Half Hearted

Mia is still living in the past. She fell in love with the perfect guy and she knew he was the one. Until she found he'd been cheating on her with Victoria Paxon, the local slut on the corner of my street. Now that Brenden broke her heart and took half of it with him, Mia's not sure if she will ever fall in love again. But one day a new boy moves in across the street. His name is Adam Madison, and he quickly falls for his new neighbor. But he knows that her past had scarred her, he just wasn't sure what happened. Adam will have to find a crack in her wall she's built to see what's inside, but he might not be too satisfied with what he finds. Half of a heart doesn't love as a whole heart does.


15. The Time

Mia's POV~

   "Hey, you! The beach is closed!" yelled a man waving a flashlight from a distance. Hopfully he was far enough away to not see us without our clothes.

   "Run," Adam said, running as fast as he could to get out of the water. I quickly followed as we grabbed our clothes and ran in the opposite direction.

   "Hey! Now, don't run!" the man said, taking off after us. He was way too slow to catch up to us though. "Damn kids!" I heard him yell in the distance. I laughed at his attempt to keep up. This man had his better days when it came to physical fitness. Or as his short stature and beer belly told me.

   We finally stopped running and fell on the ground laughing. We were in a cute little park area with trees and gardens. Drying off as much as we could, we put our clothes back on and walked under a big willow tree. I shivered as we sat down in the cold grass.

   "Come here," Adam said, holding out his arms for me to climb into. His body heat warmed me up quickly, his hot breath on my neck. He lightly touched his lips to my neck over and over again, softer and softer. It drove me insane. I closed my eyes, feeling his warm lips touch my skin. Everywhere he wasn't touching me was ice cold. He slowly pulled away. I softly kissed the tip of his nose and lay my head on his shoulder, drifting into a light sleep. I couldn't help but smile at the thought of what I had. I couldn't believe it.

Adam's POV~

   After Mia drifted to sleep on my shoulder, I knew I had to take her home. Her mom would be worried sick about her if she didn't come home for two nights in a row. She'd know she was with me, but I didn't want her to hate me. I had only met her and she'd already felt like family to me.

   I carefully picked Mia up, into my arms, bridal style. Her head rested on my chest. She groaned as I began to walk.

   "Where we going?" she asked in a tired, quiet voice.

   "Home." She sighed and fell asleep again in my arms. We finally got back to my uncle's house. I took her inside and set her on the couch with a blanket and pillow as I cleaned up the place. Suddenly, a phone started to ring. I looked around, frantically, trying to find it before it woke Mia up. When I finally found it was her phone, I quickly answered it.

   "Mia?" said her mother's voice. I quickly ran to the other room so I could talk.

   "No, this is Adam. We were just about to come hom-"

   "Where are you?"

   "South Haven," I said. "My uncle owns a beach house so I-"

   "Well it's about 1 o'clock, dear."

   "Really?" I asked. I hadn't even thought to look at the time. "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry we will be hom-"

   "I'm not letting you go driving around with my daughter in your car at 1 in the morning! You just stay where you're at and come home first thing tomorrow morning."

   I smiled. "Alright-"

    "Now, Adam Madison, I expect no funny buisness with my baby girl tonight, you hear me? I'd like her to come home a virgin. She's too young for that anyways, and I think I would have to kill you if she came home knocked up, alright?"

   I couldn't help but laugh. I love how straight forward she was. "I hear you Mrs. Love. We'll come home first thing tomorro-"

   "Alright, hun. I'm getting tired. I'm going to bed, and I suggest you do too. Remember, no funny buisness!"

   I laughed. "Goodnight Mrs. Love."

   "Goodnight dear."

   I think that was the first sentence I completed that whole conversation.

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