Take Me Home

Rachel has always been alone in life. She doesn't fit in at her school and no one shares the same passion as our little American, a love for music. But when she meets Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis, everything changes. This is a story of love, heartbreak and how far you are willing to travel to be with the one you love...


28. The Journal (Final Chapter)



.:~Louis’ P.O.V.~:.


   I read over those last three words, “Take Me Home.” Our lives revolved around those words. I’m glad she left this story for me… our story. I looked up at our wedding picture. So much has happened since that day, ten years ago. We still lived together, all ten of us, well now it was 13 with one on the way. A lot has happened, not just to Rachel and I, but all of us. Liam and Denise had twins, one boy and one girl, Sean and Samantha. Sarah and Harry were expecting a little baby boy any day now. Raelene and Zayn are engaged and Niall and Juliet have been happily married for three years. As for me and Rachel, it has been a huge rollercoaster. We got married and everything was good, but then her magazine started plummeting, luckily it came back though, more popular than ever. Also, after having tried for two years, we learned Rachel was unable to become pregnant. We still tried, and she did get pregnant, only to lead to a miscarriage. We decided to try adoption, and from there things got a little better, but after two years of no news, I came home to the worst thing in the world, I remember it so clearly


**3 years ago**

   I walked in the house after a CD signing. Rachel wasn’t anywhere to be found. I walked upstairs to see her packing a bag. I felt tears in the corner of my eyes.

“Are you, are you leaving me?” I asked, my lip quivered.

“Oh Louis! No no no no no!!!” She ran up and hugged me, “I’m never gonna leave you. But I have something I have to do.” She sat on the bed, “Louis, the adoption agency called. They doubt we will be getting a baby anytime soon, my job isn’t going all that great, stuff is going really downhill for me, so I think I need to finish what my dad started…” I ran and sat beside her

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean I’m joining the army.”


 **Back to Present**


   She had left three days later, come home occasionally, but I haven’t seen her in over a year. About 6 months ago, I got two letters. One from her and one from an adoption agency in Ethiopia. Her letter just talked about her life and how much she missed me, and the other, well let’s just say I was on a flight to Ethiopia the next day to pick up my son. That was the last time I had heard from Rachel too. She never responded to my letter about our child, whom I named Tommy, so I had a son named Tommy Tomlinson… I looked back down at the journal and flipped the page to see a note, it read;

“My dearest Louis,

You must’ve gone snooping through my stuff and found this. As you have probably already read it, you know this is our love story. I was going to take it with me, but I decided to leave it here for you to read whenever you miss me. I will be home soon. I promise.

I love you,



“That was a beautiful story.” The voice scared me. It was Liam. Him, Denise, Zayn, Raelene, Niall, Juliet, Harry and Sarah were all standing in the doorway.

“How long have you guys been standing there?” They all came in.

“Since you started. And you read the whole thing out loud.”

I sighed, “Yea, our story sure was something. Now I haven’t heard from her in 6 months and I’m so worried.” I started crying.

“Hey, she’ll be okay. She’s a fighter.” Sarah said and came to hug me.

Niall looked out the window and a worried look came across his face and Tommy started crying from upstairs.

“What is it Niall?” Harry asked, starting to get the same look on his face.

“Um, there is a military car in your driveway.”

I felt the tears dwell in my eyes. Oh no. That car only ever comes with bad news.

“Um, when they ring the doorbell, you guys answer it, I’m going to go get Tommy.”


   I heard the guys open the door, then an Oh My God, and then crying. I figured I should go downstairs. I was the husband and I had to accept what was happening. I walked down the stairs. The guys were crowding the door, but then I got to the bottom of the stairs, they cleared away and the only words that escaped my mouth were “Oh… My… God… Wha- what are you doing here?”

“I had to come home and see my son… I had to come home and be a mom…” she smiled and we kissed.

“Rachel, I was so scared. I hadn’t heard from you in months, I thought you were, ye know.” She smiled, “Well I’m not.” And she took Tommy from me. “I got your letters and I had to come home.” She looked at my hand, which had the journal in it, “I see you got my gift.” We did a huge group hug.

“So, what does this mean… are you leaving again or…?” Rae asked.

“I think I’m going to stay at home.”

After 15 years, everything was the way it should be… permanently.


Okay, well I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you to all of my characters! I really enjoyed writing this. I may write another fanfiction soon so keep your eye on our page.

Love you guys

~Kenny Tomlinson

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