Take Me Home

Rachel has always been alone in life. She doesn't fit in at her school and no one shares the same passion as our little American, a love for music. But when she meets Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis, everything changes. This is a story of love, heartbreak and how far you are willing to travel to be with the one you love...


5. Raelene is coming!


.:~Rachel’s P.O.V.~:.


One afternoon I got a letter, it was sent from New York City from a girl named Raelene Morales… God I know that name from somewhere. I opened the letter


“ Dear Rachel,

I’m not sure if you remember me, but you were one of my best friends before you moved. Anyways I thought I should tell you that I am moving to London and will be going to the same school as you. My flight arrives on October 12th at 14:00(2PM), I know this is kinda sudden, but we hoped you would be able to pick my family up and show me around. I really have missed you and can’t wait to see you again

Love Raelene”

Oh yea I remember her now. I looked over at the calendar. OH SHIT! It was October 12th and it was 13:30. I told my mom and we hopped into our car and drove.


   “RACHELLLLLLLLLLLLLL” I heard someone yell when we got there.

“OHMIGOD!!! RAELENE!!! So fantastic to see you!” I said as we hugged


   We drove her to her house, which was pretty close to mine, so that was good. We decided to go for a walk so that I could show her the neighborhood well our families caught up.


“So how’ve you been?” I asked

“Pretty great. I missed you though…” she replied

“Yea, me too” I said, thinking a little bit about her past, her personality and OHMIGOD! I just had a brilliant idea. I had to break up with Zayn. The longer I let us go on, the harder it would be, so I figured when I broke up with him I would introduce him to her.

“So tomorrow is Saturday” Raelene said, bringing me back to the world “I was hoping you could show me around a little again”

“Sorry Rae, I can’t. I have to fill out some files for something about the government, but you should go to the coffee house, you can always meet people there.

“Okay” she said with a smile


**Next Day**

.:~Zayn’s P.O.V.~:.

I was at the coffee house when I saw this girl walk in. She is so beautiful… Wait, no, Rachel, my girlfriend. The girl came and sat beside me and said

“Hi.” She was American. I could hear it in her accent.

“Hello love, I’m Zayn”
“Raelene.” She responded with a smile

Without even thinking I asked

“Do you wanna hang out sometime?” Oh shit, what did I just do?

“Umm yea, sure. Except I should tell you that my friend wants to introduce me to this guy cause she think we are, like perfect for each other, so I kinda have to meet him”

“Ah, okay. That’s cool” Good. I have time to break up with Rachel. I just have to make sure she doesn’t hate me.



.:~Rachel’s P.O.V.~:.


I walked into school and saw Zayn. I asked Raelene to meet me in the room in 5 min. I walked up to Zayn and he walked up to me and at the same time, we both said

“We need to talk” so we went up to the music room.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t do this anymore” we said simultaneously

“It’s just to awkward and doesn’t feel right” again, at the same time

“I met someone else,” he said just as I said “I want to introduce you to someone”

Okay, he met someone else. I was happy, because it was mutual and it didn’t look like there would be any tears. But one problem, what about Raelene?

As she walked in I heard him say


“Wait you know her?”

“She the other girl.”
He walked up and hugged her. I couldn’t help but smile. I knew they were perfect and we be together forever the minute their hands locked. Then Harry walked in, hand in hand with Sarah and behind them, Niall and Liam, then when they saw Raelene and Zayn hand in hand and looked confused.

“So I’m guessing you two are no longer together?” Harry asked

“Yea, but it was mutual and we both wanted him to be with the same girl,” I laughed “Raelene, this is Harry, Liam, Niall, you already know Zayn and Louis is the one who is always hand in hand with a bitch” I laughed weakly again.


When I got home from school, I noticed my mom had been crying.

“Mom… what’s wrong?” I asked scared.

I hadn’t seen her like this since she got the news dad died.

“Sweetheart, please sit down. We need to talk” I was now terrified

“Your brother got into some big drug trouble, and because we aren’t exactly citizens here… We are getting deported”

Deported. That word rang through my head. I just got my best friend back. I finally had friends here and now we are being deported. How was I going to tell the guys?

I ran out of the house crying and ran into Louis, he saw my face and rapped his arms around me.

“What’s wrong???” He asked, with a worried expression on his face.

I couldn’t say anything. I just turned around and walked away.

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