Half Hearted

Mia is still living in the past. She fell in love with the perfect guy and she knew he was the one. Until she found he'd been cheating on her with Victoria Paxon, the local slut on the corner of my street. Now that Brenden broke her heart and took half of it with him, Mia's not sure if she will ever fall in love again. But one day a new boy moves in across the street. His name is Adam Madison, and he quickly falls for his new neighbor. But he knows that her past had scarred her, he just wasn't sure what happened. Adam will have to find a crack in her wall she's built to see what's inside, but he might not be too satisfied with what he finds. Half of a heart doesn't love as a whole heart does.


19. The Police

Adam's POV~

   "They're going to find me," my father said, waving the knife around. "I don't care." He laughed. "But first," he said walking over to me, pressing tip of the knife to the center of my chest. "I'm going to killed you. And I'm going to enjoy it." Suddenly, he kneed me in the gut. I cringed and fell to the floor. "I never liked you, you worthless piece of shit," he said repeatedly kicking me. Quickly, I grabbed his foot and pulled in towards me, causing him to trip and hit the floor. The knife fell from his hand.

   Thrusting myself forward, I grabbed for the knife. Once I had it in my grasp, he kicked my hand, sending it flying across the room. "Alright," he said. "Lets even the odds. No knife? No problem." He then kicked me in the jaw, giving him a chance to get up on his feet. Before he could kick me again, I launched at his legs, causing him to fall again. I then rolled on top of him, pinning his arms to the ground.

   "Well," he huffed. "Look at my boy. Grew up strong." He struggled under my grip.

   "I am not your boy," I spat. "I never was." I moved closer to his face so he could hear me better. "And you will never mess with my family again."

   "It may be too late for that son," he said, glancing in my mother's direction. The carpet was stained in blood. It looked like someone had dumped a bottle of red wine all over.

   "Mom," I whispered. I'd forgotten she was there. She was going to die if I didn't find help. In seconds, my father had over thrown me and ran to the knife, almost tripping over his own two feet.. He quickly grabbed the knife and held it with both hands over my mom.

   "No!" I yelled.

   "This is it son. My revenge-"

   Before he could finish his sentence, the door was kicked down and someone bursted through the window. The police. Thank god.

   "PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!" yelled the man who came through the door. My father dropped the knife from his hands in surprise and it clattered on the table. A man, quickly and swiftly, ran to his side put his hands behind his back. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you-" the man started walking him out the door and to the car.

   "Mom!" I exclaimed, running to her side. She had hit her head badly and had lost consciousness from all of the blood loss. "I need help over here!" I yelled. Almost imediatly, paramedics burst through the door and pushed me out of the way. I watched her being wheeled out the door and put into the ambulance. They left before I could react. I just sat down on the grass and tried to slow my breathing, trying to calm down.

   A hand rested on my shoulder.

   "You alright?" said a fimiliar voice.

   I closed my eyes and felt her sit next to me. "No," I replied. I was still breathing too fast.

   I felt arms wrap around me and soft lips touch my cheek. "It's okay. It's all over," she said.

   "You called the police," I said, never opening my eyes. I didn't want to see the horrible world around me. I didn't want to remember.

   "Yes," she said. "I knew something was up when I realized he was supposed to be in jail. I looked in the window and saw your mom on the floor. I knew I had to do something."

   I smiled slightly. "Thank you," I said.

   It was quiet for a while until Mia kissed my cheek again and started to get up. I quickly grabbed her wrist, never opening my eyes.

   "Please," I whispered. "Don't go. You're the only thing that's keeping me sane."

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