Without you

Bailey is a normal British girl living in Bradford. She unexpectedly met one direction and falls in love with none other than zayn Malik. That all changes when something tragic happens. Will she move on or try to get him back if that's possible.



Baileys P.O.V.
I felt something new with Zayn. It felt like something that wouldn't hurt me like that one guy did a long time ago. I didn't want to think about that at all but I couldn't help it. I didn't want to think about Ethan and that was final. I wondered if I ever have to tell Zayn. Of course I have to tell him I just don't know when. I was back in reality when Liam yelled, "FOUND YOU!!!" And he started to do a very weird happy dance. "Were y'all two making out in there?" Harry said walking up behind Liam. "NO! I mean no we were just kissing" Zayn said. He started blushing and I thought he looked cute when he blushed. "We were just having our first kiss is all" I said after awhile of awkward silence. "Aww that's adorable!" Louis said. "Thank you boo-bear" Zayn said. "Boo-bear?" I asked. "Yeah it's one of Louis's nickname we gave him" Zayn said. "What's another one of your nicknames?" I asked Louis. "Lou I pretty much have 2 nicknames" he said to me. "That's cool!" I answered. "So Liam" Niall said as he walked up to us from the pool house. "Did you like your surprise this morning?" He asked. "Speaking of that you will help me clean my sheets and clothes that you ruined with the chocolate, caramel, and strawberry sauce." Liam answered. Heehee have fun Niall. "Aw man why do I have to do it?" Niall asked. "Because you asked about it so come on and help me" Liam said. "Ugh" Niall moaned as he walked with Liam inside the house to clean. "So what next?" Zayn asked. "Let's go to the club!" Harry screamed. In my ear by the way and it hurt. "Ow! I've never been to a club before." I said. I heard 3 loud gasps then Louis said "I'll call Eleanor to help you get ready and we will all go together. It will be so much fun!" He got his phone out and called Eleanor. "Hey Eleanor……do you want to help Zayn's new girlfriend get ready for clubbing to tonight?………yes of course you can come too………ok see you in a little bit" he then hung up and looked at me "she is on her way. Eleanor is very sweet and pretty and she will help you get ready for clubbing!" He said excitedly.

30 minutes later

DING! DONG! Louis ran to the door and greeted Eleanor with a kiss. "Hi El!!" The boys all screamed. "Hi guys! How's it going?" She said back to them. "I'm guessing your bailey" she said to me. "That's me!" I said. "Ok let's go get ready" she said to me. We ran up the stairs and into my room. "Do you have any dresses to wear?" She asked me. "Um no sorry" I said. "It's fine because I brought some that I thought would be your size." She said happily. Wait how would she know what my size was? "How did you know my size?" "I've seen you in a magazine when you and the boys went to nandos." She said like it was an everyday thing. "I'm guessing by the expression on your fAce that your surprised?" She asked me. "Yeah a little bit. I was just not that liked when I was younger so no one never really knew who I was" I said. "Aw I'm sorry bailey. Lets show the boys who you are then." She asked me. "Ok ill let you get to work" I said.

1 hour later

As I walked down the stairs all the guys's jaws dropped. I think Harry's went the lowest to be honest. I was wearing a short pink sparkly dress with silver heels. Eleanor curled my hair and pulled some of it back so it won't be in my face. She even put some eyeliner on me with a little whip at the end of it. "You…….look………amazing" Zayn said and them walked up to me and kissed me. "Thank you. You look amazing too!" I said back to him. "LET'S GO CLUBBING!!" Louis screamed and put his arm around Eleanor and walked out the door to their car. What was I about to see?
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