Take Me Home

Rachel has always been alone in life. She doesn't fit in at her school and no one shares the same passion as our little American, a love for music. But when she meets Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis, everything changes. This is a story of love, heartbreak and how far you are willing to travel to be with the one you love...


22. Risking Everything


**10 months later**


.:~Rachel’s P.O.V.~:.


It’s been going so great being back in England. The guys have gone back to school and so have Raelene and Sarah. Juliet isn’t in school anymore, she got tiered of it, so I hired her as my assistant and that’s been going great. Juliet, Denise and I all walk to work together everyday. The guys aren’t to far from us so they come home every weekend and occasionally, Louis will come up and take me on surprise date. Zayn and Liam usually fly up to see Sarah and Raelene as much as they can, but it’s hard for them with recordings, signings, concerts and schoolwork.


It was finally the end of the school year. The guys were coming home and so were Raelene and Sarah. We hadn’t been all together since Christmas. We decided we would all spend the weekend at their place, because Denise and I were the only ones who didn’t live there, but we figured we might soon because Louis and Liam really want us to. As Denise and I were packing I asked, “Are you going to bring a bathing suit?”

“Duh!” she laughed.

We grabbed our bags and hopped in the car. When we pulled up to the guys’ house, Sarah and Rae ran up and hugged us.

“Hey guys!!!” Rae said

“Long time no see,” Sarah laughed. We all went inside. We spent the night watching movies; Toy Story, Twilight, Hunger Games, you name it. Afterwards, we made cake… at 2AM, because that’s how much swag we got, well that and we were very drunk. Afterwards we ate it and that’s the last thing I remembered.

When I woke up in the morning, I looked over at the clock, 9AM. The house was still quiet so everyone must’ve been still sleeping. I felt someone’s arms wrapped around me. I looked over and saw Louis, quietly breathing as he slept. Nothing must’ve happened because we were both fully clothed, except Louis was shirtless. He has really nice abs, I thought to myself and laughed quietly and closed my eyes. I drifted off into sleep again…

I woke up to someone gently kissing my eyes. I opened them and saw Louis. I smiled and he smiled back and kissed me. I glanced at the clock, it was 11:30. I smelt food, so I got up with Louis to go eat. Harry and Sarah were making breakfast as everyone came down. I doubt anyone slept by themselves, I thought and laughed to myself. After we ate, we all changed into our bathing suits and went for a swim, well everyone except Zayn, because he couldn’t swim. He just tanned by the pool. After we had been swimming for two hours, we started to get hungry again, so Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall went to grab some Nandos while Juliet, Denise, Sarah and I went to make drinks. Rae and Zayn stayed outside. 15 minutes later, while we were still inside making drinks, I heard a piercing scream call for help come from the pool, it was Rae, and she was in trouble. We ran out to the pool but before we got there we heard a splash, so we ran faster. The next thing we saw were the guys standing there shocked and Zayn attempting to swim to get to Raelene, who was trying to breathe, but she couldn’t… I totally forgot she has asthma and then she passed out. Finally Zayn got her and dragged her to the shallow end where he could touch. I saw Sarah coming down with Raelene’s puffer and Niall calling the ambulance. I ran over to help Zayn get Raelene out of the water as the ambulance showed up. As they brought her to the ambulance, I noticed Zayn sitting in a corner rocking back and forth and it looked like he was crying, so while everyone was over with Raelene, I walked over to him,

“Hey Zayn… are you okay??”

“It was so scary,” he gasped, “she screamed and then was gasping for air, you guys weren’t here, I panicked, she would’ve died, I would’ve lost her.”

I smiled at him

“Zayn, you risked your own life to save her… she’s going to be okay, because of you.” He started crying again so I hugged him, “I almost lost her,” he cried

“But you didn’t. You’re the reason she’s still alive. And you could’ve died.”

“I’d rather have died trying to save her than having let her die.” And he leaned back into my shoulder and started crying again, so I stroked his back and whispered in his ear, “It’s okay now Zayn, it’s okay.”

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