Because of the Game

Niall's POV

" HURRY UP GUYS, YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR YOUR PERFORMANCE," Paul yelled at us as we were getting ready to leave our hotel room. We quickly rushed to the door. As we all piled into the van Harry asked, " Where are we performing at?" " At a WNBA game. Who knows where. We're singing Live While We're Young before the game", I replied in monotone. To be honest I wasn't really excited for this gig. I guess because it had to do with basketball. I didnt care really for the game, I'm more of a football guy. As we got to the Staples Center, we realized that we arrived an hour early. " Hey mates, I guess Paul can't tell time," Louis said in a smirking tone. "Haha very funny," Paul replied in an annoyed voice. At this time Carol, the Los Angeles Sparks head coach walked in our dressing room.

Carol's POV

"Welcome boys, we are so glad we can have you open for us at our opening game. " " We're glad to," replied Liam. " If you all need anything just let me or one of the staff


4. Meeting her

Niall's POV

" 10 seconds left in the game, the Sparks are down by 2. And there goes number 3 Candace Parker going for a 3 pointer. SHE SHOOTS AND SHE WINS THE GAME FOR THE SPARKS!" The guy from the press box said finishing the game. Which means I get to talk to Candace. I jump up excitedly from my seat, dragging the lads with me. " whats up with you, it's not like the meet and greet is a mile away," Louis said to me. " I know, but I don't want the team to get there before we do." I got to the room first, of course I did. Why wouldn't I with all this excitement built up inside me.

Harry's POV

Somethings up with Niall. He's acting all weird. Why did he want to stay for the game so bad. He didn't even want to go to freakin Subway. I have a feeling the only reason why he wanted to stay for the game was to see a girl. I don't know which one, but I'm pretty sure it's one of the Sparks.

Candace's POV

"Great job ladies. Way to play tonight. Now you all can meet One Direction. But Candace can I talk to you for a second?" Said Carol in her motherly voice. " Sure, what's up?" " Candace, I just wanted to tell you that you did amazing tonight. You're one sharp shooter. How would you like it if we raised your pay check and extend your contract?" Really, this is like the best day ever. I can't believe this is happening. " Of course! I would love to!" " Great I was hoping you would say that. Now go on and have fun." " Thanks Coach you won't regret it." As I was walking towards the room with held my 5 idols, I saw Lisa looking for someone. "Candace, Candace where are you!" I heard Lisa shout. "I'm over here Lisa. " " Where were you, I was getting worried. " "Coach wanted to talk to me. She gave me a promotion." " Oh my goodness, I'm so happy for you!" " Thanks, now lets go see One Direction!"

Niall's POV

Where's Candace, I thought for sure she would be here. I really wanted to meet her. She seems so nice and not to mention beautiful. Even though I haven't met her, I wanted her to be mine. Just then she walked in. I started ti sweat bucket loads. I hope she doesn't notice. She was gradually making her way down the line. She was finally in front of me. " Hello, I'm Niall, and you are?" You can tell she's a fan by the way she was acting. "Hh...iii, I'm Ccanddaccce. " she looked completely embarrassed. " Can you sign this for me please?" " Sure darling" As I wrote my signature I decided to jot down my number to. "I hope you don't mind. I wrote down my number. I was thinking we could meet up some time. " "I don't mind at all, I would love to meet with you." "Awesome" "I'll text you tonight. " "By the way you played great tonight. " " Thanks, so did you. " And with that she left. I hope she texts me soon.
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