Half Hearted

Mia is still living in the past. She fell in love with the perfect guy and she knew he was the one. Until she found he'd been cheating on her with Victoria Paxon, the local slut on the corner of my street. Now that Brenden broke her heart and took half of it with him, Mia's not sure if she will ever fall in love again. But one day a new boy moves in across the street. His name is Adam Madison, and he quickly falls for his new neighbor. But he knows that her past had scarred her, he just wasn't sure what happened. Adam will have to find a crack in her wall she's built to see what's inside, but he might not be too satisfied with what he finds. Half of a heart doesn't love as a whole heart does.


21. The Familiar Face

Mia's POV~

   I never got over Adam. I was asked to go to prom. I denied. I was asked to go to the movies. I denied. I was probably asked out 10 times within my senior year, all denied. I guess everyone was just waiting for me to break up with Brenden and now that they had their chance they weren't going to hold back. Too bad my heart already had it's place. Not with me, but with the boy I'd fallen deeply in love with. Too bad everything that falls gets broken.

   Now that I'd graduated, I knew I wanted to go to college. I always had. I wanted to go to the place my parents had gone. Ohio University. The home of the bobcats. But there was this little fire inside of me that thought maybe, just maybe, I would see Adam again.

   I pulled into the parking lot in front of the place where we registered. I got out of my car and walked to the front of the office. Pamphlets were offered in the front. I grabbed one and opened it to find a map.

   After I registered and got my dorm, I pulled out the map and walked to my car. I'd just found my dorm when, WHAM!, I ran into somebody. I fell on the ground from the impact.

   "Oh my god, I'm so sorry," I began. I finally looked up to see the guy staring at me, smiling. Then it hit me.




~~~~~ Well, I thought I'd do a 'leave you hanging' ending:) I'm going to start a new story but first, comment what you think of this one. I really enjoyed writting it! Thank you for all of the support and check out my new one . . . once I think of what I'm going to do!;)

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