Half Hearted

Mia is still living in the past. She fell in love with the perfect guy and she knew he was the one. Until she found he'd been cheating on her with Victoria Paxon, the local slut on the corner of my street. Now that Brenden broke her heart and took half of it with him, Mia's not sure if she will ever fall in love again. But one day a new boy moves in across the street. His name is Adam Madison, and he quickly falls for his new neighbor. But he knows that her past had scarred her, he just wasn't sure what happened. Adam will have to find a crack in her wall she's built to see what's inside, but he might not be too satisfied with what he finds. Half of a heart doesn't love as a whole heart does.


14. The Perfect Date

Adam's POV~

   After taking a shower, I got dressed in some cargo shorts and a three quarter sleeve, red and white, plaid shirt. I slipped on my converse and walked downstairs to wait for Mia. I hope her mom wasn't too mad. She probably hates me. And when she finds out that we're dating now? I can only imagine.

   Finally, after about an hour, Mia came to the door. She was wearing jean shorts with a yellow tank top and white wedges. Her hair was tied up in a pony tail, hanging down her back in loose curls.

   "Hey gorgeous," I said with a smile as I opened the door. "How'd she take it?"

   She just smiled, still standing on te porch. "She wants to meet you."

   I laughed. "Wait, so, she's not mad?"

   "She was furious! But not with you, with me. After she heard what happened, she lightened up and asked when she would get to meet you."

   I thought about it for a second. "So, when am I going to meet her?"

   She gave me a devilish smile and took my hand, yanking me outside. "Right now!" she exclaimed as I caught up to her, still holding my hand.

   We got to the door and walked in to find her mom on the couch reading a book, her glasses perched at the end of her nose. She looked up and smiled. It was funny how alike Mia and her mother looked. They had the same smile.

   "Well, hello there," she said, taking off her glasses and slowly getting up from her comfortable position. "You must be Adam."

   "Yes. It's nice to meet you," I said, holding out my hand. She just looked at my hand and laughed, pulling me into a hug. My eyebrows touched the celing and my face turned tomato red. Mia just laughed at me.

   "Honey, we don't shake hands in this house," she said, pulling away.

   "Good to know," I laughed.

   "Well come on in and make yourself comfortable. I want to get to know the boy who mended my daughter's broken heart." She walked into the living room and sat on the couch again, in her comfortable spot. I just looked at Mia and she nodded her head with her face saying 'I knew this was going to happen.'

   I sighed and followed Mia into the room to sit down. Before I knew it, it had been two hours. We had talked and talked! Stuff about me and talking about Mia's childhood. I was so comfortable with them in just two hours I could already call them family.

   Mia looked at the clock and made a face. "We should go," she said, looking at me, smiling sweetly.

   "Well, Adam, dear, it was very nice to meet you," her mother said.

   "Oh, but it was an even bigger pleasure meeting you." She just smiled and shooed us out the door.


   "So, where we going?" Mia asked as I opened the passenger side door for her. It was just now getting dark.

   "It's a surprise," I said, now getting into the driver's seat.

   "I hate surprises."

   "Well, you're going to like this one." After driving for about another 20 minutes, we pulled up to the beach house. It was right across the street from a huge, Lake Michigan beach. We lived just outside South Haven, MI.

   "Who's house is this?"


   "Wow, wait. You have a house?"

   "Well, not my house, my uncle's."

   "So, is he here?"


   She laughed. "Then why does he have this house?"

   "He's in Chicago with my mom, remember?"

   "Oh, well you never told me that!"

   I laughed. "I'm sorry. Anyways, I thought we would have dinner along the beach."

   She smiled sweetly and pulled me into a hug. "You're amazing."

   "Nah, just have a rich family."

   We got out of the car and headed inside. I cooked up an amazing meal of turkey sandwiches and apples and we ate it on the deck of the house, just talking, watching the beautiful sunset. Before we knew it, everyone on the beach was gone and the moon was shining above us. I smiled.

   "Come on," I said, grabbing her hand and helping her up.

   "Where are we going?"

   "You'll see!" We ran down the deck and out to the beach.

   "Adam, this sign says nobody on the beach after 10!" Mia whispered.

   "Hmm . . . too bad I can't read!" She laughed as we ran down to the water. The light of the moon shone off the water.

   "Adam," Mia whispered again. "We're going to get in trouble."

   "Not if we don't get caught."

Mia's POV~

   I wasn't too sure about this. We could get into some serious trouble. I didn't even know what we were doing in the first place.

   I looked around nervously only to turn back to Adam with his shirt off and unbuttoning his pants. "Adam!" I whispered. "What the hell are you doing!?"

   He smiled up at me. "Going swimming!" He kicked off his shoes and shorts and threw them aside.

   "Oh, no. Please don't take your boxers off."

   "Wasn't planning on it," he said. "Come on!"

   "You've got to be kidding me, you want me to go with you?"

   "Yes! It will be no fun without you!" he said, walking towards the water.

   I thought about it. I would be really fun. And when was the last time I actually had fun? Maybe I deserved a little fun! "Alright," I said before I could change my mind and slipped off my clothes, revealing my blue planties and bra. I slowly walked to the edge of the water, the waves reaching for my toes. Adam had already dove into the water. He was beaming at me as I stood there. "What?"

   "You look amazing." I blushed and looked down at the sand. Before I could even look up, Adam had me in his arms and was throwing me into the water. I screamed and laughed as I was soaked head to toe. I quickly got up and splashed him.

   We were right in the middle of our water war when we saw a light. A flashlight. Uh, oh.

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