked her. I never want to let her go or hurt her. Ever.
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