Take Me Home

Rachel has always been alone in life. She doesn't fit in at her school and no one shares the same passion as our little American, a love for music. But when she meets Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis, everything changes. This is a story of love, heartbreak and how far you are willing to travel to be with the one you love...


21. Juliet


.:~Rachel’s P.O.V.~:.

I woke up on a couch I didn’t recognized but then I remembered I was at Louis’. I walked up to the kitchen and heard the guys talking so I hid behind the wall

“So how totally thrilled are you?” I heard Harry ask

“I don’t even know how to describe it.” I heard Louis say and I smiled, “I was starting to think she wouldn’t be back.”
“So did we.” Zayn said.

“But she is and it’s like oh my god. I woke up this morning and thought it was a dream until I opened my eyes and saw her.” Louis said as he sighed happily.

There was a quick silence. Then I heard Niall say,

“So are you gonna break up with Alexis?”

“I dunno… I’m really starting to like Alexis more than Rachel…”

I gasped really loudly. The guys started laughing and they came and glanced around the corner.

“See we are not idiots,” Liam said to me laughing, “we heard you come up so you know we had to freak you out.” All the guys were laughing as Louis came up and hugged me.

“Wait, so you aren’t with Alexis?” I asked.

“Hahaha are you kidding? She’s been trying for the past two years but failed horribly. You’re the only girl I think about.” Louis said as he kissed my hair

“You guys are such asses!!” I yelled and playfully slapped Niall. We all laughed. I was happy here. This was home. I was home.

I figured I should head home back to Denise, so I kissed Louis goodbye and walked out.


  When I got home Denise was sitting watching TV.

“Oh so you didn’t get abducted,” she laughed.

“Nope, still alive…” I smiled, “So, how happy is Liam?”
“He spent the whole night telling me how much he missed me and how happy he was we were here. With how sweet and how much he cares about me, I think, no, I know I’m in love him.”

“Well I know he feels the same. So have you found a job yet?” I asked.

“Yea, actually I found one for both of us.”

“Oh really, what is it?”

“Well, a magazine called Forever really liked your article about the guys you wrote while they were on X Fact-”

“You showed people that private article I wrote for fun?” I asked, kinda mad.

“Yes, but they loved it, and they liked my articles on fashion. It’s a new magazine and they really want us… So what do you say?”
“I say…” I thought for a second, “I say I’m in.”

She screamed and ran and hugged me.

“This is going to be so amazing! Two best friends come to London to be huge magazine writers. It’s like a chick-flick.” She laughed

We hugged again. I was so excited. I have Louis back, Denise and I have fantastic jobs with great pays.


.:~Niall’s P.O.V.~:.

**Flashback 6 months ago**

I was walking through London on my way to Nandos for lunch. When I got there, I headed towards my normal seat at the counter, where I sat when I came alone, but I noticed a girl was sitting there. She looked really pretty, so I went to sit beside her. I noticed she was wearing a shirt with Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory on it, and normally I’m not all that great at flirting, but I decided to give it a shot. So when I sat down I looked over at her.

“Your sitting in my spot.” I said quietly, kinda hoping afterwards she wouldn’t hear.
“What?” She looked at me confused and then looked at her shirt and realized what I had done. She laughed. I smiled back. She looked at me with her deep brown eyes and smiled,

“Hi, I’m Juliet.”

“I’m Niall,” I shook her hand

“Oh yea, you’re from One Direction. I love you guys!”

The cashier came up to us and asked what we wanted and at the same time we said,

“Peri-Peri Chicken with a small coke.” We looked at each other. I couldn’t help myself, it just came out and I didn’t realize what I had done until I had already asked, “Will you go out with me?” I gasped, “I’m sorry, I didn’t, I mean normally I don-, but, I should go.” I got up and walked away. Jeez, I was doing so well with the flirting and I messed up. When I got home, I went to put on my pajamas, and as I took off my jeans, I noticed something fall out of my pocket. I picked it up just to see it was a Nando’s Napkin. I almost threw it out but I noticed ink on the paper. I read it;

“555-0125, Call me –Juliet”

Oh my god. She still liked me. I decided I would call her in the morning.


**Back to the Future**

“I love flashing back to that moment. That moment I fell in love,” I thought as I played with Juliet’s hair while she slept. She was so perfect. I really love her; I need to tell her someday. I saw her eyes flutter open.

“I love you Juliet.” Shit, whenever I’m with her, I don’t think before I say something. What if I just creeped her out and she would leave? She looked up at me and smiled,

“I love you too Niall. I have since you first told me I was sitting at your spot at Nando’s.” She kissed me

“So have I Juliet.” I smiled and kissed her again.

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