Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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9. The music up

Zayn's pov
Wow we got actual work done today. Not saying we are unproductive, Adam's just really laid back. The exact opposite of Simon; I think I work better this way. We went down to the practice studio today. A good size for we are only singing. Adams in the mixing room helping us divide parts and the way our voice sounds best. He seems like he knows what he's doing....
Leah however does not. She is being her sassy nine year old self and running around flailing her arms. Adam ignores her and tells us to start. We begin to just do vocal warm ups. Leah sees us singing and settles down. At first she kind of just looks at us. I smile and sing my part towards her. She goes over and puts her hands on the wall speakers and closes her eyes. I can see them moving to our vibrations. I can only imagine how they feel. However Leah seems to enjoy it so I sing better.

     Before that however, much earlier in fact, we worked on this old dinosaur looking computer. It did however have all of Adam's editing and painting software. Harry had unlocked the door and begin to revive the ... thing.
we all were pleasantly surprised that it had windows 7 and we open up the paint program. We all took turns with messing around and writing One Direction, or 1D. Harry came up with this D that looks like an arrow. It was sort of cool and we kind of voted on it being the logo, but without Adam we couldn't make that happen.
He walked in with Niall, who was looking significantly more cheerful as he shrugged down besides Louis. I shot him a small smile, trying to show that I forgave him but I guess he didn't see it.
Harry moved over and Adam sat down  and opened up a much more professional program than Microsoft Paint was. Liam spoke up for us all: “Adam I don’t know if you saw but we came up with this one design, that we all like... so if you could look at it that would be great.”
“Yeah sure,” he said and opened up our easel. “ I like it, actually. I was thinking about doing something like this to show the play on words about going in a ‘direction’. So,” as his hands swiftly typed commands into the computer, “I tweaked it just a little. What do ya think?”
He added some crackled effect and made it a bright red. “Nice” I murmured. The boys nodded their agreements.
‘So I guess all we have to do is your actual name.”
A few hours later after countless fonts, sizes, formats and lettering, we came upon a style we all rather enjoyed. One Direction. Perfect.

Harry's pov.
“Uhh, Adam,” after staring at a computer screen for hours I finally spoke up, “isn’t it time to pick Leah up? Her teacher said around this time.”
“Yes, yes,” Adam said dazed. “You’re right. I will be right back.” He grabbed his keys and left. “Bye!” He said calling from the hallway. We went up stairs and just hung around waiting for Leah to come back. Life is boring without her around, what am I to do?

Louis's pov
Ahh finally, Leah was back. I was so bored, just sitting there for hours. Mostly it was Harry directing Adam with the wishes of us all. She came running in and quickly told us all about her day. I got up right away and let her sit in my seat, as she explained the ups and down of the fourth grade. I laughed at all right parts of her recital and Adam was amused too.
“So what are you doing?” She had finally calmed down. Adam looked at the TV  screen then back at her, then to Niall almost passed out on the couch, then to Zayn sitting with shoulders slumped over.  “We were just going to have an afternoon snack, Leah,” he answered her smiling. He walked into the kitchen and made some noise. Zayn quickly jumped out of his zombie state,  and poked Niall. “Food time,” he yelled and Niall sat up. “Really?” he croaked. Leah ran over and tugged on his hand and he got up, being lead to the table. I bent down so Lee could get on my back. I straightened and ran to catch up with the rest of the boys.

An hour later.
We were going back?! Noooo! Leah pulled me down the stairs and sat me at a microphone. The rest of the boys walked in and Leah set them up the same way. Wow, she was so smart. She twinkled out and into the adjoining room where adam was with his recording equipment all ready.
“Sound check,” he spoke through the mic on the other side. We sang some song we all knew by The Fray. I realized it had been awhile since we had all sang. I looked over to a happy Harry. Behind the glass wall, separating the next room, Leah was dancing like a child. Zayn's eyes were trained on her, as he sang his heart out. I laughed a little.

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