Without you

Bailey is a normal British girl living in Bradford. She unexpectedly met one direction and falls in love with none other than zayn Malik. That all changes when something tragic happens. Will she move on or try to get him back if that's possible.


8. Breakfast time!

Waking up in Zayn's arms is the best feeling ever. Until I heard laughing and a click of a camera.
"Shhh Louis they'll wake up" I heard Harry say. "No they won't trust me they are both sound asleep. See?" Louis said. I hope they don't post any pics of us on twitter. "GUYS!" Zayn said scaring them both and making Harry fall. I started silently laughing but they saw that I was awake so I couldn't help myself and laughed a hard as I could. " haha lets get some breakfast I'm starving" Louis said after I quit laughing. "You sound like Niall now" Harry said. "Who sounds like Niall?" Niall asked as he walked into the room. "Nothing! We were just saying that we are hungry" Harry said. "I'LL MAKE BREAKFAST FOR EVERYONE!!" Zayn shouted. "AND I'LL HELP!" I screamed. "Alrighty then let's get to making!" Zayn said. About an hour later we had a bunch of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and pancakes laid across the table. " 1 2 3 BREAKFAST IS READY!" Zayn and I shouted. Immediately I heard 3 sets of footsteps coming down the stairs. "Where's Liam?" I asked. "He's still sleeping we were gonna make a prank to wake him up but then you called us so we will just do it after breakfast." Niall said. "Can I do it with you?" I asked. "Of course you can!" Louis said. Hmm what should I do to Liam?
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