Take Me Home

Rachel has always been alone in life. She doesn't fit in at her school and no one shares the same passion as our little American, a love for music. But when she meets Niall, Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis, everything changes. This is a story of love, heartbreak and how far you are willing to travel to be with the one you love...


19. Do all these bags look like I'm just visiting


.:~Rachel’s P.O.V.~:.


I put on my fangirl voice and yelled “OH MY GOD! IT’S ONE DIRECTION!!!” and the guys stopped dead and only Liam turned around. I heard Harry say something and then Liam. All the guys turned around. They ran up to me and I ran up to them. We hugged for like ever, we didn’t say a word. Our smiles said enough. Then finally Zayn asked me

“How long are you visiting?”

I smiled back at him and said, “Do all these bags look like I’m just visiting?”

The guys had a huge smile on their faces. I know I did too. I looked over at Liam,

“I have one more surprise for you Liam.” A girl walked up behind him and covered his eyes. He moved her hands and turned around and I saw the biggest smile form on his face when I heard her say, “She’s not the only one here to stay.” Liam leaned in and kissed Denise for a long time, then it hit me that something was wrong… Louis wasn’t there. I tapped Harry in the shoulder and asked, “Where’s Louis?”

“He’s in the music room, just go in those doors, up the stairs, down the hall to the right. Just follow the sound of music” He said and laughed. I turned to the guys and said,

“I’ll meet you guys later. Denise, are you going to wait or go with the guys?”
“I think I’ll go with the guys.” She responded

“We will take your bags back to your apartment.” Liam smiled

“Thanks!” I yelled as I ran to the building.

I walked up the stairs and heard a piano playing, so, like Harry said, I followed the sound of music. I got to the door and I recognized Louis. His back was to me. I wondered what I would say to him. He was playing a song I didn’t recognize and kept stopping to write stuff down and would play with words. I could already tell that it could probably use two people playing piano. He finally stopped and started to play and sing;

“Everyone's around, no words are coming out.

And I can't find my breath, can we just say the rest with no sound.

And I know this isn't enough, I still don't measure up.

And I'm not prepared; sorry is never there when you need it. And I do want you know I hold you up above everyone.”

I walked up to him a placed my fingers on the piano, looked at the music sheet and sang a long with him; “And I do want you know I think you'd be good to me and I’d be so good to youuuu.” Then he said/sang “I would.” And we kissed. Suddenly he jerked away as if reality had just hit him.

“What are you doing here??”

“Didn’t I promise I would see you again by your last day of school…? It’s your last day of school isn’t it?”

“Yea… how long are you staying for?” he asked. I led him to the window and the guys were outside putting my bags into their car.

“Who said I was just visiting?” I smiled. We kissed again for a long time, passionately. I realized I missed him so much more than I thought, and I thought it was impossible to miss him more.

I turned to him, “Let’s finish this song and we will go back… okay?”

“Okay,” he smiled and we kissed again.

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