Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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26. You is all I'm thinking about

Niall's pov.

Leah laid on the couch quietly when we opened the door to our hotel room. I had carried her. Never did I want her to feel alone. She looked so broken sitting outside crying. That was not Leah.

We had asked Mrs.. Grey if Leah could stay with us for the night. As she was staying in the same hotel she was quick to agree. Adam was buried in New Jersey, and Mrs. Grey did not want to drive back in to the city at night, so it all worked out.

Leah had been rather distant in the car. Not that any of us were blaming her, just it was different from the little girl I had known.

Except the fact that she wasnt so little.. she'd grown over the past year, no doubt, but she spoke more like an adult, and she lost baby fat around her face. Her hair was a lighter brown, and it had a slight wave up the side. All signs we had not witnessed because....

Leah sighed and we all sat down around her. She straigtned up. She still wasn't comfortable around us. It was a shame, a situation that we could have avoided.

She looked at me and said with a pointed tone, "why?"

I stare back blankly. "What?" I smile at her.

Leah didn't smile back, instead just looked at me. "Why?"

"Leah honestly love, I don't think Niall has any idea what you are talking about," Zayn said in earnest.

She looked a Liam now. "Why did you call my dad the night he died?"

Oh God Lee, please we don't want to get into this.

Liam spoke up, "We had gotten into an Irish bar in Boston."

Leah interupted him right there, "You aren't 21." Smart girl.

He looked around desperately. Harry took over. "I got the lads fake I.D.'s. The bouncer didn't recognize us."

Leah nodded. Liam was about to start, but I cut him off. "And we drank. A lot, Lee. I was dancing-"

Zayn jumped in. "We were so out of it. I was dancing with Niall-"

"As I," Harry added again, "I was sitting at the bar, with a girl."

Liam, finally talked again. "I was looking for everyone. It was late, and they were drunk, and management didnt know. I just wanted to get back to the hotel."

Leah nodded a bit unsure if she really wanted to know the rest of the story, but it didnt matter. We needed to talk about it. Liam had been gracious enough to let it slide.

"Liam came over to me," well well well, wasn't Harry just so eager to share today, "and tried to get me to leave. "Why didn't I listen?"

"He came over to me, too," Zayn's soft voice popped up, "I walked away." He finished sadly.

My part. I felt horrible. This was all my fault. I had made the split second decision. I had called.

"I had gone over to Liam. I heard Zayn say Leah, so I called the house."

"So you did really call?" Leah spoke for the first time as we laid it all out.

I hung my head. "Yeah." and I remember she wouldn't see that. I looked up and nodded.

She forced herself to look at Liam. "You told my dad to go." It wasn't a question. she must have been in the room. You called because you were worried about your friends. You needed help." She spoke this out loud, bits of it seemed like she inflicted it towards herself.

But Leah was too smart to miss the important peice that she was missing. She turned towards Louis. "And where were you?"

Louis's pov.

I had stayed quiet through... it. The lad's explanation to Leah of why we had caused Adam's death. It was my fault, I knew it. Niall might have called, and Liam may have asked Adam to get on a plane, but it was my fault. Liam could've taken us home. He could've  called a cab, but he didn't want to leave me. Good ole' Liam.

I was outside the pub actually. I had just had a fist fight with some bulky guy. I was wasted and he was really rude. Who was I to stand up? I think it was because he was harassing a girl. A girl who looked a lot like Eleanor. But when she look up at this asshole, she had Leah's eyes. Wide and child- like, the same color.

So I stumbled over to the guy, and punched him the kidneys. Or tried to. It went sour from there. I was taking care of a bloody nose when Liam was apparently looking for me.

Then Leah turned to me . "And where were you?"

Liam jumped on the bandwagon too, "yeah, Lou, we'd all be so interested to  where you were?"

I looked down, before looking straight him, "I was outside, actually, wasn't feeling too good." It was partly true, my nose hadn't and alcohol really did a number on me.

All of the lads looked at suspiciously at me, Lee just stared at me. I grinned at her and her mouth pulled up a bit at the end. She slid over to me, and just held my arm, leaning into it. I smiled a wider grin. Maybe she would okay. Maybe we all would.

"Lou?" she sighed. "I forgive all of you." She yawned and squeezed her eyes shut. I stared at boys, amazed; she can just fall asleep! Niall chuckled and watched Lee snugle deeper into my arm and the couch.

"Maybe we should..." Liam hesitantly states.

"I got her," Zayn says getting up and carrying Leah towards his room. He comes back, laughing a little .

"What?"  Harry grins.

"She didn't even wake up."

"Lee's had a long day," Niall says, stating the obvious. We all murmur along with him.

Yeah I think we all have.

An hour later

"So what do we do now?"
 It was 11 at night and the girls had gone out to give us time with Leah.

But now that Leah was asleep and looked like she would be for long time, they weren't going to wake her to take her to Mrs. Grey's  room.
"We could play video games," suggested Harry from the mini kitchenette. He was raiding the mini fridge with Niall.

"No you idiots, what do we do about Leah," Zayn called back.

Niall poked his head out from behind the wall that seperated the room, looking thoughtful. Harry joined him. "Zayn, we let her sleep?"

Zayn sighed, "you obviously don't get it," he muttered. I spoke up. "Harry get in here. And grab Niall too."

"Band meeting!" Liam yelled. Harry came in towing Niall, who only had time to grab a small bottle of water. He looked down at it disgusted.

Zayn smiled at me grateful, then spoke. "Lads, Leah's an orphan now."

"Sure?" Liam replied.

"Where will she go?"

"Well, um maybe an orphanage?"  I said. Zayn where are you going with this?

"Exactly. I don't want her to go through something like that."

I glanced around. Niall's eyes had lit up, whiles Liam's eyes dulled. Was I the only one not getting something?

"Mate I don't mean to crush this...spirt or anything but what are you getting at?

"We adopt her!" He said gleefully, if this was not the obvious solution.

Niall reached over and high fived him. But really, Zayn was right. Where would she go? And we could technically provide her with every thing she ever wanted or needed. And she loves us. Plus I think we would be forgiven for that last year. I grinned and Zayn reached over to me. "Hell yes!"

Liam was smiling to. "She would be so fun to have around and with the girls...." His face dropped along with Harry's.

He glanced at Liam. "What about management?"

I had already thought this out. "We don't tell them." I said simply. "Only the musicians  get to know. And Lou."

"Score," Harry punched the air. "Leah for life," and fist bumped Niall.

I decided we needed some light hearted fun so I screamed, " "Harry I thought you loved me," acting all offended.

"No, you are right, Larry for ever!" he responded bounding onto my lap.

Suddenly we all hear the door creak open. Leah comes out rubbing her eyes and stares at me in Harry's lap.

"Was it you Lou who made the room shake? 'Cus you woke me up." I laughed and she sat on the couch next to Liam. She looked at his arm a second before grabbing it and examining it. "Whats this?"

He looked at it.

"This? A tattoo."

Her jaw dropped. "You got ink under your skin. Are you crazy?!" Leah looked at us with wide eyes.

Zayn hastily covered anything that might be inked skin that was possibly  being shown. We all stared at her.

"What?" She smiled all around the room. I smiled back although i was the only one, Harry, Niall and Zayn just looked mischievous.
She looked up at Liam. "What's wrong with them?"

He opened his mouth....


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