Because of the Game

Niall's POV

" HURRY UP GUYS, YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR YOUR PERFORMANCE," Paul yelled at us as we were getting ready to leave our hotel room. We quickly rushed to the door. As we all piled into the van Harry asked, " Where are we performing at?" " At a WNBA game. Who knows where. We're singing Live While We're Young before the game", I replied in monotone. To be honest I wasn't really excited for this gig. I guess because it had to do with basketball. I didnt care really for the game, I'm more of a football guy. As we got to the Staples Center, we realized that we arrived an hour early. " Hey mates, I guess Paul can't tell time," Louis said in a smirking tone. "Haha very funny," Paul replied in an annoyed voice. At this time Carol, the Los Angeles Sparks head coach walked in our dressing room.

Carol's POV

"Welcome boys, we are so glad we can have you open for us at our opening game. " " We're glad to," replied Liam. " If you all need anything just let me or one of the staff


5. Texting her

Candace's POV

I can't believe I got his number. Or is this just a dream. BUT IT'S NOT A DREAM!!!!!! " Candace, I know you just met One Direction, but calm yo tit's" " No! I won't calm them. Guess what! Niall gave me his phone number!" " Nuh-un girl, you be joking." "No I'm not! See look here's the proof" I show her the CD. " Wow you weren't lying. You are so lucky."


Still Candace's POV

I unlocked the door and sprinted strait to my room. I layed on my bed thinking to myself what a wonderful day. I got to see One Direction preform, we won our game, I got promoted, and lastly I got Niall's number. I quickly whipped out my phone. I put in Niall's number and texted him ~MESSAGES
ME: hey niall its candace from the game
NIALL: hey i was hoping we could meet somewhere hows starbucks at 1:15
ME: sounds good ill meet you there
NIALL: great bye xx:)
ME: bye;)

Niall's POV

"YES YES YES" I'm going to get to see her. There was a knock at my door. "Is everything okay in there?" Harry said. " Yeah, just peachy" " Okay, just wondering. Sounds like something happened when you yelled. " " Oh yeah, I'm have a date with one of the Sparks." " Really? Which one?" " Number 3, Candace." "Congrats"

Harry's POV

Really Niall has a date with Candace? I actually like her. Why does he have to? She's so beautiful and sweet. I have feelings for her. I'm happy for Niall, I really am, but I really wanted her.
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