Half Hearted

Mia is still living in the past. She fell in love with the perfect guy and she knew he was the one. Until she found he'd been cheating on her with Victoria Paxon, the local slut on the corner of my street. Now that Brenden broke her heart and took half of it with him, Mia's not sure if she will ever fall in love again. But one day a new boy moves in across the street. His name is Adam Madison, and he quickly falls for his new neighbor. But he knows that her past had scarred her, he just wasn't sure what happened. Adam will have to find a crack in her wall she's built to see what's inside, but he might not be too satisfied with what he finds. Half of a heart doesn't love as a whole heart does.


12. The Perfect Moment

Adam's POV~

   Mia didn't have to ask what I was asking about. She knew. She just smiled a sad smile and began to tell me about the closet and this Victoria girl. The tears started to flow, but they never interupted her story. Then she started the story about last night. We laughed at the part about when she slapped him across the face.

   "Do you feel better now?" I asked. "Now that it's over?"

   She thought about this then smiled. "Yeah," she said. "It felt good. Like, I don't know, like I took back something that belonged to me, something that was holding me back from moving on."

   "Well I'm happy for you," I said and kissed the top of her head.

   "Can I ask you a question?" she asked.

   "I don't see why not."

   "Where are we at?"

   I shook my head. "What do you mean?"

   "What's happening with us?" she repeated. "Just friends? Or is . . . this, something?"

   I thought about for a while. I wanted this, but I wasn't sure if she did. "Well, I know I want this," I said. "The question is, do you?"

   Mia was quiet for a while, thinking. Finally, she said, "Yeah, I want it."

   I smiled. "Well then, Mia Maree Love, would you like to do something today?"

   Mia pulled away from me and smiled. "I'd love to," she said, and kissed me. Not like the kiss yesterday at the door, or even the kiss at the park. It was more. More pashionate and meant to be. Perfect.

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