Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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19. You're walking out

Harry's pov.

"I'm thankful for..." Leah drifted off, probably dreaming about all the things in her life, and looking around the room.

It was the end of November, Thanksgiving to be exact. We were flying back to London for good in two days. Adam made management let us stay till Thanksgiving. It had been a long month. I personally was so excited to be going home for a while. We would be working on our album. Our very first.

"I got it!" Leah shouted. I leaned over to listen. "I'm thankful you dad and Nialler and Z and Lou and Harry and Lili! And I'm thankful for candy," she tacked on, looking thoughtful.

We had gone Trick or Treating last month. Leah had been a ghost and had run around with Louis shouting 'Boo!' at everyone. It was good being able to put on a mask and have nobody recognize us, even if it had been just for that night. What Makes You Beautiful was huge now, in America. I was getting a bit sick of it. Thank God Leah did not listen to it. Ever.

Niall had been spooked about 20 twenty times. Zayn had even started letting Lee into their room at night and the morning just to wake up Niall. He shrieked almost every night in October, then I would hear Leah, laughing and yelling, slung over Niall's shoulder and dropped on the bed. October had been a funny month.

Of course Leah didn't really get why saying 'boo' was scary. But I explained it to her like this: "If I were to sneak up behind you and jumped on your shoulders, what would you do? You'd-"

She cut me off looking dead serious, and said with no joking underlay to her voice, "I'd fall down."

"No silly. You would be surprised, right?"

She nodded. "Oh." and she had snuck up on Niall in his guitar room.

I grinned up at her too. "Aww I'm thankful for you too Lee, and Adam" I said now turning to him, "I thank you for all your generosity. We all do."

The boys muttered such things as we went around the table. All of us were sad to be leaving in two days. It was too soon. Me and Lee became really close, and I was sad to lose her to fate. But home was bittersweet.

Niall's pov

2 days Later

I got up early and packed that morning. Like still dark early. Zayn mumbled something into his pillow that sounded like, "Wutaya doing up mate?" He sighed off as he fell asleep again.

I wanted to spend the entire day with Leah. It was the last day we would see her, probably ever. I mean, why would she go to one of our concerts, if she couldn't hear it? And Adam was always busy, so he probably would never be able to fly her out to London.

I walked lightly into her room. Her head was slightly off center on her pillow, Lee's mouth breathing deeply. She looked so cute asleep, and she looked younger, too. I felt bad waking her up, shaking her shoulders gently, knowing I would regret missing this opportunity together, if I didn't do this.

She opened her eyes sleepily, and her eyes widened at the sight of me. She resisted against my hands, trying to lay back down.

"Nialler, what do you want? I am so tired." Lee murmured, eyes closing again.

I swiftly grabbed her, and stood her up. Leah immediately straightened out and stared up, wide eyed at me.

"Come on, I want to show you something." She went to her dresser about to pull out  day clothes.

"No, you don't need those," I said spinning her around. Her mouth formed an 'O' as I rushed us out of the flat and up the building stairs. I covered her eyes as we walked out on the roof on the apartment building, looking up and over New York's city sky line.

Leah gasped, spun around and hugged me when I uncovered her eyes.

"Oh my God Niall, look the sunrise!" She led me over to the middle of the roof, watching in awe of the sunrise over the bay. We could see the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty and Leah clapped once or twice in the perfect serenity.

"Nialler? Can I-?"

"Sure Leah." I felt her climb on my back, then my shoulders, seeing more of the city. I spun around slowly allowing her to see the  entire 360 degrees of New York.

I walked with Leah still on my back towards a blanket I had put out, with a picnic basket on it.

"A picnic? Niall, I am not five," she huffed sitting down anyway.

"Well that's good, neither am I." I opened the basket, rummaging around. "And for the lady...." I pulled out a greasy McDonald's bag. Leah laughed, accepting it.

We ate hash browns in complete silence, watching the new found sunlight bathe the buildings, staining the ground a soft red.

"Cheers, Niall." Leah said holding up a hash brown. I reached over and tousled her hair, "That's my little Irish girl."



"Yup" Leah came bounding out of her room. It was seven o clock and the city was just beginning to become alive.

Leah led the way to Central park, walking at a comfortable morning pace, skipping like always. The Zoo wasn't open yet so we walked on some of the paths.

She ran up to the playground part of it, straight up to the swings, and sat on one. She looked up at me a little embarrassed.

"I mean," Lee said, trying to sound older, "it is my favorite thing to do in a park. Come on Niall." Leah pushed the empty swing towards me.

We sat and swung for a while, Leah getting higher and higher until she jumped off. "Careful," I shouted as a precautionary measure, but it fell on deaf ears (ha-ha no pun intended). Leah landed with a 'Thump,' standing straight up.

She ran up to me, and signed, 'I am going to get get a drink,' jerking her thumb at the water fountain within my sight.

I nodded, and she ran off, waiting in line behind some people.

Suddenly, I was attacked by paparazzi, with cameras out, flashing everywhere. I could see Leah skip to a stop about 5 feet away through a gap in the people. She looked terrified, and unsure. I needed to get to her.

"Niall Horan, what are doing here?" "Niall, are you meeting a girl here?" "Niall, can you answer some-."

"Get the hell out of my way," I gritted my teeth and pushed through all the people, scaring but a few off. Walking at angle to Leah, I signed, '"Hide your face.' She quickly got this and pulled her hoodie up, trailing slightly behind me.

Eventually we both stopped on a park bench. Poor, Leah, she just completely collapsed and cried on me. Her words were coming out jumbled because she was not taking the time to form them correctly.

"I was coming back and they just attacked you and I couldn't see you, and," 'hiccup', "you looked angry at those people and I didn't know what to do. There was just so many of them. Why were they all jumping on you like that?" She cried, beginning to calm down just a bit.

Huh, sometimes I forgot, I was now big and famous, being around her. She just treated my like her best friend.

I got you, Leah, I won't ever let them do that to you." She breathed deeply into my coat, drying her tears.

I lifted her chin up. "Do you want to go home?" She nodded, and climbed on my back, piggy back style.

Why did it have to be today? Why?! Oh Lee, I am so terribly sorry.

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