Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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11. Things were going alright

Liam’s pov

A month has passed.

“Lele get up, get up, get upp! Time for school!” I shout, way too excited for this. But honestly walking her to school is the only different, new and exciting part of my day. Not saying the boys are boring, of course, but being trapped with them for another month may be a wee bit of a stretch. Lately we’ve have been working nonstop on things such as album cover possibilities, tee shirt designs and contracts with stores such as F.Y.E. Adam does however schedule this rather well, not overloading us too much on one day.

Harry, and Lou and Niall manage to keep some fun into our day, but we are exhausted every night. Leah basically has become one of the band. Some nights we just watch movies with her (I think she's a bit sick of Toy Story), other nights she learns to cook with Harry and Niall. In the morning we walk her to school, then grab breakfast. Yes, life has settled into a comfortable pattern. It was perfect.

"You ready?" I ask Leah as she runs up to me. She nods. "Good then, and btw its only Niall and me today. Guess who decided not to get up?" She giggles and me and Niall walk down the street with her in between. It's September 25 and the sky is a perfect cloudless blue, as far as I can see between the skyscrapers. Niall and Lee walk over to a street vendor and Leah runs back over with a hat decorated to look like a panda.

"She loved it, who was I to say no?" Niall explains sheepishly. Leah, by now knows us all too well. Niall was the spoiler who gave her anything. Zayn was the one she could talk to at any time about any thing if she didn't want to tell her dad. Lou, as we all had known from the beginning, was her favorite playmate, and Harry was the good cop who got her out of trouble with Adam. He covered for her if she got into mischief at school. I, of course was the rather responsible one , who Adam entrusted to get Leah up and put to bed, if he was with a client. What could I say, she had us all wrapped around her little finger.

Leah loved walking over to the shops and pressing her face up against the glass. I tapped her shoulder and she skipped along side me and Niall as we dropped her off at school. "Bye Lee," we both yell, receiving a dirty look from her teacher. But Leah rarely responds any more as she was too wrapped up with her silly friends, talking in a way we were just beginning to understand.

In fact sign language lessons had been going rather well, and we all now exchanged simple sentences.

Me and Niall stopped at a McDonalds on the loop back. We took an outside table and just watched the city. After a few minutes Niall said out of no where, "it's Leah's birthday next week."

"Oh," I said. "She'll be 10?"

"Yeah, we should do something for her, like a party." A party?

"That would be cool," I say thoughtfully, warming up to the idea.

"We could invite El and Dani," Niall says. Dani? El? I missed her soo much and I knew Lou missed El. "Yeah, we could fly them in for the week, then have the party and introduce them to Leah." I was really beginning to like this idea now. "We should probably tell the lads and Adam," Niall admitted. We got up and left, I was thinking about decorations.

"Hi-- I'm Stacy..." I silently sighed, it was the 5th time fans had come up to us in the last two weeks. "Hey," Niall said, covering for me, as we signed their stuff.

Niall conversed with me as we walked home, "I guess all of Adams promotional work is paying off!" I was a bit troubled. What if fans started to come up to us and scared Leah? Then we might not be able to walk her to school!

Niall chuckled. Crap, had I mused out loud?! Niall relaxed me by saying, "yeah maybe, I'm not going to deny it, but come on Lele- a party!"

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