Destiny has been an average girl all her life. But with the help of her father and with her spectacular acting skills her life will change. FOREVER. But what she finds out after her audition is that her co-worker is Louis Tomlinson. Not only does her life change but also her love life does. Will Destiny and Louis e able to be together and work together? Or will all come crashing down? Read to find out


1. Destiny

Chapter 1
"And scene" I just finished acting out my script. You see my dream is to become a famous actress and with the help of my dad I got to go to this audition for a new show called Teenage Sisters. I was auditioning for the main character, Mica. I'm really nervous and I doubt they liked it.
To my surprise they stood up clapping like there was no tomorrow!
"Bravo! Amazing! You did a magnificent job! You did so good that you got the part!" I was jumping up and down in the inside, but on the outside the only thing that was happening was me asking "really?" And smiling as if I found out that I won 10 billion dollars. To me this was everything. Acting has been the Only thing I have ever wanted to do. I used to always do school plays and act in the community theater. But I never thought I was good enough to make the main character on a tv show! This is unreal!
"Yes really! Congratulations! You may leave now. Well call you and send you everything you need to know later on today. Have a good day Ms.Collins." He said with a smile in his face.
"Bye. Thank you again"
When I got home I was running all over the place screaming " I GOT THE PART!!!!!!"
"Isabella! Shut up I'm trying to sleep"
My little ( she's 14 I'm 18 ) sister, Mia, yelled from her room. I decided to mess with her, so I quietly went up to her room, got really close to her then yelled "FINE ILL SHUT UP". Her face was priceless. Well I only got a glance of her face considering she fell off the bed.
She got up and started to chase me around the house. Boy was she fast. She caught up to me and tackled me.
"Get off of me Mia"
"Fine then I won't tell you what happened at the audition" I said casually, this always annoys her, when I say something casually as it where nothing when to her it's a huge deal. This got her off of me faster than you can say hi.
"Tell me!!"
"Ok soo," I started to stare into space to mess with her.
"Ok ok. So uhm I might of err.. Hm"
"For goodness sake TELL ME!"
"FINE!" I sighed "I got the part"
First she stared at me in disbelief then she jump out I her seat and hugged me so hard. She started running outside yelling "MY SISTERS IS GONNA BE ON TV!!!!!!" I had to chase and drag her back to the house. Then I gave her food. That always calms her down for some reason. She's always eating but yet she doesn't gain any weight!
I barely do to but if I eat to much in one day ill gain something that's why I don't eat to much.
Then I heard my phone ringing. I sprinted to Mia's room since I left it in there. Unknown number.
"Hello." I said out of breath. Thinking it was the directors but I thought wrong.
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